A romantic evening for two!

romantic evening for two
A romantic evening for two!

How do I plan a romantic evening with a woman as a man?

A romantic evening for two? Trust in yourself!

A romantic evening for two! For many men, this is a particular challenge. It is not uncommon for men to prepare for a date, be it with their own wife or the evening acquaintance from last weekend, as if it were a soccer game. Whole evenings are then worked on the right tactics, dating tips are researched on the Internet or the tips are asked for among friends and acquaintances. And the self-proclaimed women heroes are only too happy to provide information about their secret tricks and advice. - Romantic evening for two

So does an evening for two only depend on the right preparation? Seasoned men with self-confidence do not fall into this mistaken belief, but trust in their charisma and charisma, which can only always develop in a specific situational context. Be spontaneous, be yourself! In contrast to other internet experts, therefore, a few well-intentioned pieces of advice that can really land you with women.

Be yourself

Especially men with little experience in dealing with women or less self-confidence shy away from developing themselves in front of their loved ones. This is fatal from two perspectives. On the one hand, women have sensitive sensors for this, because the corresponding men are directly exposed and classified as shy. On the other hand, these men waste their entire potential that rests in them. Do you have a model railway in the basement? No problem, tell your counterpart about it! Do you collect stamps? Do not be ashamed of this, tell about it! Step forward confidently with your own characteristics and peculiarities, you will not be judged for this as long as you are enthusiastic about something and appear socially open.

Do not pretend

Being yourself also means not disguising yourself. Take off the masquerade! It goes without saying that women attach great importance to the appearance of men, but you don't have to buy an expensive suit that you would otherwise never wear. Present yourself as you appear in everyday life. Women especially value authenticity in men. Don't try to emulate a television role model whose personality doesn't match yours.

But one thing should be clear: Women still like it when the man makes an effort to impress them. That means, do not appear in sweatpants and a T-shirt, but rather signal to your loved ones that this romantic evening for two is also a special moment for you and that you would like to honor it visually.

Create atmosphere - Romantic evening for two

The atmosphere? Most men think of a romantic candlelight dinner, a carefully selected and good wine or roses. Depending on what the respective woman is into, these general dating tips are not misplaced. Nevertheless, there is a lot more to a good atmosphere. For example, conversations can make a decisive contribution to an intimate (in the sense of a secure) atmosphere.

Talk about personal things, create “insiders”, also calmly tease the woman and behave communicatively in such a way that you create a trusting atmosphere. Nevertheless, the environment, the specific room in which you are, also plays a decisive role. Therefore a few suggestions that you could consider if you want to create a pleasant and special atmosphere.

What is important for a romantic evening for two?

The right choice of place

Do not go to the nearest corner bar, but think of a place that radiates a certain atmosphere. This does not necessarily have to be an expensive restaurant, but it can also be a personal and pleasant place. Be innovative and do not bore the woman with places she has been to with any men before, after all they want to be special!


Of course, decorative objects play a special role in, but also outside of, your own four walls. These objects should emphasize the special moment. This can include flowers, Candles or be personal things.

Music and wine

Alcoholic beverages invigorate the mind and inevitably contribute to a positive mood by being able to loosen it up. They shouldn't get drunk or force the Queen of Hearts to enjoy alcoholic beverages, but at least they could offer a glass of wine, for example. Music can also contribute to a relaxed atmosphere. Music is always connected with personal experiences and stories, wouldn't it be nice if you could hear the same song again at a later point in time and be able to remember the atmosphere at the meeting together?

Of course, the music should also match the occasion. If you are relaxing in the dunes, it is not recommended to listen to heavy metal. On the other hand, if the date or her wife is listening to heavy metal, you shouldn't bore the woman with Beethoven. And this leads directly to another indispensable tip if you want to spend your romantic evening successfully.

A romantic evening for two!

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Be spontaneous

Whenever we meet strangers, we create hypotheses of how our counterpart might be. We are always asking ourselves who we are dealing with and how the person standing in front of us is ticking. You may have spent nights whiling up your ears to organize a perfect date, but if you have to abandon and modify your hypothesis after the first 5 minutes, you should inevitably change your dating concept. Be spontaneous and variable! Change their intentions and plans when circumstances or circumstances require it. At best, you already calculate this before, that not everything has to come as you expect it to be.

Last but not least: show affection and sincere interest

The last tip is beside the credo "Be yourself!" the most important note. Women notice straight away when they are simply driving a rigid concept, as probably thousands of men have done it before and most likely failed with such a concept during a romantic evening for two. Instead, show genuine interest and express your affection carefully! After all, a romantic evening should be an interaction between two people and you can still impress your counterpart most likely if you can convince the lady of the authenticity of her plan. - Romantic evening for two


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