Abox laminator OL381: A comprehensive review of the 5-in-1 laminating set

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The 5 in 1 Abox laminator OL381, has various built-in functions. The device also serves as a paper cutter, ruler, corner rounder and already has 16 laminating foils in the set when you buy it. After only 3 to 5 minutes of preheating, lamination should be possible for 30 minutes at a time. Due to the flexible application possibilities and the fast lamination, the laminating device should be ideally suited for school and office use.

Laminator in comparison

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First impression | Handling


The first impression is very handy. The interface seems to be clear and limited to the minimum that is needed. With the dimensions of approx. 43 x 15 x 8 cm, this is a comfortable size to be able to stow it in the closet. What is immediately noticeable at the beginning is that the laminator is very versatile at a hunt.

For example, a paper cutter and ruler are integrated with which the foils or paper can be cut directly to size. I used to do this process afterwards with a pair of scissors. The OL381 therefore does some work for me.

But what interests me first is what the device does better than for € 54,99 other, cheaper models.

According to the operating instructions, the device has a 2-roller system, which is an amazing one Lamination speed of 250 mm per minute and a qualitative good lamination results guaranteed.

To start up, the device is first switched on. Attention: This gets very hot very quickly, the housing can also get very warm. You can now select which mode is to be used. A decision can be made between the Cold and warm mode. In my case, the first thing I'm interested in is the hot mode. To do this, you have to wait 3-4 minutes until the device is hot. This is done by LED

displayed. Now the film can be pushed in along the edge, the pulling in then works automatically. Once the document is fully laminated, it can now be pulled out and cut if desired.

The Laminating temperature is up to 135 degrees.


The laminator can basically be used for cold and warm lamination. With warm lamination, it takes about 3 minutes until the device is ready for use at a hunt.

With a maximum laminating width of 330mm, the ABOX OL381 Laminator enables the overlaying of other documents of other sizes such as postcards, business cards, photos and posters. The Abox laminator OL381 can therefore laminate different sizes. These include the following sizes: A3, A4, A5 and A7.

As already mentioned above, the laminator also has a Cutting function. With this, the foils can be cut directly to the required size. The so-called is also integrated Corner rounder, with which the partly sharp corners of the finished laminated foils are rounded off. This minimizes the risk of injury, especially with children, if the films are also used in schools.

What has worked very well is the safe one Use without paper jam. The integrated cutter with lockable design prevents children from injuring themselves and enables 8 A3 sheets to be cut at the same time. All you have to do is press the ABS button if the paper is not inserted correctly or is jammed to eject and protect the documents at the touch of a button.

The first use | Quality assessment

For my first test, I laminated a classic document in A4 format. As already mentioned, the device was ready for use after a short warm-up phase. During the lamination process, I was very pleased with how quickly the lamination went. The 2-roller system guarantees an astonishing lamination speed of 250 mm per minute.

I also felt the first lamination was sehr einfach. The device is absolute self explanatoryif you already have previous knowledge. Alternatively, the instructions can be used as an aid.

That is definitely worth mentioning Heating system for removing bubbles. The thermal conductivity tube made of pure aluminum ensures that the laminating materials are heated evenly and effectively prevents the formation of bubbles and wrinkles.

Overall, the Abox laminator OL381 absolutely convinced me, even if it was Price a bit high is located. The lamination is done in a quiet way, which impressed me.

Video | Abox laminator OL381

ABOX Laminator, 13 Inch Thermal Laminator Machine OL381

Advantages and disadvantages Abox laminator OL381


  • Versatile
  • Fast lamination
  • Very quiet
  • Protection against injuries
  • No bubbles


  • High price segment

Conclusion: Abox laminator OL381

My conclusion on the test of the Abox laminator OL381 is definitely positive. Handling and lamination is easy and quiet. At first I smiled at the integrated tools, such as paper cutters and corner rounders, but I use them quite regularly. The lamination is very quick and the warm-up phase takes on average, like other models (Lidl, Real).

The price is a bit high at € 54,99, even if the overall result is very well processed. The case is heat-resistant and protection against injuries has also been considered.

So if you are looking for a reliable and well-working laminator, you will do everything right with this model.

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