Guide: Buy battery air pump

GHB Mini Car Air Pump Electric Air Compressor for Bicycle Ball Balloon 150 PSI Portable Chargeable with LCD Display (Packing MULTI-WAY)

Quickly pump some air by hand? And already you run out of breath. Air mattresses, car tires, bicycle tires.

While with a little patience you might just be able to inflate a single mini air mattress or the water wings of the youngest, you often have to go straight to the nearest gas station because of a little lack of air on a car tire. And the bicycle tire also loses a little pressure every now and then.

Stop it! Here comes your guide to electric air pumps with a rechargeable battery: What do you have to consider, how expensive can it get, where can you use them? - Battery air pump

Battery air pumps - in comparison

ACPURI Electric Air Pump - 6000mAh Battery Air Pump, Portable Car Air Compressor USB Rechargeable ...CYCPLUS 140 Psi Electric Tire Inflator LCD Digital Intelligent Bicycle Air Pump Portable Air Pump ...RUIZHI air pump electric air compressor Tire pump , air pump Bicycle all valves Mini Compressor ...AUTDER battery electric air pump mini, 0-120PSI, 3000mAh, battery compressor bicycle air pump with 100 ...UISEBRT Air Compressor Electric Digital Air Pump 12V - Mini Portable Compressor Tire Pump 1000mAh ...OiLiehu Electric Air Pump With Battery Air Pump With 2000mAh Battery, Rechargeable 12V 150 PSI Portable ...Digital Air Pump 12V I50PSI, Bainuojia Electric Air Pump LCD Screen Compressor, Portable ...Brandson - Electric Compressor Air Pump 12 V 150 Psi - digital - with Li-Ion battery - 10,3 bar -...Manwe Electric Air Pump, Battery Compressor 2200mAh, 150 PSI Air Compressor Digital Tire Pump Mini ...Digital Air Pump 12V I50PSI, Bainuojia Electric Air Pump LCD Screen Compressor, Portable ...
Check price36,99 €Check price64,98 €41,99 €49,99 €45,99 €48,81 €52,99 €31,99 €
ACPURI Elektrische Luftpumpe - 6000mAh Akku Luftpumpe, Tragbarer...*CYCPLUS 140 Psi elektrischer Reifenfüller LCD Digitale...*RUIZHI luftpumpe elektrisch luftkompressor...*AUTDER Akku Elektrische Luftpumpe Mini, 0-120PSI, 3000mAh, Akku...*UISEBRT Luftkompressor Elektrische Digitale Luftpumpe 12V - Mini...*OiLiehu Elektrische Luftpumpe Mit Akku Luftpumpe Mit 2000mAh...*Digitale Luftpumpe 12V I50PSI,Bainuojia Elektrische Luftpumpe...*Brandson - Elektrischer Kompressor Luftpumpe 12 V 150 Psi -...*Manwe Elektrische Luftpumpe, Akku Kompressor 2200mAh, 150 PSI...*Digitale Luftpumpe 12V I50PSI,Bainuojia Elektrische Luftpumpe...*
◼️ N / A◼️ 🚵‍♂No adapters required! : A universal double pump head, with ...◼️ 【Made of stainless steel and built-in lithium battery.】 The ...◼️ 🔥Aluminum Alloy Air Pump]: AUTDER 2020 The New ...◼️ 【Electric Car】 Air Pump - Product size: 221 * Φ55mm, ...◼️ Auto air pump: size: 250 * 56 * 47mm, large capacity 2000mAh. The...◼️ 🚲 【Highly efficient 150PSI inflation】: Size: Ø55x220mm, ...◼️ When inflating car, motorcycle and bicycle tires, let the ...◼️ 🚗 〖Powerful Electric Air Pump & Portable Size〗 - The ...◼️ 🚲 【Highly efficient 150PSI inflation】: Size: Ø55x220mm, ...
◼️ N / A◼️ 🚵‍♂Unique appearance: CYCPLUS has a ...◼️ 【Digital LCD manometer (with backlight)】 You can ...◼️ 🚗 [3000 mAh lithium battery]: The hand pump has a built-in ...◼️ 【Air pressure detection & LCD display】 Intelligent detection of the ...◼️ LED pocket lamps Function: 6 LED lamp beads can be stored in a separate ...◼️ 🚲 【Digital LCD Liquid Crystal Display & Bright LED Light】: Easy ...◼️ With the "UNIT" key you can set the unit of measurement for the pressure between PSI, ...◼️ 🛵 〖Preset tire pressure & automatic shutdown〗 - Built-in ...◼️ 🚲 【Digital LCD Liquid Crystal Display & Bright LED Light】: Easy ...
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Check price36,99 €Check price64,98 €41,99 €49,99 €45,99 €48,81 €52,99 €31,99 €
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What is an electric battery air pump?

