Test: Tefal fryer Super Uno Access FR3100 | Frying made easy

Deep-frying should be quick and easy. What added value do I really have with the 74,99 Euro deep fryer? I have tested the model from Tefal, now read my test report here.


Air fryer | deep-fry with a little oil | counselor

What is a hot air fryer anyway? Are there any health benefits? Can you buy useful air fryer accessories? And what are the other advantages and disadvantages of hot air fryers?

What to do against ants in the house or apartment

Do you have ants in your house or apartment? As soon as you have discovered the unloved crawlers, most of them wonder whether there are effective remedies or even home remedies for ants.



Advice: The right sun protection - what do I have to pay attention to? | How do I best protect myself?

Who does not know that? After spring, you especially look forward to summer and the sun. The light is good for our soul and one immediately feels more alert and active. But how do I optimally protect myself from sunburn?

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Build a small pallet sofa: Build a 2-seater pallet sofa with armrests yourself | DIY project

DIY: Build a small pallet sofa for 2 people or as a 1 person pallet armchair to lie down and chill 😉 step by step to the pallet sofa


Test: iPad Pro keyboard | Apple Magic Keyboard vs. Logitech Slim Folio Pro

Apple Magic Keyboard versus the cheaper Logitech Slim Folio Pro | My comparison and experience report.

Test: Huawei Watch GT2

This review reports on the 46mm version of the Huawei Watch GT 2. Have fun.

Test: Echo Studio | Smarter high fidelity | 3D sound + Alexa

Echo Studio - smarter high fidelity in the test - I compare it with other Amazon Echo models and report my experience.

Jule | blog

Here things can be stored dry and dark and in an appealing vintage look that many women in the kitchen or household will surely like.


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