Guidebook: Einkochmachine | Make it durable

Guidebook: Einkochmachine | Make it durable

Canning machine | Recipes & instructions

Canning or awakening? Both describe the preservation of food in the glass. This guidebook is about the old tradition of awakening - because the insect is very long lasting. You may know these glasses with rubber ring? Today we explain the Einkochautomat, what you can do with everything, what you should pay attention to the Einkochautomat and the first recipes and instructions come to it. - Einkochautomat
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Einkochautomat - in comparison

SEVERIN EA 3653 boiling and hot beverage machine (1.800 W, content: 29 liters or 14 à 1L round edge glasses (100) with drainage tap)informationTITAN 2.0 Thermopot 5 liter | Hot water dispenser | 12 hours timer | Water dispenser | Dispender | Thermos | Tea Maker | 3 possibilities of water extraction | LC display | childlockinformationKESSER mulled wine kettle 20L stainless steel Einkochautomatl mulled wine cooker mulled wine machine hot beverage machine kettle hot water dispenser cookerinformationBartscher hot water dispenser 8,5 liter - 200069informationTeam Kalorik Hot Beverage Machine for Coffee, Tea and Mulled Wine, 6,8 l Capacity, 950 W, Metal / Stainless Steel / Plastic, Red / Silver, TKG GW 900informationMonzana Glühweinkocher stainless steel Einbruchautomat 20 l 1650 W - Glühweinkessel Glühweintopf Kettle Tea Maker Heißwasserspender GlühweinautomatinformationHI Warm-Airpot Thermo container with tap - 9 liter thermos with tap, stainless steel coffee pot, stainless steel vacuum jug for coffee, tea or mulled wineinformation
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Simple operation: Infinitely variable regulator for determining the temperature, easy and clean filling thanks to practical drainage tap✅ Many different temperature levels can be set very easily using the illuminated LC display. 45 - 90 Celsius in 5 Celsius stepsSimply fill in water, tea, coffee or mulled wine. Soups and other liquids can also be warmed up and kept warm in no time.High-quality stainless steel container, lid with safety lock, heat-insulated handles, concealed stainless steel heating element for easy cleaning, 950 watt power, connection to 230V socket【Versatile】 With a large container volume of 20L can be prepared in the hot drinks machine various hot drinks such as tea, mulled wine and punch. You can...THERMAL CAN TAP: The keep-warm airpot has two taps on which cups can be filled at the same time. This is particularly practical when things have to go fast.
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How does a Einkochautomat work?

A Einkochautomat works self-sufficient. You can also use one oven, One pot or even with one Steamers boil. However, a machine is the safest and best option and it's very easy. A Einkochautomat looks a bit like a large pot with hinged lid. He has a power connection and sometimes a tap. You can set the temperature and the time directly at the pot. In addition there is a sieve and other accessories, which we will discuss below.

During boiling, the water is heated, the air spreads and leaves the glasses in which your food is between the rubber ring and the lid. Once the process is finished, you take the glasses from the machine and let it cool completely. Then a vacuum has formed in the glass and you have successfully suckered.

Einkochautomat with cock

- € 70,00
Weck automatic cooker WAT 14A (mulled wine pot, automatic pressure cooker) - 230 V, 2000 W, 29 liters
TECHNICAL DATA: 230 volts, 2000 watts, 29 liters, 35 cm diameter
149,95€ -70,00 € 79,95€

This is not only practical, if you want to keep warm, for example, mulled wine or punch in winter, through the tap you can drain the water again, without having to dump the whole machine cumbersome.

What you need a Einkochautomat

Your own fruits and vegetables or even dishes and cakes can be perfectly awakened. This is not only your own summer in the glass, but also a gift! Maybe you also like to take your own food to work?

Another idea:

  • You can awaken fruits very well and have the whole winter something of the summer
  • Do you get a baby? Then you have no strength to cook in the first time - do not worry about that
  • Small cakes in the glass can be given away as a gift
  • Whole Dishes: You have something over lunch? Wake it!
  • Delicious tomato sauce is extremely durable
  • Delicious pickled gherkins
  • Pesto (for example, fresh wild garlic)

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What do you need to cook?

