Boil and store potatoes

Cooking and storing potatoes, the possibilities are many. The potato is rich in carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. As one of our main foods, it is well suited for cooking, frying and steaming. Depending on the amount consumed, the potato is a good source of vitamin C, especially in the season with few vegetables.

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Frozen potatoes

Potatoes taste sweet when frozen. They can be made palatable again by storing them for about three weeks at temperatures between 15 and 20 °. The sugar content of frozen potatoes will also decrease if left in water for some time. You should only remove the potato sprouts shortly before the potatoes are consumed, otherwise dark spots will form on the potatoes.

Boil and store potatoes

Potatoes from boiling over can be prevented by adding a small amount of oil or margarine to the water. Especially floury potatoes tend to disintegrate when cooked. This can be prevented in the case of jacket potatoes by adding salt and in the case of peeled potatoes by adding vinegar to the cooking water. The cheapest storage space for potatoes is a dark cellar with a relative humidity of 90% and temperatures between three and 6 ° C. If the temperatures drop, please cover the potatoes. To reduce the formation of germs, the potatoes are sprinkled with germ stop in layers. The potatoes treated in this way must be washed before peeling. So you can cook and store potatoes.

Store the potatoes in a Roman pot

If you don't have a suitable cellar to store your potatoes, I recommend one Römertopf made of clay. Potatoes, garlic and onions stay fresh and appetizing longer in such a pot made of natural clay. The storage time for potatoes, onions or garlic can be up to five weeks in such a pot. The Römertopf is provided with ventilation holes all around, these ensure optimal air circulation, so neither mold nor waterlogging can form.

In this way, you can store commercial quantities without any problems. The pot is glazed on the inside for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe. However, you shouldn't expect this pot to affect the potatoes' ability to germinate. You can only achieve this if you reduce the storage temperature of the potatoes.

Ready-to-cook potato dumplings

Commercially available frozen potato dumplings can be quickly prepared in the home, which saves a lot of time. The frozen potato dumplings are only placed in hot water that is almost brought to the boil. Then they stay in the water until they rise to the top. Tasty dumplings can also be prepared quickly from dumpling flour. They are particularly fluffy when half the prescribed amount of liquid is replaced with milk.

Kitchen tips for potatoes

You can avoid potato slices sticking together when preparing potato salad if you pour a little hot water over the still warm potato slices. Boiled potatoes for salad, for example, can be easily cut without a food processor, just use an egg cutter.

If you prepare potatoes as jacket potatoes, the potatoes are cooked with their skin on, while important vitamins such as vitamins B and C are largely retained. Jacket potatoes are tastier if they are scratched and boiled in salted water before they are cooked. However, this leaches out important ingredients. If you want to cook french fries in a simple saucepan of oil, you need to know when the right frying temperature is reached. The correct temperature has been reached when air bubbles form around a wooden spoon dipped in the cooking oil. If the temperature is too low, the French fries soak up oil, do not get crispy and are difficult to digest. French fries are only salted after they have been baked.

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