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Iron Instructions Temperature and maintenance are an extensive topic. Although there are more and more items of clothing on the market that do not require an iron. An iron is in use in every household. In order to save time, however, large items of laundry such as tablecloths, sheets or duvet covers should not be ironed. An ironing machine or steam ironing press is much more suitable for this. - Iron instructions

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Types of irons

In earlier times there were non-adjustable and regulator irons. With the first species, the temperature rose with the length of the heating period, thank God these parts are long history. They were not particularly suitable for ironing synthetic fiber fabrics. Nowadays, dry irons, steam irons, cordless irons or ironing machines are more of an advantage and correspond to the state of the art. Such irons exactly meet the requirements of the range of textiles with different fiber contents.

The iron temperature

The symbols on the stepless regulator of the iron mean the following. 1 point means do not iron hot at a maximum temperature of 80 - 110 degrees Celsius. 2 points are shown for ironing moderately hot with a maximum temperature of 130 - 160 degrees Celsius. 3 points should mean ironing hot with a maximum temperature of 165 - 210 degrees Celsius

For a better understanding, I am providing you with a PDF with care symbols for download. Laundry care symbols

These international symbols are sewn into the garments. This makes the choice the right one ironing temperature easy. Older regulator irons have material markings for the textiles instead of dots on the regulator disc, for example silk, wool, cotton or linen. The regulator is therefore set to the corresponding type of fiber. The steam iron combines two forms of iron.

Once the dry iron and also the steam iron. In some of them, water is filled into a nozzle, which emerges as steam through several channels in the sole of the iron. With the steam iron, there is no need to blow the laundry for the most part. You can do without an ironing cloth without creating shiny spots. If you want to iron dry with the filled device, you can simply turn off the flow of steam. The iron instructions, temperature and care must be observed.

Modern steam iron are equipped with a spray device that sprays a fine film of water over an area of ​​about 200-300 cm² when a button is pressed. Many devices have a large-area light metal brine or ceramic brine. This type of soleplate ensures a good ironing result. The necessary ironing temperature can be regulated using an adjusting knob. When it is reached, a control lamp in the handle area of ​​the device usually goes out. A lever adjustment allows ironing with or without steam. When the iron is switched off, the steam generation is automatically interrupted.

Maintenance and care of the iron

Water containing lime and too much starch in the laundry will form a deposit on the soleplate of the iron after a while. However, you can prevent this with the following tip: sprinkle shavings from a white candle on a linen cloth. After folding the cloth, iron it several times with the warm iron.

This gives the iron back its gliding ability. I am assuming that there are no more uncoated soles, but if such an iron is still in use, it is possible to restore the sole with fine sandpaper. For this purpose, the sandpaper is carefully sanded over the sole in the direction of the ironing.

With irons with a Teflon coating or those made of ceramic, there are hardly any deposits that prevent the iron from sliding. I recommend cleaning the steam outlet holes at regular intervals with a light limescale remover. This happens when the iron is switched off and cold.

The Steam iron press

Of course, they also want to look after their laundry professionally at home. A steam iron press can be used for this. With such a device that has a particularly wide ironing surface, your laundry is perfectly and freshly smoothed in half the time. You can trigger an exact burst of steam here at the push of a button. An electronic temperature setting and automatic switch-off function with acoustic alarm give you security. An easily accessible and refillable water tank increases user-friendliness.

The accessories such as spray bottle, water container and ironing pad complement the whole thing. Even if you don't normally like ironing, you will soon find that things are now super easy. It's not like using a normal iron, ironing suddenly becomes a relaxed affair. Especially great for large mountains of laundry, very easy to use.

When things have to be done quickly, the ironing press is a great help. One cannot expect perfection as with the iron. An ironing press is great for quickly aligning and smoothing a garment.

This is a real alternative for all those who don't like ironing. First put water in the tank, the press heats up quickly and off you go. A t-shirt 1 minute, a shirt about 2 minutes when it comes up. It couldn't be faster with an iron. If you fold bed linen properly, you will get a good result here too. With a little technique and routine, you can iron a lot of things.

Maybe not always perfect, but the closet is ready and reasonably smooth. Probably the most important thing is the huge amount of time it saves. Everyone who hates ironing is happy about such a relief. After a little training, it works great with a steam ironing press. The Singer ESP2 steam ironing press is my test winner.

The ironing machine

Sheets, duvet covers, tablecloths, shirts, blouses, aprons and the like can be ironed with an ironing machine. We differentiate between two types of ironing machines, the simple ironing machine and the steam ironing machine. Their purchase is worthwhile for somewhat larger households, but that is a matter of opinion.

The ironing machine is more effective than the iron for large items of laundry. The household ironing machine no longer needs to be placed on a table when in use, but is supplied with a corresponding frame. The work should mainly be done while sitting, this relieves the back muscles.

As with the iron or steam iron, the temperature required for the various textiles can be set. With a simple ironing machine, it is necessary to moisten the laundry with water beforehand. Of course, there is also the option of removing the items of laundry from your washing machine while they are still wet.

With a steam iron, there is no need to moisten the laundry. The items of laundry must be smoothed out by hand before they are put into the ironing machine so that no creases form. Very wide ironing items are folded up before ironing and ironed in two passes.

How ironing machines work

In ironing machines, the textiles are drawn in with the help of a fabric-covered roller and pulled through a heatable trough under pressure. Depending on the manufacturer and version of the ironing machine, the trough or the roller can be moved. The rotation speed of the roll and the ironing temperature can be set variably. In this way, items of laundry are ironed and dried in one operation. Ironing clothes takes a little bit of caution and experience. Items of laundry such as sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases, tablecloths or tea towels are more suitable.

Household ironing machine rollers can be more than 1 meter wide. Such machines are often collapsible for easier handling and storage. So it is possible to store such machines upright. Steam ironing machines also have a built-in water boiler. This boiler generates water vapor which is brought to the textiles through a gap or small holes.

Which type of ironing machine you choose for yourself is up to your individual needs. At this point it is important to consider what is cheaper and more pleasant for you.

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Philips GC1751/80 steam iron EasySpeed ​​(2000 W,...*
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Russell Hobbs iron [3100W, 210 g/min extra steam boost]...*
  • Ceramic soleplate with steam holes and 50% better gliding (compared to the Russell Hobbs Powersteam Pro steam iron...
  • Notches on the edge of the soleplate tip for easier ironing of the button placket
  • 3-fold, automatic safety shutdown
  • Variable steam up to 70 g / min
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Black+Decker Blue BXIR2200E steam iron, 2200, plastic,...
Black+Decker Blue BXIR2200E steam iron, 2200, plastic,...*
QUALITY: Product with 2 years .
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Clatronic steam iron DB 3703
Clatronic steam iron DB 3703*
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