So, can you get started? What you definitely need, besides the cook-in machine, are

You can start already!

Cooking accessories

Every now and then you will have to buy something or you would like to expand:

jar lifter

The Glass lifter is a type of pliers, with which you can fish the hot glasses very well out of the water. That helps a lot. Alternatively, you can also have one Silicone Glove use.


Buy funnel You do not necessarily need it, but it will make your job easier, especially if you have narrower glasses. There is nothing wrong and you do not have to cook your kitchen out in the end. 🙂


Did you know it? You can also juice with steam. This works best with a suitable juice winner.

grid insert

If no one is there, then you need one grid insert, The glasses must not be on the ground. In most Einkochautomaten but is one.


Especially when you cook different jams, you quickly lose track. There helps a neat label. But also the date of cooking is useful to document.

** How long is cookie-tough? Several years! If you keep your stored food cool and dark, nothing happens to them. **

Mason jars with rubber and clamps

rubber rings

Rubber has the property that it becomes porous after a few years. Maybe you'll get a chance. Better, you have some spare rubbers at home.


You need the clamps to keep the lid on the glass until the process is complete. Then you take the brackets away. This is certainly the case with socks - they disappear.


In order to deal with your new hobby and find the right one, buy yourself a nice book listing all the recipes. In some machines there is already one!

WECK Einkochbuch 00006376 german, Book for preserving food, Canning fruits & vegetables, Instructions for cooking, hardcover, ...
Cookbook for newcomers .; Extensive information about canning .; Recipes are easy to implement.
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Important to know

Here comes a first aid tutorial, if you have any further questions about the topic:

If mold is on the boiled

That may be because:

  • the cooking time was too low
  • the food was spoiled
  • the glass was broken
  • or it on a porous rubber


Mason jars


  • When you wake up cold, pour cold water into the machine. If you wake up hot stuff, take hot water.
  • Make sure the glasses are well disinfected before you put your food in it. You could, for example, boil it with vinegar water
  • The rubber ring must be clean and dry
  • as well the lid
  • Release the clamps only when the glass has cooled down properly at the end of the cooking process.

Also, glass is wonderful for the reason that it contains no toxins. Nothing can ruin your food. This is not the case with aluminum cans, for example. **

In the Einkochautomat

  • You can stack the glasses upwards, they must not touch only on the sides
  • The water should stand up to 2 / 3 on the top glass
  • The cooking time starts when the water has reached the right temperature

What can NOT you awaken?

Among the few things that you can not arouse because they would spoil you because of their consistency or nature are:

  • Flour (including farinaceous foods)
  • Pureed vegetables (or thick soups)

If in doubt, please search for your special food.

**Tip: If you want to make baby porridge, choose the conventional method. Put the hot porridge in a hot glass and let cool. Important is the previous disinfection of the glass, which can be done with a steamer or with the Einkochautomaten. **

Einkochautomat temperature

Now you may wonder what temperature you should use for which food for how long? Here is a small list:


  • Apple / Applesauce: 30 minutes, 90 ° C
  • Pears: 30 minutes, 90 ° C
  • Plums / Mirabelles: 30 minutes, 90 ° C
  • Gooseberries / Currants / Blueberries: 30 minutes, 90 ° C
  • Strawberries: 25 minutes, 90 ° C
  • Raspberries: 30 minutes, 80 ° C


  • Peas: 120 minutes, 100 ° C
  • Potato (pre-cooked): 90 minutes, 100 ° C
  • Carrots (pre-cooked): 90 minutes, 100 ° C
  • Beetroot (pre-cooked): 30 minutes, 100 ° C
  • Tomato Sauce: 30 minutes, 90 ° C

Of course, you can cook a lot more, that's just the first aid!

Next you can also the Make cover test: After the glasses have cooled, they must be rock solid. Lift the glass so briefly on the lid. If he is stuck, everything is fine. If after a while the lid comes off, it may be due to a porous rubber band. - Somewhere the glass sucks, if only slightly, air.

How long is cooked food tough?

When you wake up, the air expands and it creates a vacuum inside the glass. When the glass cools, the rubber ring sees itself and nothing can penetrate the glass. At the same time, all harmful bacteria and germs are killed by the heat.