Get air on the tires without exerting yourself: An electric air pump with a battery is owned by a motor that is operated by a battery. That makes the gadget particularly handy. However, there are differences: the electric air pump requires more pressure for car tires, and more air output for mattresses. A distinction is made between one High performance air pump or a compact battery air pump . Some models can also be operated in both areas. Pay particular attention to the information provided by the manufacturer and the necessary hose connections.

What can you use a battery air pump for?

Many things are inflated with an air pump. This includes:

  • Bicycle tires (also e-bikes)
  • Rubber boats
  • Autoreifen
  • Caravan tires
  • airbeds
  • Air furniture (armchairs or sofas)
  • Swimming pools and
  • paddling pool

In the garden or when camping, an air pump with a battery is always ready to go, even if there is no power connection nearby or pumping by hand or foot is too strenuous.

Speaking of camping: If you want to know what you really need for your adventure, here's our camping guide!

Accessories | Battery air pump

What accessories can you buy? If you want to buy an air pump that you want to use everywhere in everyday life, you need an electric air pump that comes with you if possible

  • a compressed air knife
  • various valves and
  • LED lighting
  • Inflate / deflate function
  • Technology such as automatic shutdown when pressure is reached

Is provided. Replaceable batteries can also be useful. So you can also carry two charged batteries with you in an emergency.

It is also practical to take electricity from a cigarette lighter. If your air pump does not have one, you can also benefit from a power converter, for example.

Performance and information electric air pump with battery

What does your air pump have to deliver? What information is important and how much power do you need so that you can inflate different things?

Universal or powerful battery air pump?

You can roughly divide the air pumps into two categories. Of course there are also devices that can cover all areas:

Universal battery air pump

The Uni-Pump is made to accompany you on all your daily adventures. If you can also inflate the tires of your car at the gas station, then this electric air pump might be enough for you.
Broken tires? We have the right guide for car tires for you!
The low pressure of the universal battery air pump is between 0,03 and 0,04 bar and is therefore completely sufficient for air mattresses and the like.

Powerful battery air pump

Higher battery air pumps are also able to inflate the tires of cars and caravans. If you only need a device for high pressure (bar) and need it more often, it may be worthwhile to use a second device.

Important information battery air pump

Here are the most important details to look out for when buying an air pump:


Almost every tire needs a different pressure (bar). How much exactly is written on the tires themselves. But there are differences here too, depending on the type of surface you are driving on, for example by car or bike.
A bicycle tire starts at around 2.5 bar and can be as high as 8 bar and more on high-performance bikes!


The battery should not only last a long time but also deliver enough power and be able to be recharged quickly. If possible, you should also be able to replace the battery in your air pump. Some devices can also be operated by electricity only, which helps to extend the performance of the battery.
Tip: Never store your battery in freezing temperatures. This can render the entire battery unusable.


If you want a robust device for everyday use, the line of your air pump battery should not fall below 18 volts and 12/230 volts in mains operation. You can also inflate car tires with this power.

What should you watch out for when buying?

To give you a good overview, we have put together a list that will help you to find your perfect electric air pump:

  • What do you need the electric air pump for?
  • How many accessories does the air pump bring that you can use?
  • How expensive can it get?
  • Can it also be operated via a power plug?
  • What do the opinions and reviews of customers say?
  • Is the battery removable / replaceable?
  • How much power does it have?
  • Is it handy enough for your needs?
  • Can the air be pumped out again with the device?
  • Is an automatic shift integrated?
  • Are the battery and charger included?

Advantages and disadvantages of the battery air pump

Maybe you are still thinking about indulging in an electric air pump with a battery? Then this list may help you:

Advantages of air pump with battery

✔ It's handy
✔ and compact
✔ Can be taken anywhere
✔ No physical exertion necessary
✔ Flexibility through various attachments
✔ Also available with a car adapter

Disadvantages air pump with battery

✘ Pay attention to the battery capacity and also whether
✘ the battery is charged
✘ Not all pumps are also suitable for car tires

Conclusion: electric air pump with battery

Camping, breakdown, garden: a handy battery air pump is basically needed everywhere where mobility and flexibility are required. A little knowledge is necessary in order to be able to select the right battery-powered air pump. A paddling pool has different requirements than a racing bike tire, for example.
Tedious pumping or even (as maybe in the past) an air mattress with your mouth, having to go to the gas station with a flat tire and similar adventures are definitely spared with this unique solution.

