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Sharper than the reality - the new jackass come. Today we play a bit of the music of the future. They are already on the market - but their potential is not fully exploited. Not yet. About a year or so, according to forecasts, it will take time for 8K to learn to walk. Sporadically already available, like porcini mushrooms in the forest, the new films that give unparalleled 8K pleasure.
Is it worth buying 8K TV sets now? In this Guide it's about pixels, contrasts and upscaling. What can the new devices do? And what does 8K actually mean? – Television-TV with 8K

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TV-TV with 8K - in comparison

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What is 8K?

The term 8K broadly describes an image of Ultra High Definition. Nowadays the highest definition that exists. Gigantic in the resolution. What we are talking about here are 7680 x 4320 pixels. That's four times as much as 4K.
More information, better details. The resolution is thus sharper, more contrast and color-intensive. This is only possible with space. The new devices must be correspondingly large. Otherwise, this effect will be sanctioned again.

Small pixel science

A pixel is a point where a color is stored. The more of these points you have on your image (or photo), the more colors you have, including information. These pixels are smaller the less area you have. The number remains the same. Assuming you take a picture with 2000 x 1500 pixels, it's sharper on an 7 "screen than on an 27" screen. Pixels are just the information. And the more information you have, the more spicy the picture and thus the sharpness. But you can do more with it. If the density is correspondingly high, the color and also the contrast can be displayed more intensively.
Conversely, this also benefits: with a certain number of pixels, you can always correct the space downwards - corrected upwards, the pixels are enlarged in itself, the information is not enough and so the picture looks blurred, inflated and "pixelated".
Certain programs can then intervene and calculate the missing information. This is also called upscaling.

Differences 4K and 8K

To understand, here first of all:

What is 4K?

4K describes the number of pixels contained. K stands for Kilo - a unit of 1000. 4000 also. And that means pixel. 4096 x 2048 Pixel contained the first 4K camera. An image resolution of 8 megapixels are in it. Rounded: 4000 x 2000 pixels = 8 megapixels.
- 4K is HD - high definition.

What is 8K?

8K are 7680 x 4320 pixels and together this results in about 33 round megapixels. The new devices are able to handle this flood of data. Only this data must be in the TV. Currently (07.2019) there are hardly any films that deliver in the resolution. The cameras that need to record the film, correspondingly expensive.

4K and 8K differences

Main difference is the number of pixels. Concentrated at 8K. More pixels divide the space on the surface, they are smaller. Result: sharpness, sharpness, sharpness.
Ultra HD is already fine with 4K so no one can tell the difference. Because still it is the people and their eyes that must recognize what is happening in front of them.

The problem currently (as of July 2019) is that while the devices can process and play back the data, they do not have that amount of data at their disposal. Because 8K has synonymous first filmed and then by the line. The answer is:

What is Upscaling HD?

Upscaling HD is simply a technique that calculates from a lower resolution to a higher one. This happens when you can watch a simple DVD with a resolution of 720 x 576 pixels (SD) in Full HD - just because your TV has this technology. Or differently: the picture is simply enlarged. Without upscaling support, though, that would look horrible and unlookable. Your TV now complements the missing information and Zack! Sharp, full - even from the older DVD.

This also means that you can have the current movies extrapolated in 8K. This is not perfect yet and will have to go as long as 8K is not yet befitting.
Occasionally, films and games are offered. At the moment they are like mushrooms - you will have to search.

What do you need 8K for?

And do you need it now? 4K is not so long on the market and 8K is currently still more or less calculated. You can watch movies with it - and play in principle, too. Basically. The consoles are currently unable to process the data volumes. And if they are, they are very expensive. For gaming fans, hope is PS5. Sony cooks a new soup and that should taste the 8K. To what extent this works or what the final price looks like remains to be seen. Until about 2020. Maybe Sony will get the 4K vs. PS4 Relationship more stable.

The forecasts are also good at Netflix. The online service will certainly rise.

Add to that the current price for one 8K TV, Even on offer, they cost several thousand euros. If you want to see Amazon © Alexa on the couch or connect your TV to your phone, you may need to upgrade.

Is 8K suitable for 4K?

Yes! The systems are always correctable downwards. Who can process a lot of data, also creates less volume. Better technology promises better view and more setting options.

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Where is the 8K best?

In general, the farther you are from the TV, the fewer pixels you see. For 8K, this means that you can sit relatively close to the device because it has so many pixels. 8K devices are very big! And if you sit too close in front of it, you may have to move your head with movements that go through the picture.
Add to that the positioning. For while the one sitting in the middle, at the perfect distance from the picture, sees everything, people sitting to the right and left of you may notice gray veils on the screen. OLED in the screen gets that well on the line. Therefore, it is also important to pay attention to the built - in LED technology in the device itself.
The TVs do not like too dark, too bright too. Indirect room lighting is recommended to create a balanced and harmonious image.

What you can get from the 2024 bestseller: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | You should pay attention to honest tests of 8K televisions

Have you decided on a new television? Then we would like to give you some criteria. Things you should look for in the 8K bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest Tests should pay attention.

★ How much money do I want to spend on the new TV? (They may become cheaper over time)

★ How often do I use it and what for?

★ Is the size of my room sufficient to get an ideal distance to the TV?

★ This implies the size of your new TV.

★ Are you a gamer? For the PS5, an 8K is almost mandatory.

★ The new devices are (still) very heavy. About 45 kilos bring them on the scales.

★ Is OLED installed?

★ Will and can I connect © Alexa or apps to my TV?

Energy Efficiency

A not inconsiderable side of a new acquisition is the efficiency with which it works. Several televisions that can 8K be in Class D classified. Unlike a fridge, which almost comes in A + off the shelf.
Pay attention to the bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest Tests So also on consumption!
Let's take a mean value. You have the TV 6 hours a day 7 days a week. Your electricity price is 0.28 € / kWh. For example, you would save about 352 cents per day on a Class A (739 Watt) and Class D (65 Watt) device. Does not sound like much? That's a monthly difference of almost 20 €. In the year just under 240 €. And in five years almost 2200 €.

Samsung models QLED 8K overview

Pros and Cons of 8K

8K is not yet vital for survival. If you want to stream, you need a rich data connection. If you only look at a thriller from us, then you could do without it.
Let's look at other advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages 8K

✔ For gamers who crave the PS5, 8K can be a true redemption

✔ For film fans, this technique can bring incomparable evenings

✔ With 8K you can also upgrade 4K and SD

Disadvantages 8K

✘ Currently very expensive

✘ There are only a few films that do justice to technology - further developments for the future are not yet really tangible

Besser Suitable for spacious living rooms

✘ The TVs are very large and leave a black hole when not in use (some provide standby with photos or information such as time and weather)


The giants give birth to a new baby. 8K could become significant for the future. Could, because very accurate forecasts can not and nobody wants to be so right. 8K comes with a number of gigantic possibilities - and needs space accordingly. Pixel is called information means brilliance. From 2020 things will be worked out, with the PS5 a milestone will be set. Maybe now is the time to look for a larger data plan?
There is enough potential, anyway.

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