Laces without tying - elastic shoelace

Shoelaces without binding

Shoelaces without tie-elastic shoelace. We all have to do it day after day, tie shoelaces, tie a loop on the shoe or lace.

Do single and double knots or work with tricks so that the bow or shoelace doesn't loosen or open. But there are new shoelaces without ties or shoelaces without ties and without a bow. We present some that are available on the market. - Honest tests

The laces were further developed or replaced with new lacing systems. We at Ehrliche Tests present these to you here in order to find the right one for your footwear.

shoelace without tie - elastic shoelace

Making laces without knots and loops makes everyday life a lot easier. You know these laces that are always loose, hang down the sides or even kick up and annoy. There are new more practical shoelaces or shoelaces! These shoelaces are elastic and, depending on the product, made of rubber, silicone or elastic fabric, knots and loops are completely eliminated. You slip into hers Shoes in and out without having to open or close the shoelaces. There are also quick lacing systems that consist of an elastic shoelace and also make a quick release knot and tie superfluous.

The  Benefits Shoelace Shoelace without ties

  • no knots and ties anymore
  • do not have to bind loops
  • no shoelace dissolves while walking
  • no open laces and to tie up more
  • no stumbling blocks anymore
  • Shoes are always molded by the elasticity
  • for children and seniors a relief
  • No breaks or delays in sports because of an open shoe lace

These new laces without tie and lace are available in many different shapes, colors and materials. Reflective shoelaces are great for a running shoe, especially for more safety in the dark.

When buying laces without note binding

Pay attention to the information from the manufacturers !! How many holes do they use on the shoe or what lengths and sizes do they need? The manufacturers have often different sizes and lengths in a set to make it easier for them to find the best comfort for themselves. You have to be aware that you have to get a good feeling with elastic pushes, if the shoe firm, easy or just pleasant  wearing

depending on the lacing system they can be little readjustment so that the print fits your wearing comfort. Once you have found it, you can enjoy the new comfort for a long time, without the disadvantages of classic laces. The quick lacing system with quick release buckle is another form to facilitate the putting on and taking off of shoes. ewhether for everyday use, sport or leisure.

The change from the old lace to the elastic lace

Of course, the old classic shoe laces must be removed so that they can attach their new slip-on, no-tie, slacks, as they are called. Depending on the product, they pull classic from eye to eye or connect only opposite eyelets together.


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Here is an overview of the products   

Leazy laces - elastic shoe strap with hooks

No more having to tie your shoes with the flat, elastic shoelaces with hooks! Donning and undressing is made much easier, as is the unwanted loosening of the laces. The elastic shoelaces are threaded like normal classic shoelaces with the hook hooked onto the last shoe eye. The hook is incorporated at the end and almost invisible because it is made of transparent plastic. There are 4 different sizes (S / M / L and XL) with 4 to 7 eyes per side. Product details: Material: polyester & latex Diameter: 6 mm laces, 3 mm needle point Water-repellent Tear-proof Scope of delivery: A pair of leazy shoelaces

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 beifon 6 pairs of loopless shoelaces shoelaces with... beifon 6 pairs of loopless shoelaces with...* Currently no reviews €10,99 €10,90
2 12pcs Metal No Ties Magnetic Lock Clasp... 12pcs Metal No Ties Magnetic Lock Clasp...* 16 Reviews €10,49
3 LaceHype - 2 Pairs of Premium Elastic Shoelaces with ... LaceHype - 2 pairs of premium elastic shoelaces with ... * Currently no reviews €9,99

There are also magnetic laces

* Product images & links | Source: Amazon PA API | Last update on 22.03.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX | * = Affiliate links | Prices quoted on this website may have changed. The actual price of a product can be found on the seller's website. Real-time updates are technically not possible. Prices including VAT plus shipping costs


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