Buy recommended electric air pump with battery - top 10 topseller list

Buy the most popular electric air pump with battery | Buy electric air pump with battery cheap online with a discount to save

Topseller 1
tomight Electric Air Pump, Wireless Electric Pump Quick-fill inflator-deflator with 3 ...
1.059 Reviews
tomight Elektrische Luftpumpe, Kabellos Elektrische Pumpe Schnellbefüllbarer Inflator-Deflator mit 3...*
  • Rechargeable design: Tomight electric air pump is a built-in 4000 mAh lithium battery for instant inflation. Compared to others ...
  • 3 different sizes of nozzles: Three different nozzles (S-0.7 cm, M-0.9 cm, L-1.5 cm) granted your need to carry different objects like ...
  • Powerful electric pump: Tomight air pump is powerful (nominal pressure 3300 Pa). Not only can it inflate items, but it also inflates products ...
  • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The Electric Air Pump is small and light, so you can use it conveniently both indoors and outdoors.
Topseller 2
ACPURI Electric Air Pump - 6000mAh Battery Air Pump, Portable Car Air Compressor USB Rechargeable ...
15 Reviews
ACPURI Elektrische Luftpumpe - 6000mAh Akku Luftpumpe, Tragbarer Auto Luftkompressor USB Wiederaufladbar...*
  • 【Improved version & quick information】 The integrated tire pressure gauge can pump the exact volume of air into the tire. The built-in lithium battery ...
  • 【Digital LCD display and auto power off】 This wireless air pump has 4 optional units including PSI, BAR, KPA, KG / ...
  • 【PORTABLE & HEAT RESISTANT】 The ACPURI air pump is lightweight and can be placed in a backpack or car to bring you anywhere, anytime ...
  • 【Multifunctional & LED lighting】 3 different adapters are suitable for bicycle types such as mountain bikes, racing bikes, BMX or e-bikes. You also will be...
Topseller 3
BIUBLE Battery Electric Tire Pump Car Air Pump Portable with 2000mAh Battery with LCD Display for ...
32 Reviews
BIUBLE Akku Elektrischer Reifenpumpe Auto-Luftpumpe Portable mit 2000mAh Batterie mit LCD Display für...*
  • 【LCD digital screen & preset tire pressure】: You can select and preset the desired tire pressure. The automatic switch-off ...
  • 【Compact, Flexible & Large Capacity】: With a built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, this air compressor can be ideal anytime and anywhere for inflating ...
  • 【LED light】 You can set the pressure unit of the air pump via the LCD display. The LED light can make you inflate the tire more easily at night. The...
  • 【Portable and Small】 This air pump is more convenient to use with one grip. The shape of the air compressor is comfortable to feel and easy to hold ...
Topseller 4
Audew Air Compressor Electric Battery Air Pump Compressor 12V 150PSI Pump Bicycle Portable Pre-Pressure ... *
  • ✔ 【Upgraded version : Asin: B08CDQ8WHN】 【Wireless & Portable】: The wireless design and compact mini size make Audew air compressor portable and ...
  • ✔ 【High-capacity rechargeable battery】: With a certified 2000mAh lithium-ion battery, Audew portable compressor is ready, bike, ball, etc ...
  • ✔ 【Inflate quickly & automatically】: The electric air pump has 4 switchable pressure units (PSI, BAR, KPA, KG / CM²), so that you can ...
  • ✔ 【Use at night】: 2 built-in LED lights that can switch on automatically and the illuminated display make mini compressor even in ...
Topseller 5
Electric Air Pump, Electric Air Pump, Wireless Inflator / Deflator Electric Air Pump ...
740 Reviews
Elektrische luftpumpe, Elektrisch Pumpe Luftpumpe, Kabellos Inflator/ Deflator Electric Air Pump...*
  • 【Rechargeable electric air pump】 - Etship air pump with integrated battery, electric air pump with universal USB connection and charging cable ....
  • 【3 nozzles of different sizes】 -Our electric air pump is supplied with S-0,6 cm, M-0,8 cm, L-1,8 cm, 3 nozzle sizes, all of which ...
  • 【2 in 1 inflation and deflation】 -The electric air pump battery can not only be used for inflation, but also for deflation. Press...
