7 things to consider when washing your laundry

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The mountains of laundry are piling up, it's time to do laundry - but how does it actually work? What should be noted that there are no surprises? Here is a little laundry guide with 7 things you should consider when washing your laundry.

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The following categories can be important when sorting the laundry:

  • Sort your laundry in advance
  • Color of the textiles
  • Washing temperature
  • Condition / material
  • Degree of pollution

Of course, your sense of washing aesthetics plays a role in some aspects. For example, it is up to you whether you strictly separate according to whites / coloreds (e.g. towels, bed linen ...) and outerwear, for example, or mix everything, but some principles should be observed if you want a good wash result without unfortunate discoloration or aims at surprising reduction of the original size. If you sort the laundry by color, you should make sure that there are no excessive contrasts. This is particularly important with new textiles and intense colors. Roughly, you could form a pile with light and one with dark laundry and then possibly sort again.

As a rule, laundry items have a label with the recommended maximum washing temperature. The most common are:

- 95 ° C (e.g. kitchen towels)

- 60 ° C (e.g. towels, bed linen, occasionally underwear and socks)

- 40 ° C (e.g. outerwear, T-shirts, jeans, sweaters, etc.)

- 30 ° C (also outerwear, T-shirts, jeans, sweaters, jackets, woolen blankets and other woolen textiles)

The Washing temperature-Recommendations are - as the name suggests - recommendations. One can say: What can withstand 30 ° C in the washing machine will also survive 40 ° C without damage. Of course, you can also exercise caution and still make the separation, but especially with T-shirts, jeans and similar normal clothing, the difference will hardly affect the result. With wool it's something else, but more on that later.

Towels, kitchen towels and bed linen can certainly also be washed at 40 ° C, but it should be noted, especially with kitchen towels, that they often contain grease stains and food residues that are difficult to remove, which can be easily removed at 60 ° C or 95 ° C.

Bed linen and towels should be washed at least occasionally at 60 ° C in order to kill possible mites and germs in the case of bed linen, for example. Underwear and socks can also usually tolerate these temperatures, unless they are sensitive, lacy and lacy clothing or the like. acts.

  • As far as the texture is concerned, you should especially consider delicate textiles and fabrics (wool, silk ...). Some items of laundry should be washed in a special program and need a special detergent.
  • Heavily soiled textiles should also be washed separately. More on this in the section on loading the washing machine.
  • Check the laundry for items that you would rather not wash.

Pocket control

Trouser pockets in particular should be checked and, if necessary, emptied before washing. If there are candy wrappers, coins or jewelry in it, this is not necessarily further tragic, but it could be the end of your mobile phone and even car keys with an integrated chip probably do not tolerate the detergent solution

  • Turn the laundry inside out.

This is necessary to prevent the colors and prints from being rubbed off by other items of laundry, zips and buttons.

  • Close zips and buttons

This is particularly important for larger pillow and duvet covers, as otherwise other items of laundry may twist into the cover during the washing process. In this way, a large ball of laundry forms in the drum, which is difficult to distribute during the spin cycle.

  • Choose the right load for the washing machine.

You should avoid the following extremes:

  • Do not overload the machine. In theory, the maximum recommended load for normal household washing machines is five to six kilos. But with heavily soiled laundry, the washing result is severely impaired by overloading, there may be difficulties with the water drainage and the even distribution of the laundry in the spinning process is more difficult, even if the washing machine has an imbalance control.

It makes most sense to put the laundry into the drum in such a way that the washing machine is full, but the laundry items are not stuffed, but lie loosely in the drum.

  • Do not wash your socks individually. Even if many washing machines have an integrated automatic volume control, a certain minimum amount of laundry should be available when you use the machine. Newer models adjust the amount of water and the washing time to the amount of laundry in the drum. You can easily wash a kilo of laundry.
  • Put the correct amount of the correct detergent in the Washing machine for washing clothes

Of course, the first thing to do is to find the right detergent for washing clothes. There is a great variety for different types of textiles and types of laundry. You could probably have a separate can or bottle with a specially made detergent for each item of clothing if you wanted. A commercially available colored detergent is perfectly suitable for normal whites / coloreds or common clothes. It does not normally matter whether it is put in the drawer provided for this purpose or directly in the drum, but especially in the case of tabs, care should be taken to ensure that they are not placed on the rubber flap right at the beginning of the washing process, out of reach of the water and the rotating ones Land laundry.

The amount of detergent depends on the amount and degree of soiling of the laundry as well as the hardness of the water in your area. As a rule, dosage recommendations can be found on the containers of the respective detergent.

Select the appropriate program for washing clothes

Commercially available washing machines for washing clothes usually have the programs whites / coloreds, easy care, delicates and possibly short programs. There are also various temperature levels, setting the highest spin speed and possible economy and additional programs. For "normal" whites / coloreds and items of clothing, the "whites / coloreds" program with the highest possible spin speed is suitable. Some consumers would rather choose the easy-care program for outerwear. Set the temperature according to the laundry to be washed (see the section on pre-sorting the laundry) and select additional programs as required depending on the quantity, condition or soiling.

Depending on the model, washing takes less than one to over two hours. After washing, check the rubber coating on objects and remove any hair that has been rinsed to the edge. It is best to leave the porthole and the drawer slightly open so that the drum can air out and dry properly, unless the next wash cycle is to take place immediately. Then all over again ...

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