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The big wide world of Amazon - is not as translucent for everyone as you might like it to be. What are the services of the online giant in a nutshell? We have brought together the most important in this portrait. You can find everything you can do on Amazon yourself in the subitems. You can sell, buy, make money. You can get bargains twice a year where you can save money. Who are Amazon? What do they offer you? From complete solutions for sellers and Amazon Prime - the Amazon portrait - as of December 20.12.2019, XNUMX

Amazon - the beginnings

We are writing the year 1994. Jeff Bezos is the name of the man who founded Amazon this year. Originally Amazon only sold books. The first book to leave online commerce was "Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Though" by Douglas R. Hofstadters. The gate had opened - Amazon was running unstoppably with waving flags. Already in the second month 20000 dollar sales were written. 2018 it was 232.887 million dollars. Amazon is growing and this can be seen not only in the number of employees (647.500 in the year 2018), but also in the service offered, which is constantly reinventing itself.

Amazon Offers | Services

At Amazon you can buy, you can sell and you have a huge Amazon world at your feet. What services the giant has to offer exactly, in our list you will find out more. This is pretty suitable for everyday use. Or?

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a contract, there you can go for 69 € a year or 7.99 € a month complete a subscription. The goods come free the next day to you in the house. You can stream unlimited movies, songs or series. A cloud for saving photos is available free of charge. Also family members can be invited as "guests" and profit. The subscription will be deducted on a monthly basis - but it is terminable every month.

** For students, Prime is even completely free - at least for a year. **

Three divisions have emerged, which make sure that you as a customer never get bored in a particularly fast and reliable way:

Prime Movies and Video

Stream around the clock quickly and easily? Goes. Amazon, like Netflix, makes 130000 movies and TV shows available. You can create your own library and be sorted according to your interests, informed about new products.

Prime audiobook

Similar to the prime movie service, you also have the rich choice of audiobooks: just have to quickly stream an audiobook for a long journey? No problem. Without much searching you can do that and there are endless audiobooks available for every area of ​​your life.

Prime e-book

Amazon works together with Kindl and there are about 50000 e-books. The number is growing every day. You could also market your own e-book at Amazon. Quickly and easily loaded on your child, you not only save a lot of money over the years, but also a lot of space.

Prime Video Channels

Prime Video Channels is a streaming service that allows Prime members to book additional channels for a small monthly fee. The channels can be selected individually and do not have to be booked as a package. In addition, most channels can be canceled on a monthly basis. As a result, customers only pay for the channel they really want to see.

Amazon Prime members can use channels like E! Book Entertainment, Starz, GEO, Cirkus, BBC, MUBI, MGM, BBC Player and Terra X via the Prime Video app. The app is available for many devices such as Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, smartphones, tablets, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick and Fire tablets. The channels can be called up in the browser via the URL Prime members can book the channels directly - without having to wait for additional devices and their activation or installation.

Amazon Music Unlimited

More than 50 million songs including new releases - Exciting radio plays for children and adults - All games of the Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga live - Free advertising - Enjoy music without commercial breaks - Intuitive Alexa voice control in the Amazon Music app - Offline mode - Download music and save data volume - Available on iOS and Android Devices, PC, Mac, Echo and Alexa-enabled devices such as FireTV

following memberships

Prime Members: 7,99 EUR / month or 79 EUR / year
Non-prime members: 9,99 EUR / month
Students: 4,99 EUR / month
Families up to 6 persons: 14,99 EUR / month or 149 EUR / year
Limited to an Echo device: 3,99 EUR / month

With Amazon Music Unlimited and Alexa, our members can rediscover music through voice control. The Alexa voice commands are being continually expanded to make listening to music even more enjoyable. Here are some examples:

Era: "Alexa, play music from the nineties."
Own playlist: "Alexa, add the song to my playlist."
Genre: "Alexa, play children's music."
Interpreter: "Alexa, play Mark Forster's new album."
Song: "Alexa, play Perfect by Ed Sheeran."
lyrics: "Alexa, play the song with the text Ey, there should be music wherever you are."
Mood: "Alexa, play music to relax."
Proposals: "Alexa, play music similar to Rea Garvey."
Alarm clock: "Alexa, wake me up tomorrow morning with music from Mark Forster."

Audible audiobooks

With more than 200.000 audiobooks and radio plays in the program, Audible is the largest provider worldwide. Bestsellers, thrillers, novels and classics - everyone will find a suitable genre at Audible. As a customer, download your audiobook directly to your computer or the Audible app and immerse yourself in the stories anytime, anywhere. You can also play your audiobooks on Alexa, Fire tablets, Fire TV or e-readers.

The Audible trial subscription

A new customer receives 1 audiobook of his choice free of charge in the trial month. (If it's a prime member, it's even 2 audiobooks in the trial month.) After 30 days, the regular audiobook subscription will start automatically. The Audible subscription can be canceled at any time become. After cancellation, the customer of course keeps the free audiobook as well as all other titles purchased.