  • 【Lightweight and Portable Air Pump】 - The small size of our wireless electric pump is made of ABS plastic. In addition, the package comes with ...
Topseller 6
Deeplee Electric Air Pump USB Air Mattress Pump, 2 in 1 Electric Pump Power Pump Inflator Deflator ...
2.979 Reviews
Deeplee Electric Air Pump USB Air Mattress Pump, 2 in 1 Electric Pump Power Pump Inflator Deflator ... *
  • ✔ 2 In 1 electric air pump, rechargeable, full chaged need to 5 hours.The Deeplee electric air pump has a rechargeable ...
  • ✔ USB cable for general use, meet your different charging requirements, the power pump can be charged in your vehicle, you ...
  • ✔ 3 different nozzle sizes. Each air mattress pump is supplied with 3 nozzles of different sizes (size S, M and L). The size S nozzle ...
  • ✔ Lightweight and portable, the Deeplee electric pump is small and ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It not only saves space and can also be easily ...
Topseller 7
Electric air pump with battery, AGPtEK electric pump with Quickfill inflation and deflation with 3 ...
49 Reviews
Electric air pump with battery, AGPtEK electric pump with Quickfill inflation and deflation with 3 ... *
  • 【LARGE BATTERY】: The electric pump is equipped with a large 4000Mah lithium-ion battery, which provides higher performance and better battery life ...
  • 【DIFFERENT CHARGING MODES】: This electric air pump has several charging modes, so it can be used at home, in the car or from the ...
  • 【3-IN-1 ATTACHMENT DESIGN】: The product contains 3 different attachments (0,7cm; 0,9cm; 1,5cm), so that the pump also fits on all inflatable products ....
  • 【SMALL, LIGHT & PORTABLE】: This electric air pump was developed so small and light that it can be easily put in any backpack, suitcase or ...
Topseller 8
STAR PUMP 8 SUP Pump 12V Super Electric Pump E-Pump with battery power bank
56 Reviews
STAR PUMP 8 SUP Pump 12V Super Electric Pump E-Pumpe mit Akku Powerbank*
  • Suitable for all manufacturers of iSUP boards to inflate your board super fast!
  • The pump can be operated via a 12 volt car connection (cigarette lighter).
  • for 12V operation / size: 25 x 15.5 x 17.5 cm / power: 110 W.
  • Stepless pressure regulation up to 1-20 PSI / volume 350L / min
- € 20,00Topseller 9
CYCPLUS Car Air Pump 150 PSI Electric Tire Pump Mini Pump Portable Air Compressor Rechargeable ...
315 Reviews
CYCPLUS Car Air Pump 150 PSI Electric Tire Pump Mini Pump Portable Air Compressor Rechargeable ... *
  • 🚗 【Maximum 150PSI inflation】 The CYCPLUS car pump has an inflatable high pressure capacity up to 150PSI / 10, 3 bar. The battery can be ...
  • 🚗 【Multifunctional tire pump】 This electric pump is not only a power bank but also a flashlight. In case of emergency, the pump for Android and ...
  • 🚗 【The glare-free FSTN-LCD liquid crystal display】 There are 4 types of unit values: PSI, BAR, KPA, Kg / cm². You can adjust the tire pressure to your ...
  • 🚗 【Electric mini pump】 The electric air pump is powered by the battery or 12V DC. You can use the special cigarette lighter cable ...
Topseller 10
oasser Electric Compressor Portable Car Air Pump Portable Tire Pump with LCD Display with ...
1.521 Reviews
oasser Electric Compressor Portable Car Air Pump Portable Tire Pump with LCD Display with ... *
  • 🚗 【Made of stainless steel & with built-in lithium battery】: The rechargeable Oasser electric air pump can be used in an emergency. AC / DC -...
  • 🚗 【Outstanding performance】: You can use the display on the LCD display to set the tire pressure as required by the respective tire ...
  • 🚗 【Portable, compact and rechargeable】: The smallest portable electric air pump for a handy application. The size is just ...
  • 🚗 【LCD screen and LED flashlight】: LCD digital pressure gauge with backlight. Two LED lights can be used independently of each other ...

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