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3T6B drone (KF609)

A small entry-level drone. The 3T6B drone KF609 is in the entry-level category of drones at € 69,99. It is very light, small and fits in everywhere. A small drone for in between. Also on the Internet as Teng Mini Drone KF609 available. Here is my test report.

3T6B drone (KF609)
3T6B Drone with Camera 4K, Foldable WiFi FPV Quadcopter,...*
  • 【Optical flow positioning system】 The position of the optical flow is mounted in the horizontal direction and the air pressure ...
  • 【4K HD Camera and WiFi FPV】 With the 4K wide-angle camera, you can record high-quality video and aerial videos at a range of up to 100 ...
  • 【Gesture Video/Photo】You can take photos with "victory gestures" and record videos with "boxing gestures" or "palm gestures". Manual focus:...


The 3T6B KF609 (Tenga Mini Drone) is delivered nicely and securely packaged. It is protected all around with foam and no small parts flying around in the packaging can damage the drone. Batteries for the remote control are not included. The user manual is only in English and Chinese, but thanks to the illustrations you can still see what to do at the beginning and how to start the drone. In addition to the drone, the scope of delivery also includes a charging cable, two replacement rotor pairs and protective rods.

1x - drone
1x - remote control
1x - drone battery
4x - protective ring
2x - spare propeller
1x - screwdriver
1x - USB charging cable
2x - manual and 1 * colorful box package

Technical details: 3T6B drone KF609

Material: ABS
Frequency: 2,4 GHz
Battery capacity: 3,7 V 1100 mAh
Charging time: 120min
Working time: 12-16min
Remote control battery: 3 * AAA battery (not included)
Remote control distance: 80m

Pictures | 3T6B drone KF609

Use and handling

Before the 3T6B KF609 drone is ready for use, you must first two feet and, if necessary, four protective rods attached become. The drone can be used only in connection with the appbecause it does not have its own memory. It can be flown on the mobile phone or via the remote control, but the app offers significantly more functions.

Since the drone is very small and can be folded up, it can be "thrown" into the backpack and taken with you without any problems. It doesn't take up much space. The drone is easy to fly indoors or outside when there is little wind. There are no connection problems. The engines are also good enough to make small sightseeing flights. However, it should be noted that this is really only recommended in light winds, due to the very low weight of the drone.

I like the controls very much. You can control the 3T6B KF609 (Tenga Mini Drone) either with the controller or with the mobile phone, for which you need an additional app. I like using the mobile phone, but it is much better because you have a lot more control options and features. With the remote control you also have great control over the drone. What I think is great is that the remote control has an integrated holder where you can clip your cell phone into it.

Among other things, the video is also transmitted in the app. At this point we have come to the disadvantage. It is declared that there is a 4K camera is. However, the resolution is very good at far but not 4K. This is not to be expected with a € 70 drone, but it should not be declared that way. But it is great that two cameras are installed. One at the bottom and one at the front that can be rotated 90 degrees.

In the app you can then easily switch back and forth between the cameras, depending on which scene you want to record. Otherwise there is nothing to complain about. The video is transmitted without any problems or delays, you should only stay within the specified range of motion with the 3T6B drone KF609, otherwise the connection to the drone may break. This can not only interrupt the video, but also the signal to the drone itself, which can cause a crash.

The app

The app is available for free in the AppStore and GooglePlay Store. The app gives you access to many functions, for example changing cameras, taking pictures, making settings, and so on. There is also a beginner's mode in the app, also known as “headless mode”. You only need the right joystick. You don't even have to think about how best to turn the drone and in which direction it flies.

The drone then simply moves in the direction the joystick is pointing. In this mode, the drone also automatically maintains its altitude. There is also a trajectory mode in the app. All you have to do is draw a trajectory on your mobile phone, which the drone will follow from your current position.


The processing of the drone is very good. It feels very light but still of high quality. The individual parts are made of matt plastic. This feels very good in the hand. The parts are neatly processed and there are no manufacturing errors to be seen. The rotors are very light and thin, but still feel stable. You should still be careful, because if they hit too hard somewhere, then it can happen that they take on some damage. But that has not happened to me yet, because the controls are very good and you actually have good control over the drone.

Overview of advantages and disadvantages


The drone is very suitable for beginners. In addition, it is easy to operate with the remote control and / or the app. It has a very good price-performance ratio and good workmanship. I also think it's good that the scope of delivery includes rotor protection rods, which are easy to assemble, as well as replacement rotor pairs, since with the thin rotors it can happen that they take on a little damage if you hit against something. When the drone is folded up, it can be stowed away quickly in the backpack or on the go due to its size. This makes you very flexible, as you don't need an extra bag.


Unfortunately, the drone also has some disadvantages. A 4K camera is declared in the product description, but this is not installed at all. In general, you don't expect 70K in a € 4 camera, but for some this is of course another reason to buy. Nevertheless, I think the camera is very good and it is definitely sufficient for small video recordings in between. The instructions are only written in English and Chinese, but since many pictures have been used, this is not a problem.

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Video | 3T6B drone KF609 | Teng Mini Drone KF609


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Conclusion: 3T6B drone KF609 | Tenga Mini Drone

The 3T6B drone is a beginner-friendly drone with a good price-performance ratio. It can be controlled easily and intuitively, with the app's beginner mode this is even easier. The drone is very light and small and can be folded up. When folded, it is about the same size as an adult's hand. This makes it easy to stow away. The drone has two very good cameras, but they do not resolve in 4K.

A camera is located on the front and can be moved 90 degrees up and down. The other camera is on the bottom. Everything you need (including protection) is included in the scope of delivery. I can only recommend the drone because of the low price and the performance you get for it. -

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199,99 €Check priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck price76,99 €
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