Guide: E-Cigarettes | Steaming instead of smoking

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Guide: E-cigarettes

Where it once smelled of burnt tobacco (smelled for many) (smelled for many) it now smells of raspberry, gummy bears or woodruff. The thick plumes of smoke from the moving cars are no longer to be confused with those from the 70s. At least most. The tobacco smoker is increasingly becoming a nerd. The tobacco has a hard time. The steam less. Is the e-cigarette the new generation of smoking? Or just lying and cheating? How much healthier is vaping? If it is at all? We tackled the question of cigarettes vs. E-cigarette and have come to the following results.
Guide: E-cigarettes

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E-cigarettes - in comparison

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What is an e-cigarette

An e-cigarette consists of:

  • a mouthpiece
  • an air sensor
  • Electronics
  • battery Pack
  • Liquid containers

The liquid is basically heated between 65 and 120 degrees and there is steam.
The e-cigarette works either with a rechargeable battery that you can recharge or even gives it as a disposable e-cigarette to buy.

Disposable e-cigarette

Unpack, turn on, steam, empty steam, throw away. These disposable e-cigarettes you can not refill and not recharge. They are cheaper at first glance, not at the second. They are not environmentally friendly either. They have a limited selection of flavors and you can not stop them.
From many perspectives it is a bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests of disposable e-cigarettes are not suitable. But if you just want to try vaping, then maybe.


Liquids, there are more varieties, as we can perform here. Every possible and impossible flavor is included:

  • KiBa
  • Mulled wine
  • Coffee
  • Rum
  • Glue
  • about all types of fruit
  • Cowboy blend
  • Marzipan
  • waffle dough
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    Mix the liquid yourself

    If you mix your own liquid, it is cheaper and you can mix how and what you want. The taste, the nicotine, in what intensity. What you need for this are:

    • bottles
    • Spraying
    • a pad
    • Gloves

    Look at the bottles that you buy which have a filling scale and are food safe. Well, they have a screw cap.
    A regular disposable syringe helps you to mix flavors very accurately. You do not need much of the aromas anyway. The pad is recommended, because maybe sometimes something goes wrong and you need the gloves because nicotine is a contact poison. That means you also take it over the skin.

    Then you need a base. These consist of vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). Some people also add water. The PG is the flavor carrier. The more you take, the less flavor you need. Too much PG, however, has a slightly scratchy effect in the throat. The VG is what makes steam. The more you use, the more it steams. What's missing is nicotine. You have to add that extra. If you want that, because it's not a must. The nicotine you give about nicotine shots.

    Guidelines in something are:
    3-15% for the flavor. This means, if you want to mix 100 ml mixture, which is 97 - 85 ml base and the 3 - 15 ml aroma.

    Some aromas have to "mature". This means that you should wait 3-6 days until you steam it. Shake well in between, so that everything spreads better.

    Ingredients Liquid

    What's what? Let's take a closer look at the ingredients:


    The base usually consists of the following additions:

    propylene glycol
    This substance is approved as a food additive and is also called E150. It prevents mold, is almost odorless and tasteless. Other preservatives are superfluous with E150. It improves the solubility of various substances and is therefore also used in ointment and drug production. E150 also gets dairy cows to mitigate the performance degradation of milk production before and shortly after birth. In addition, E150 is included in normal cigarettes in tobacco.

    glycerin XNUMX%
    In the base for liquid is vegetable glycerin. This is also approved in the food industry and is also called E422. It is the basic building block of all fats and is chemically one of the alcohols. In addition, it is used so that food does not dry out. It also serves as a carrier solvent for flavors and is considered harmless. Glycerin is also sweet. And sweets always start our brain. Surveys have shown that there are people who steam only for the sake of taste. Also a way to attract young people. It tastes sweet and is not as "uncool" as the cigarettes.

    The various manufacturers have launched different flavors on the market, which contain other additives and ingredients. To be allowed to enter the market, manufacturers must submit to the Food Law. Again, it shows that sweet liquids are significantly more represented. The heel is higher.

    Nicotine is extracted from the leaves of the tobacco. The plant protects itself with the substance against pests. Nicotine is a poison that causes paralysis or excitement. Depending on how much you consume. Nicotine acts as a neurotoxin in the body. The poison causes the brain to release more and more neurotransmitters. One thinks, one rewards oneself and is happy. So engaging in his inner chemistry is especially dangerous as a teenager. The attention span is shortening, the addiction center is being fed and the whole brain and development are changing along with the genes. Smokers put their child through the genetics of the addictive potential in the cradle.

    Smoking pregnant women harm their unborn child with the neurotoxin. They take him oxygen and a healthy development. For that give him toxins. Deficient children are the result of their lives under the mother who smokes during pregnancy. The potential of the child is irrevocably destroyed. Through the use of nicotine, not only periodontitis or smoking legs or lungs may develop over the years, but also mental disorders such as depression. The vitamin and mineral requirements of smokers are more than 50% higher. The intestine changes as well as the entire metabolism.

