What to do against ants in the house or apartment

Do you have ants in your house or apartment? As soon as you have discovered the unloved crawlers, most of them wonder whether there are effective remedies or even home remedies for ants that help to drive away ants or even prevent them from entering or nesting in the house or apartment. If you want, you can also join Telegram drop by.

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You should follow a few rules of conduct in order to avoid the infestation of Ants in the house or in the apartment to prevent if they have pets, the pet's bowls should be emptied regularly.

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11,99€Check priceCheck price19,90€13,95€13,50€Check price12,95€21,99€28,26€
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Eating on the floor

Also, make sure to remove any leftover food from the last barbecue evening that has fallen on the floor. Food and supplies in pantries, basements and refrigerators should not be stored open, but in airtight containers. Even refrigerator seals are usually no problem for ants.

Follow the ant routes and, if necessary, close joints and openings in masonry with silicone or construction foam, this will prevent the ants from entering the house or apartment.

Check window and door seals. Store your rubbish in locked rubbish bins and dispose of the rubbish daily. Regular ventilation in the house and in the apartment prevents a climate in which ants feel comfortable. I have the most common home remedies for Ants in the house or tried it in the apartment.

The best-known home remedy for ants in the house or apartment is certainly baking powder mixed with an attractant such as sugar. Ants eat the mixture and die. After about two weeks of use, it had little success for me.

Ants sense of smell

Since ants have a very sensitive sense of smell, I switched to other substances, starting with garlic, cinnamon powder, lavender, cloves, juniper, chervil, thyme, marjoram, lemon to vinegar and special ant oil. All of these efforts met with little success. So I'm looking for a biodegradable product.

Ant spray

I was then able to successfully fight ants in the house or in the apartment with the Natures Ant Spray. When the balcony becomes home to a sprawling ant colony and the way to the kitchen is not far for the curious insects, there is nothing left but to take countermeasures. After all, this agent is naturally biodegradable and it has been shown that even small amounts are sufficient to end the plague.

Since this is a contact medium, you only spray the main routes, in our case a repetition was necessary after 24 hours, since then there have been no more ants to be seen. All in all: a really effective tool at a reasonable price.

Home remedies for ants - how to deter ants

With relatively simple means, they can prevent ants from entering your house or garden. A very good way to block the path of ants is with simple school chalk. A thick line of chalk represents an obstacle that ants cannot overcome.

Some plant species help against ants because they give off a scent that ants do not like. Plant these plants in your garden or use potted plants.

Fern, thyme, juniper, centaury, chervil, lemon and lavender have this effect. Another possibility is to block the ants' access with lemon peel, vinegar or cinnamon powder. Ants avoid contact with these substances.

In the garden, but especially in the house, ants can be a nuisance. It is hard to believe how numerous the home remedies and tips against ants are. These include best practices and some that have proven extremely effective. Basically, in the warm season of the year, when the patio doors are open, do not leave any food such as fruit and bread open, because this is what the fix crawlers feel magically attracted to, and since they are true masters of "road construction", they usually dive into the kitchen at lightning speed on.

Draw a line of chalk

One of the many tips against ants is to keep insects on walls. Here it is advisable to draw a thick line of chalk or to work on the rubbing strips with circles of mud. Ants can also be driven off the walls with the help of Mediterranean herbs such as lavender or marjoram.

If there are leaks in the house through which ants can crawl, it is best to protect them with sheet copper. The ants usually disappear after a day or two. One should soak hiding places with yeast that has been previously dissolved in water. Ants are also “allergic” to wood wool in their breeding site and to chervil that has been spread.

Many home and garden owners swear by the home remedy of sprinkling the visible ant trails with baking powder. Or they scatter cinnamon as a barrier and spray the ants with glass cleaner. Garlic is also recommended: cut open a toe and rub its juice on both sides about 5 cm from the ant road. However, it is better not to use the chemical club in the form of insect sprays, because this is harmful to the environment and also settles on objects with which z. B. Children come into contact.

Eliminate the ant nest

Almost all tips against ants recommend following the ant route to the nest and then eliminating it. You can do this with boiling water, a radical method that works for at least a certain period of time. Spraying hairspray along the ant road is also said to be effective.

The insects suffocate on the synthetic resin it contains. If you sow lavender in the garden, you will usually be able to prevent a plague of ants. Ant baits placed on a flat plate are also deadly.

Honey water, sugared beer, raspberry water, sweet and diluted liqueur or syrup are suitable for this. A mixture of sugar and potash can also cause the ants to perish. Another brute method is to put baking soda in the ant holes. Or you soak a sponge with sugar water or vinegar until the insects stick to it and destroy them with boiling water.


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