If you've done everything right, your cooked food will last for months, even years.

What you should pay attention to when buying a cooker

The step to your self-sufficient life is not far away. Now all you have to do is decide:

  • How often and how much do I want to cook?
  • Do I also need a tap, perhaps to be able to offer mulled wine in winter?
  • Can the Einkochautomat be cleaned easily? Some parts maybe even dishwasher safe?
  • Do I get all the necessary accessories? Even if something breaks?
  • How much money do I want to spend?

Advantages and disadvantages Einkochautomat

To be self-sufficient is cool and to awake your own vegetables and fruits too! What advantages and disadvantages would be worth mentioning?

Einkochautomat advantages

✔ You need to throw away much less food

✔ You can also use it for juicing

✔ Always have the right gift

✔ An automatic cooker is safer and easier to use than boiling in a pot

✔ You save energy

✔ The machine works alone

Einkochautomat cons

✘ A Einkochautomat is not necessarily cheap

✘ You also need "wear parts"

✘ You have another device

Einkochautomat Conclusion

Sweet, sour or your lunch for the next week. The practical thing about a Einkochautomat is also that you do not have to worry every day, what you should eat. You can simply boil and working with a machine is easy with a little practice. You have hundreds of recipes that you can try.
Accessories are abundant and abundant to buy. And what is healthier than using your own from the garden? You save money and you can enjoy juicy fruits and vegetables in the winter. Since you know where everything comes from!

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Recommended Preserving Machine - Top 10 top seller list

The most popular preserving machine products Preserving machine offers with discount to save