For only 9,95 Euro a month a subscriber chooses a free audiobook.
Each additional audio book costs a maximum of 9,95 Euro, no matter how high the regular price is.
The subscription has no minimum term and can be canceled at any time. All titles acquired as part of the subscription remain in the user's library even after termination. Thanks to the Loyalty Guarantee, subscribers can exchange an audiobook they did not like.

Freetime unlimited

The service is on Child-friendly entertainment and learning fun dedicated. A whole world of content that children can discover in a safe environment
With the help of learning apps and hundreds of eBooks, the fun of reading and various school subjects is promoted. A first-rate parental control allows you to select content for your child and set learning goals and time limits for specific activities.
Each kid can create their own adventure by creating different profiles and letting kids decide what they want to see on the Fire tablets, the Fire Kids Edition tablet, or the Android devices with the FreeTime app.

Ideal for children aged 3-12 years

For the use of FreeTime Unlimited Prime members pay only after the expiration of the free trial membership 2,99 € per month (4.99 € without Prime Membership), Amazon FreeTime Unlimited can be terminated at any time.

Kindle unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is a service that allows customers to read as much as they want.

In Kindle Unlimited they can be over from 1 Million Kindle eBooks and more than 2.000 audiobooks choose. Customers discover new authors, books and categories. You browse through thrillers, romance novels, fantasy & science fiction, children's books, cookbooks and much more. Customers can use Kindle Unlimited on all Kindle readers and in our free reading apps. you pay 9,99 EUR per month and can the service cancel at any time, The Kindle Unlimited Probemonat is a great way for customers to enjoy the wide selection of eBooks and audiobooks from the Kindle Unlimited subscription Free for 30 days and unlimited testing on all devices.

The Benefits of Kindle Unlimited

- Unlimited access to over 1 million eBooks
- A changing selection of e-magazines
- Unlimited listening pleasure with thousands of audio books
- Read anytime, anywhere with the free Kindle reading app

Members only pay to use Kindle Unlimited at the end of the free 30-day trial membership 9,99 EUR per month and can the Cancel service at any time.

Prime Student

There is a special offer for students
All Prime benefits:

  • Unlimited FREE premium shipping for millions of items
  • Unlimited streaming of movies and series episodes
  • Premium access to sales promotions on Amazon
  • Unlimited storage for photos via Amazon Cloud Drive
  • In the paid discounted membership: access to Prime Music with over 2 million songs

Prime Student members receive 12 Monthly Trial Memberships, Fast Free Deliveries, and Prime Video. Upon expiration of the 12 months, membership will be eligible for a reduced Prime membership 34 EUR / year over (50% off Prime), Recently, there is the Prime Student membership also flexible for 3,99 EUR / month, The reduced membership is possible for a maximum of four years.

Prime for sellers

By offering Amazon Prime as a seller, you can offer Prime customers who have a Prime Filter quicker and easier to select products. Or different. You'll find faster and deliver faster to your customers. The Prime logo is purposeful. So your customers know at a glance that they have the goods in the mailbox the very next day. In addition, can be Generate flash offers, This is quick and easy and your customers are guided there. Prime for sellers is therefore targeted precisely to be able to respond to your customers even faster, more precisely and even more tailor-made. Today's customer does not want to wait long. He wants to be served online as fast as only retail can.

Amazon Business

One level higher you come with Amazon Business. This is about the business customers who can find each other faster and exchange information. Together makes strong - thought Amazon, too. Other advantages:

  • Automated invoicing
  • Display of net prices
  • Special offers
  • Exclusive offers
  • More visibility
  • Buy on account

Amazon takes over almost all of the office work!

Amazon App Store

At Amazon, you can get different apps. For this you need to install the App Store on your phone. Then you can start shopping and download a bunch of games, handy apps or gadgets. Make sure that your phone is compatible. IOS and Android are no problem, older models of Blackberry could cause problems.

Amazon Drive

Amazon has a cloud service called Amazon Drive. Similar to Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud providers, you can save, share or share your documents, pictures and files here.

Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos belongs to Amazon Drive and is the photo cloud where you can upload all your pictures. What's more, even your family members can not only access the cloud, but also upload images. The storage space is unlimited for five members!

Amazon Fresh

Prime members in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Potsdam can do their entire weekly shopping conveniently on Wide range of 1000 products, including fresh produce, daily necessities and a wide selection of non-food items, such as kitchen and sporting goods, and stationery. From fresh fruit and vegetables to meat, fish and dairy and chilled products, to fresh baked goods, AmazonFresh also has numerous organic products, a wide selection of gluten-free, lactose-free or vegan items, an extensive range of baby, health and nutrition products Cosmetic articles as well as pet supplies.

Flexible delivery options: To 8 am order and delivery the next day 8 am in a chosen one 2 hours window received, Customers can also have their deliveries deposited in a protected location without having to personally receive them.
Customers can do that Service 30 for free for days - after the trial membership is AmazonFresh for Prime members for 7,99 EUR monthly Available - with unlimited free shipping on a specific order value.

Check now if you can use Amazon Fresh!