    Nicotine is poison that fools you, it would make you feel better with it. It haunts your healthy development, potential development, performance, mental and physical health.

    Long-term studies do not exist yet. How the vaporizers ultimately affect the genes and the health, especially on the immune system, will show the next few years.

    Recommended reading: You will find many guides on various topics in the advice section !


    Replace batteries or a permanently installed? You can already decide what you prefer. E-cigarettes with permanently installed rechargeable batteries are generally smaller and therefore more manageable. But if empty then empty. And, if the battery breaks down after a few hundred hours of use, you'll have to buy a new one.
    Since the variant with the replaceable batteries already has its advantages - even if this genus is a bit chunky.

    Watt mode

    Here you can set your E-Ziggi. The more watts you use, the more steam or more temperature. But that also means you can smoke your evaporator hot.

    temperature mode

    Some steamer also have a temperature control. With that you can adjust the temperature of the steam. The rest of the evaporator then does it by itself.

    Border crosser Iqos

    Phillip Morris ventured the step between the worlds by inventing neither fish nor meat. He created a device that only heats tobacco instead of burning it. The tobacco sticks with filters, they are called Heets, you can put in the Iqos and smoke. Or smoke vapors. I do not know now either. The fact that the tobacco is heated only and not burned, resulting in less odor and comes out of 6 minutes or 14 trains with a Heets. Tax benefits result from the fact of heating, so the product must also not be a deterrent.
    Such an Iqos device costs between 40 - 100 Euro and 200 Heets 60 €.

    Cigarettes vs. E-cigarettes

    Cigarettes are more expensive. Apart from the purchase of an evaporator, the liquid costs are relatively low. With about 20-30 € you can vape all month long. This is not even possible with homemade tobacco, at least not as a full-blood smoker. E-cigarettes do not stink - at least not for burnt tobacco. Nicotine fingers are also not found. And health? Sure, cigarette smoking is unhealthy. It is unclear whether steaming is synonymous. Long-term studies are missing. And even if there are fewer additives in the liquids, that does not mean that they are healthy. Only fewer pollutants are included. If nicotine is present in the liquids, the nerve agent remains. Glucose is sweet - sweet as sugar and sugar is also a substance that appeals to the reward center in the brain.

    E-cigarettes for smoking cessation

    Do e-cigarettes help with nicotine withdrawal?
    Nicotine addiction is essentially shaped by two things: nicotine itself and the ritual of smoking. That makes it so hard to stop. A relatively small trigger reaches the brain after some time and one has the feeling to smoke - nicotine must come! If none is there, one gets nervous at best, at worst murderous.

    Now the second trigger comes into play: the hand to the mouth movement, the deep inhale, the expulsion of the smoke. So if it was easy to quit smoking, you could just chew gum. But that does not steam and you do not have to breathe deeply. The subconscious thinks, "Great, no reward, where is my ritual?" The subconscious mind goes to the barricades. If we steam, instead of smoking a cigarette, we have all the trigger satisfied: nicotine, hand to mouth, inhale, steam.

    The fact that it is so easy to omit the nicotine proves that there is more to it than just a nicotine addiction. Physical withdrawal is added. The intestinal flora changes again, it can cause hot flashes, pimples, restlessness, depressive moods, weight gain and dizziness. For those who only want to get away from nicotine, an e-cigarette can be helpful in reducing nicotine slowly. Many people have managed to use this method later also to leave the vaping.

    What you should pay attention to when buying e-cigarette

    If you have decided on an e-cigarette, you should consider a few things:

    • Buy evaporators from a well-known manufacturer. If you are not sure which model is right for you, first consult.
    • Built-in or replaceable battery?
    • Which accessories do you need?
    • How long should the battery last? Maybe you also buy a power bank?
    • Buy high quality liquids
    • Even e-cigarettes can be addictive
    • Long-term health studies are not yet available

    Pros and cons E-cigarettes

    And what does that mean in a nutshell?


    ✔ You no longer smell of burned tobacco

    ✔ And you no longer have nicotine fingers

    ✔ Can be beneficial to nicotine withdrawal

    ✔ Is cheaper than smoking cigarettes

    ✔ In terms of taste, liquids offer a lot of scope

    ✔ And you can put together your own flavors

    ✔ No more flying butts

    ✔ No muffling ashtray


    ✘ No long-term studies known

    ✘ Can also lead to addiction

    ✘ Nicotine remains nicotine - remains nicotine ...

    Conclusion - e-cigarettes

    The nicotine addiction is the one thing that ritual of smoking is something else. Cigarette smoking combines both in a harmful way. When vaping many poisons that are produced during tobacco burning. Of course, both are not natural or healthy. The e-cigarettes are in disrepute, precisely because they are so fruity and harmless. less harmful to be sold, especially to appeal to the younger generation. For cessation of smoking, vaping is already suitable if you keep an eye on your goal: the physical weaning of nicotine.

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