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That would not have happened with a cover. Who does not know that?! The family sits together on the terrace in the warm spring and summer months and wants to enjoy a delicious coffee table. There are all kinds of delicious cakes and pies. But ... there is a fly sitting on a delicious fruit floor!

It's not a pretty sight and no one really wants wasps, flies and bugs on the cake. This is where the utensil comes into play that should not be missing on any coffee table: the cover.

Sensitive foods and foods that are likely to be attacked by insects can be protected with a cover. In addition, the cover ensures that the delicious food is easy to reach. The cover for the microwave is also a helpful invention for the kitchen.

Of course, freshly cooked is best. But if there is not enough time, food can be heated in the microwave under the cover without any problems.

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Stable and solid helper

Made of solid material such as glass or plastic, there are covers in various shapes and designs. Opaque designs with a variety of motifs offer an additional feast for the eyes on the table. Transparent designs allow a glimpse of the delicacies.

Opaque covers even offer additional protection from sunlight, because some dishes are sensitive to the warm rays of the sun. The transparent covers offer the advantage of being able to keep an eye on the delicious food. You don't have to lift the cover to check whether the food is intact.

Especially if you have a plague of fruit flies in the kitchen or garden, which are attracted by sweet delicacies such as fruit, jams and cakes, close-meshed net covers are ideal. You can see what is under the semicircular cover and you don't have to lift it.

Fruit flies, flies and wasps have no chance and have to look for other delicacies. Glass covers usually come with a wooden board. An ideal kitchen helper for great cheese platters and cold cuts that also look very classy.

While the cover hoods for the coffee table tend to offer a large interior space, cover hoods for the microwave have a smaller volume. These usually have opening slits so that no condensation can form under the cover. Cover hoods for the microwave usually impress with their flatter design. In this way, the heat is better collected inside and can heat the meal evenly.

Modern covers

With a cover it is important that it can be lifted and removed easily and without problems. Microwave covers are usually hot after heating and it's all too easy to burn your fingers. Of course, you could use an oven glove or a kitchen towel for this, but it is usually difficult to move the cover away. In the meantime, there are intelligent solutions for this case that should not be missing in any kitchen.

The cover for the microwave has a recess in the middle that acts as a handle. The cover hoods on the coffee table have an extra ring attached so that the hood can be easily lifted. Side handles, which can even be removed, also prove to be very practical kitchen helpers.

Covers that can be folded up after use prove to be space-saving and versatile. These can be folded after use and booked in the designated drawer. These can then simply be removed and unfolded for the next use. The material from which these foldable covers are made is more reminiscent of a dense network than a stable cover. Manufactured from artificial textiles, these covers are particularly suitable for quick use.

Special covers

For special use in gastronomy and at celebrations, it can be special cover hoods. You are probably familiar with the large warming buffet containers ?! These are of course also provided with a cover so that the heat collects in the interior and the delicacies do not accidentally cool down.

These are heated from below - usually with a fuel paste and associated fire - but without a suitable cover, the upper part of the food can quickly get cold. And nobody really wants that!

Another special cover can be seen in posh restaurants. Mostly it is a silver, semicircular shape that can be put over the plate. Of course you know what you have ordered, but the surprise effect and the required warmth provide an additional incentive.

So-called pop-up covers are suitable for household use. As the name suggests, these covers “pop” out of the packaging. In order for this food to be protected, the pop-up covers have to be pressed down.

The smooth-running textile fabric allows flexible handling without any problems. Most of these hoods have a rather cylindrical shape. Fruit plates and cakes can be "put in." The lid can be placed on top. So the treats are well protected.

There are covers in a special shape for pots. Usually integrated with a rubber, these are stretched over the pot and thus protect against unpleasant insects and pests. Especially if you have to leave the pot outside overnight, for example if you have prepared a delicious cheese soup for the celebration, a pot cover is also suitable for small and large sweet tooth and the attack of sophisticated pets.

The question of shape and color

The shape of a cover depends not least on the food that is to be stored underneath. For a cake or a delicious tart, therefore, ... exactly ... the round shape is ideal! In the case of a tray with a fish, cheese or fruit platter that has a rectangular shape, the cover hood should also be shaped accordingly in order to be able to ensure optimal protection.

It is of no benefit to anyone if the cover is uneven or can only rest halfway on the corresponding surface. It is important that this fits exactly over the plate, platter or tray.

The fly hood protects your food from annoying flies and insects that take away your desire to eat and drink. Enjoy the beautiful weather again without having to keep an eye on your food. Whether in the kitchen, outside in the garden or on the go at a picnic - the particularly fine fabric of the food cover keeps even the smallest fly away from your food. The food cover can be easily and quickly folded up, stowed away to save space and is ideal for transport.

The question of form depends on the utensil on which the food is presented visually. There are covers in all sizes, shapes and colors. From small to large, from square, rectangular and octagonal, to round, oval and in the shape of a motif. The color depends on what you prefer and whether this fits into the kitchen or the coffee table.

Pretty much anything is possible in terms of color: from peppy candy colors to opaque tones to plain white or black. Monochrome, multicolored or with cheerful motifs, the covers offer not only protection for food, but also something for the eye.

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