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ROTHENBERGER 1000002115 ROMAX Compact TT EU Basic Set pressing machine Compact, charger EU, 2Ah battery capacity

A battery press machine is suitable for the professional and safe production of radial press connections. There are pneumatic and electric pressing tongs or pressing machines. Cordless crimping pliers are electric radial presses without cables.

Knowing how to use a cordless pipe press machine is important because you don't want to damage the machine or yourself. You should choose a brand that suits your needs and has some craftsmanship yourself. It is often used in the heating and plumbing sector. Here, copper pipes often have to be pressed. Cordless press machines for pipes can be very expensive. They can therefore be found more in trade than in private. But you can also rent pressing tongs.

A battery press machine is also known as a battery press tongs. You can use it for both personal and professional purposes. For your project to be successful, the main task is to make radial press fit connections, which are essential elements in the installation and connection of pipes.

Only when you connect pipes tightly can you be sure that they are properly connected and leakproof. The so-called "pressing jaws" are an integral part of the cordless pressing tongs set. These are compressed during use and ensure the secure connection of pipe connections.

Which pressing tongs are there?

There are different pressing tongs in different sizes and shapes. Pressing machines can be operated manually or pneumatically. The latter requires less effort. Compressed air makes the job easier by allowing the tools to move faster. With the same force, you can generate more power.

A simpler option is the electrical use of a battery press machine, in which a motor generates the force that is necessary and you are still mobile without cables and hoses. No matter what kind of work you want to do at home, there are cordless crimping pliers available in many sizes. In practical terms, the cordless press machine is often delivered in a case so that everything can be neatly transported. You should maybe get the REMS pressing tongs look once.

What do I have to look out for with a cordless press machine?

A battery press machine should have a good, powerful battery motor. You make the different sizes dependent on your project or application. Advantages are also a compact and ergonomic design to ensure good handling.

A hardened special steel for high-quality crimping is a must for high precision and quality of the pipe connection. Compare the performance of the batteries and the maximum applied force with the motor for pressing. Various selectable jaw sizes should be available for a complete range in the case. But there are also additional sets of press jaws for sale.

Look at the weight of the press machine. Built-in LEDs are very useful. A rotating press tong head can make things a lot easier. Is there an automatic locking mechanism when pressing? Does the battery have a charge level indicator? Compare the scope of delivery of cordless press sets and the price.

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ROTHENBERGER 1000001001 ROMAX 3000 AC Basic Set press machine, 32-34kN piston force

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AMZCNC professional pressing pliers V-contour 12-15-18-22-28 set...*
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