Claw scissors for dogs

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Claw scissors for dogs

This is how you care for your dog's claws

Claw shears for dogs: With some dogs it works quite well that they lose their claws. For some, not really. There can be various reasons why one Fiffi's nails grow differently than another. Like every fingernail, every dog ​​nail is different and you may be faced with an annoying, recurring problem: Lumpi's long toenails. Every time to the vet or to the dog saloon can be not only expensive but also very annoying in the long run.

It is therefore a good idea to shorten the dog's claws yourself, if necessary. But when do you start cutting? What can you cut dog's claws with? Where is the best place to buy dog ​​clippers? Is that even possible with all dogs? We clarify this in this guide. - Claw scissors for dogs

Cutting dog claws - why even?

Dog claws are made to hold the dog in place while walking. Built-in spikes at the end of the toes. Naturally intended, they naturally have to grow back steadily, just like in humans, since they are worn out with use. The dog's claws are much harder than humans and have to do more. Depending on the type of dog's foot, they also grow very thick or crooked. In the case of a small terrier, the picture looks different from, for example, a naturally bow-legged Basset Hound.

It is not difficult to understand when the claws are crooked, which is not only uncomfortable for the four-legged friend, but can also lead to walking problems or entire misalignments. Inflammations are also not uncommon and the risk of Fiffi injuring himself because his long claws get caught is high. Proper nail care is the order of the day, especially the "wolf toe" tears or grows in quickly, or becomes infected because it is not needed at all. For the love of the dog's health, regular monitoring and, if necessary, correction is important.

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When to cut claw scissors for dogs?

Best regularly. Depending on breed and type and utilization as well as predisposition, close control may be necessary. This can be once a month or every two weeks. Dogs that walk a bit and then only on a soft ground certainly need more care than those from the city who regularly walk on hard ground. Hard surfaces use the dog claws faster. As a rule, they also grow faster. Even the dog paw knows how it is claimed.

Before something ignites or breaks, like to control. Dog claws that are bright are no problem. There is a pink line in the nail. It is perfused. Everything is not around. So you can cut up to that line. But beware: when the claw splinters, it tears and the dog is in pain and it is bleeding. Therefore, it is better to cut a few mm in front of it and also with the appropriate tool, see below in the guide.

With animals that have black claws, the pink line is more difficult. For some it is possible to see something with the help of a flashlight that shines through the nail. But often not. If you still have to cut, you can also do this here

Tip: da where the pink line ends, the nail tube also ends a short time later, from then on the nails only continue to grow on one side.

This can be removed. You don't even have to cut it, you can also file it. Cut the claws vertically, otherwise they will also split easily. In addition, the longer such a dog's claw is, the longer the claw with blood supply is. Means, the more often you shorten, the shorter this pink line or the areas with blood supply become. If you care for the claws regularly and make sure that the claws are as short and well-groomed as possible, you not only have a lot less work, you also save the animal quite a procedure.

What do you have to pay attention to when buying claw shears?

There are different sized nail scissors for the different sized dog claws. It is easier to cut a smaller claw with scissors that are too large, but the other way around, please refrain. The scissors are simply not designed for the claw and the dog can be easily injured. In addition to the right size, it also requires good stability. Unsteady, poor quality scissors do not provide enough grip when cutting.

You slip or wobble around yourself, which can also lead to splintering. Last but not least, a sharp, stable material. A must, especially with thick dog claws. The scissors need more strength and sharpness, this is the only way to ensure a good cut and thus reduce the risk of injury.

In the overview:

  • the right size: the trade offers scissors of various sizes with examples of typical breeds
  • the quality of the workmanship: wobbling rivets or handles are sometimes very counterproductive in practice
  • the sharpness: a dull pair of scissors that wears out quickly because it is made of soft or inferior material. It is also more of a hindrance than useful.

The better the pair of scissors, the more control you have when cutting, faster and less risk of injury. The dog will be grateful, for most this procedure is not exactly pleasant.
The claw scissors can be bought online as well as in the trade. However, the retail offers the advantage that you can make sure in advance of the quality and the appropriate size. Also, whether she is good in the hand. You need a claw scissors, with which you can work well.

Conclusion: Claw shears for dogs

You can usually cut dog claws well at home. In dogs that have bright claws and are reasonably quiet, this usually works very well. Re-file is also possible and sometimes useful. A little bit has to be taken care of, so that the work on the animal works smoothly for everyone. However, with the claw scissors, the quality goes before the quantity, the animal and your nerves to love. Anyone who is unsure can show the cutting of a veterinarian or a dog hairdresser. This makes more sense than ignorant and perhaps awkward and hesitant to approach the shortening and thus hurt the dog.

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