Amazon wedding list

The Amazon wedding list gives couples access to over 250 millions of products that allow them to fully personalize their list. Recommendations from the top wedding list products. With a simple click, the list can be shared with the wedding guests via social media or e-mail. Easy to download thank-you list to track the gifts. Free delivery for Prime customers

Amazon Visa card

Eligible Prime members receive up to 3% on all purchases back at (3 bonus points for every full Euro turnover); up to 2% without Prime membership
All customers receive up to 0,5% on purchases outside of
Bonus points redeemable for millions of products that help customers save on their next purchase. 0 € annual ticket price for eligible Prime members and only 19,99 € annually from the 2. Card year for customers without Prime membership.
Customers receive an attractive start credit for their initial application. During promotion periods, there is a higher startup credit. Free Partner Card for Prime Cardholders, otherwise 9,99 € / year. Convenient partial payment possible. Customer service available around the clock.

The prerequisite for applying for an VISA card is a minimum age of 18 years, a residence in Germany and a bank account from the Euro Payments Area (SEPA). To apply for the VISA card, no additional account opening is required at Landesbank Berlin AG. An application from Austria or Switzerland is unfortunately not possible. The terms of the Prime VISA card are exclusive to eligible Prime members. Excluded from this are persons who were invited by other Prime members only to take advantage of their prime advantages (keyword: "Share the Prime membership") and Prime Business customers. Only one Prime VISA card can be applied for per customer account. If more than one VISA card is requested from an customer account with Prime membership, only one VISA card will receive the Prime benefits (up to 3% back for every full euro, no annual ticket price).

Buy at Amazon

Sure, the good old online banking works. What's new is that you can use Amazon Alexa to do your purchases with one voice control. As a seller, you can also let your customers run on a branch line and not have to insist that they have an Amazon customer account.

Sell ​​on Amazon

You want to sell something on Amazon? For this you need a shop and it has to be certified. It's good. For your customers. Own divisions such as

  • Amazon Handmade
  • Amazon Renewed
  • Print on Demand

make it possible that you can write everything you produce yourself, well, quickly and safely.
In addition, Amazon provides you with a warehouse (if required). Amazon then does the rest: the order comes in, Amazon collects the money and then sends it to your bank account.

Bargain time at Amazon

Several times a year Amazon attracts with special times, where you can make bargains. On many products are whopping percentages. But compare well, because not always is a price reduction at the same time a bargain.

Prime Day

The Amazon Prime Day lasts two days and is made every year. On this day you can buy bargains or if you are a seller, get your shelves empty. The prices in time are foolish - but they do not have to. You are not forced to do anything. The last Prime Day was on 15.7.2019, which for the year 2020 is not yet fixed (as of November 2019).

Black Friday

With the black friday you can have a good meal again. Every Friday after the American Thanksgiving, you can expect Extreme Discounts - but you do not have to. Not everything is greatly reduced! This year's Black Friday is on 8.-12.11.2019 Check it out, maybe you're in luck and you'll find the right bargain!

Cyber ​​Monday

Cyber ​​Monday is after the weekend where Black Friday takes place - on December 2nd, 2019. In addition, there are many offers throughout the following week - Cyber ​​Monday Week.

Make money with Amazon

Can you also make money with Amazon even though you are not selling anything? Take yourself to the product! Here are two ways to earn money with Amazon - or better, Amazon. Right away. That too is work!

Affiliate Links

In addition to being able to sell, Amazon gives you the chance to earn money by setting affiliate links. This means that you can promote products after signing up for Amazon. If your reader clicks on the link you place and if it comes to a purchase, you get a reward as a percentage of the profit paid, the without reader / buyer has no disadvantage.

Become a product tester

If you want to become a product tester at Amazon, you need to start writing as many reviews as possible. But: these reviews must be well written and as neutral as possible. You do not earn bonus points by going from product to product with the honey pot. That's important and it's good too. If your ratings are rated as "helpful," that's already a sign that you're generating interest.

Vine program

Never heard? This is a kind of membership where you get products that you can test extensively. This can be anything. From a wooden spoon to a TV. Where do you have to go? Nowhere. You'll be alerted to the reviews and the Amazon MIBs will find you - or not, because no one knows exactly how Amazon will send them an invitation.

Amazon review

The criticism belongs in a portrait. What has Amazon ridden in the muck? It is not always possible to ensure that everything runs smoothly in such a large company. It does not do that in the small bakery around the corner. This year alone (2019) the Amazon giant is accused that the employees are not doing well. Underpaid and revised. Alexa listens - this should have been evaluated by Amazon privately. Spoiled food has been shipped, pirated copies of books sent and advertising for Christmas items is expected to cost up to 2 million dollars. This is just the tip of the iceberg: too much garbage, lawsuits against Audible, the Amazon subsidiary, bad conditions in the warehouse, clunkers and labor strikes by employees. In summary: too much garbage, bad pay and Alexa's security risks.

Conclusion - Amazon Portrait

Amazon is a giant, one who occasionally stumbles, but obviously does not fall. It is carried by thousands of people who are working together on one of the largest online portals in the world. Sell, buy, make money - the digital world is spreading, the mail-order business is getting faster and faster, even though he's still paying for it with Prime. Bargains you can always do at Amazon. Not only in the bargain time. If you want to build a big shop, Amazon helps you, that much of it is self-sufficient.


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