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    Digital room thermostat | Control your warmth

    What are the possibilities of digital thermostats to save money and to keep the temperature in the rooms as comfortable as possible without having to run through every room three times a day? We deal with this guide.



    Home & garden

    Test: eufy Security Cam 2C | Homesecurity

    The eufy security Cam 2C surveillance camera offers absolutely sharp recordings in HD quality. How does the camera perform in the practical test? Read it here.
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    Bluefin vibration plate: lose weight at home

    I have tested the Bluefin vibration plate and report on my experiences. Read here the best way to lose weight and keep fit.

    Massage gun - help against back pain

    Massage guns are the trend for the home. The massagers relieve back pain and can be used by anyone at home. How good are they really?

    Test: Songmics X Bike - fitness bike | Exercise bike

    Alternative to active cycling? I have tested this fitness bike and point out its strengths and weaknesses.

    Test: On Cloudflyer Waterproof running shoe

    I have been using the shoe intensively for a few months. Here you can read my review of the On Cloudflyer Waterproof.

    Test report: Proviz Reflect 360 running backpack | Running & Sport

    With the Proviz Reflect 360 running backpack, every runner is a little safer in the dark. Read my review here.

    Jule | blog

    DIY Christmas gift idea for do-it-yourself

    Here you will find a small Christmas gift idea to make yourself. The gift idea is with a wine bottle, elf and LED fairy lights. Take about 30 minutes for this. Have fun reading and tinkering :)

    Christmas: 5 DIY Advent arrangement ideas for DIY

    Advent arrangement ideas for the Christmas season Hello everyone, here are some suggestions for the most beautiful season of the year. Where we decorating queens really ...

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    Test: Tefal fryer Super Uno Access FR3100 | Frying made easy

    Deep-frying should be quick and easy. What added value do I really have with the 74,99 Euro deep fryer? I have tested the model from Tefal, now read my test report here.

    Test: TonieBox by Tonies | Music & radio plays for children

    With the TonieBox, children can playfully set up and hear different hearing figures for different stories. Here is my test