Check these top 10Saleto 50to 100to 250to 500to 1000from 1000eBay *
- € 2,01Topseller 1
Clatronic EKA 3338 Einkochautomat with tap, 25 liters, 1800 watts, white
293 Reviews
Clatronic EKA 3338 Einkochautomat with tap, 25 liters, 1800 watts, white
  • GREAT ENJOYMENT - Ideal for large parties, winter events or family reunions. Enjoy soups, mulled wine, punch or other foods with the ...
  • ESPECIALLY PRACTICAL - The EKA 3338 has an integrated drain tap for optimal filling of e.g. B. mulled wine, punch or other ...
  • HYGIENIC & HIGH-QUALITY - An internal and external scratch-resistant enamel ensures a long life and neutral in taste.
Topseller 2
monzana Einkochautomat 28L pressure cooker Glühweinkocher Glühweinkessel I LCD Display Timer I 1800W I temperature of 30-100 ° CI automatic shut-off ...
  • 【Einkochautomat】 The monzana brand monochromatic machine with integrated timer and LCD display has a volume of 28 liters and makes it easy to cook ...
  • 【Easy to use】 The easy operation with two rotary switches makes it easy to set the temperature and cook time. After that, the ...
  • 【Product Advantage】 14 one-liter jars fit into the Einkochautomat. The machine is suitable both for the use of glass with screw cap as well as ...
- € 5,94Topseller 3
Weck WAT 35 automatic cooking machine plastic with clock and shelf
  • only suitable for boiling down, food-grade plastic with handle rim, pot inside and outside white, lid and bottom part black heating made of CUNi with ...
  • Capacity: 29 l with plastic sieve insert
  • with control lamp, timer and precision thermostat
- € 40,00Topseller 4
Klarstein Lady Marmalade Einkochautomat Einkochtopf Einkocher hot drink dispenser, 27 liter, 1800 watt, 30-100 ° C, timer, keep warm function, ...
  • NOW IT'S BEING HOT: The Klarstein Lady Marmalade Einkochautomat is our expert when it comes to permanent hot, keep warm and boil goes.
  • PLENTY OF PLACE: With the pressure cooker variety comes on the menu. The big one-pack with 27 liters of useful content offers plenty of space to keep the contents of ...
  • STILL MADE: Whether the fruit or vegetable harvest, such as cherries or peas from the garden, gherkins, sweet jam creations, hearty ...
Topseller 5
KESSER Einkochautomat 27 liter | 1800 Watt | Temperature of 30-100 ° C | Continuous operation | Automatic switch-off Fully automatic cooker, hot drinks machine, ...
59 Reviews
KESSER Einkochautomat 27 liter | 1800 Watt | Temperature of 30-100 ° C | Continuous operation | Automatic switch-off Fully automatic cooker, hot drinks machine, ...
  • With the KESSER KE1800W pressure cooker healthy and delicious supplies from our own kitchen.
  • PERFORMANCE: 1800 W strong fully automatic cooker with 27 liter capacity for the awakening of up to 14 liter glasses at a time.
  • EASY TO USE: Temperature setting of 30-100 ° C with MAX setting for continuous operation at full power clearly arranged digital display.
Topseller 6
TZS First Austria - 27 liter enameled Einkochautomat with timer | 1800 Watt | Temperature of 30-100 ° C | Time to 120 minutes and continuous operation | ...
  • 27 Liter Einkochautomat 1800 Watts with Timer and ON Continue Settings for Continuous Operation | including recipe booklet with great ideas and tasty recipes | ...
  • Integrated drainage tap for convenient filling of eg mulled wine, punch or other juice drinks
  • completely BPA free, for your health | Thermostat controlled stepless temperature setting of 30-100 ° C with MAX setting for continuous operation at ...
- € 70,00Topseller 7
Weck automatic cooker WAT 14A (mulled wine pot, automatic pressure cooker) - 230 V, 2000 W, 29 liters
96 Reviews
Weck automatic cooker WAT 14A (mulled wine pot, automatic pressure cooker) - 230 V, 2000 W, 29 liters
  • ORIGINAL: The high-quality preserving machine is the well-known original from WECK
  • VERSATILE: The automatic cooker can not only be used for preserving but also for juicing; Thanks to its outlet tap, it is ideal for heating ...
  • TECHNICAL DATA: 230 volts, 2000 watts, 29 liters, 35 cm diameter
Topseller 8
Topseller 9
Klarstein Biggie Small - Preserving Cooker, Preserving Pot, Preserving Pot, Mulled Wine Maker, Electric, 16L Capacity, 2000 Watts, Adjustable Temperature, ...
  • CONSERVATION: The Klarstein Biggie Small is an eager preserving machine, in whose 27-liter interior the tradition of preserving is practiced. To...
  • UNIVERSAL: With its integrated timer and an adjustable temperature between 30 ° - 100 ° C, the kettle curbs his zest for action to ...
  • MULTITALENT: The 2000 Watt strong heating unit of the in-feed and tap qualify the device for commercial or private use as a ...
Topseller 10
Navaris 2in1 Preserving Cooker with mulled wine function - 27 liter timer up to 120min thermostat tap - Preserving pot also for red hot beverages
  • INVESTING INVENTORIES: With the Navaris cooking pot, you cook fruits and other foods yourself and put them on the table. B. make jam or make sour vegetables ...
  • AS A HOT DRINK MACHINE: thanks to the thermostat, infinitely variable temperature of 30-100 ° C and tap, the saucepan can also be used as a dispenser for ...
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Capacity: 27L / Material: Stainless steel, plastic / Performance: 1800W / Weight: 4,4g / Power cable: 1,2m long with Schuko plug / ...
- € 2,01Check these top 1
Clatronic EKA 3338 Einkochautomat with tap, 25 liters, 1800 watts, white
INCLUDED - A Einlegerot is included.
67,57€ -2,01 € 65,56€
- € 70,00Check these top 2
Weck automatic cooker WAT 14A (mulled wine pot, automatic pressure cooker) - 230 V, 2000 W, 29 liters
TECHNICAL DATA: 230 volts, 2000 watts, 29 liters, 35 cm diameter
149,95€ -70,00 € 79,95€
- € 2,01No. 1
Clatronic EKA 3338 Einkochautomat with tap, 25 liters, 1800 watts, white
INCLUDED - A Einlegerot is included.
67,57€ -2,01 € 65,56€
- € 70,00No. 2
Weck automatic cooker WAT 14A (mulled wine pot, automatic pressure cooker) - 230 V, 2000 W, 29 liters
TECHNICAL DATA: 230 volts, 2000 watts, 29 liters, 35 cm diameter
149,95€ -70,00 € 79,95€

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