Warm non-slip winter shoes in winter

Warm, non-slip winter shoes in winter: optimal protection in ice and snow

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Optimal protection against ice and snow in winter. Warm non-slip shoes are key to keeping you warm, dry and safe while walking.

Motor vehicle jump starter set | Jump starter for car battery

Car jump starter with Jump Starter: How it works and tips


Low Battery? Frost? Long service life? Power guzzlers in the car? This guide is about starting the vehicle battery. Jump starter kits against a dead car battery in winter. You can now read what you should know about battery booster kits before buying.

Snow chains - more grip in winter - top 10

Maximum grip on snow and ice: Everything about snow chains for your vehicle


In this guide we discuss the grip issue and have put together the most important thing about snow chains.

hail protection

Hail protection covers for cars: safety for your vehicle


Hail protection car bestsellers 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests If you don't have your own garage,...

Guide: Snow removal tools - winter service

Effective snow removal: A guide to tools and techniques for winter clearance


We've shoveled this guide: what must a good snow shovel, snow shovel or snowthrower do, how can they be created, which models are possible and how expensive is all the fun?

tanning capsules

Brown skin without the sun: A comprehensive guide to tanning capsules


The fulfillment of the desire for a gentle, natural and long-lasting summer tan without major effort and health concerns. But are these tempting promises true? What can tanning capsules really do? And for whom is which product suitable? These and fundamental questions about tanning capsules will now be investigated.

De-icer Spray Top 10

De-icer sprays: Effective solutions for ice-free surfaces


Not every deicing spray is the best in terms of cost and performance. What matters, where to buy the drug of choice, what the spray is all about, and where the pros and cons are - in this guide, we get to the bottom of these issues.

Digital room thermostat underfloor heating Top 10

Modern heating control: Digital room thermostats for efficient heat management


What are the possibilities of digital thermostats to save money and to keep the temperature in the rooms as comfortable as possible without having to run through every room three times a day? We deal with this guide.

Warm winter jacket Top 10

Cozy and warm: find top winter jackets for icy days


Which materials are suitable for whom? Which price do you have to expect? Which properties are useful, which are only in second place? So that there is no disappointment and you have to put 3 sweater on top of each other under the new winter jacket, we have looked closer here.

Car snow disc cover

Windshield covers for winter: Ultimate protection for your car


Find out more before you buy and compare top sellers in window covers winter bestsellers 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests | Opinions and reviews from other buyers will help you with this.