Ant species - distribution - occurrence

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The Ants: Underground Kingdom

Ant species - distribution - occurrence. Some Ant species in Austria or Germany there are food and supply hogs, which can pose a health and economic risk that should not be underestimated. There are species of ants that particularly like to pounce on sugar or protein-rich foods.

Many Ant species particularly like to cause damage, from loose terrace tiles in the garden to rotten and contaminated food in the kitchen, from destroyed furniture in the living room to electrical short circuits in electrical devices and systems throughout the house.

It starts in spring.

Looking for sugary or protein-rich foods ants into buildings and prefer to attack food in the kitchen. Who ants discovered in your own home, you should take the danger seriously. We show which species of ants are dangerous and whether certain ones are Home remedies for ants help and why it is important to use ant traps in a real ants plague.

There are around 200 different species of ants in Europe, including those in Austria and Germany resident around 100 ant species live exclusively in organized, large ant colonies. In the wild, ants are a very important element of the ecosystem and are extremely useful.

However, if ants penetrate human buildings and homes, it is a nuisance and in some cases it can also be dangerous. Highly infectious protein devourers and hygienically questionable pests such as the genus of pharaoh ants but also the species of lawn ants, black and gray garden ants or wood ants have no place in human buildings. We present the most important harmful ant species in Austria and show why flying ants are not a threat.

Black-gray garden ant

The workers of the black-and-gray garden ant move along clearly visible paths while they are looking for food.
they prefer sugary foodsl, but they can also cope with foods that are high in protein. The black and gray garden ant usually builds its nest in the ground or under pavement and terrace slabs on the sunny side of buildings. The location of the nests can be recognized by the finely atomized soil around the exit holes. You can find pictures of ant species below.


Pharaoh ant

Pharaoh ants like to appear in buildings. They prefer a moist environment and form exact hiking trails, often along heating pipes, in toilets, hospitals, indoor swimming pools and large kitchens. Pharaoh ants prefer foods that contain protein, such as meat, fats, blood or dead insects. The strength of the colonies can reach up to 300.000 ants.

Ant species - common lawn ant

The common lawn ant (garden ant) ​​is an omnivore and can feed on any food, including animal feed.
It mostly invades buildings at night in search of food. It can easily get into the interior through wires or electrical cables. The nests of the Lawn ant are mainly found in the lawn, under stones and wood or near foundations. The colonies of this ant species like to settle near water.

Ants play a special role among colony-forming insects, as many extraordinary phenomena can only be observed in these animals. Their way of life is unique in many ways and at the same time exceptionally diverse. For example, what other family of insects engages in “animal farming” or “slave farming”?

A study from the book “The Way of Life of Central European Ant Species” is dedicated to the Central European ant species and is intended to provide an insight into their way of life. All important connections regarding anatomy, development, nest building, social life, sensory organs and nutrition are explained. An introduction to the most important details about ants is followed by information about the keeping of these animals, which has recently become particularly popular in Germany.

A small insight into the acquisition and installation of formicariums is offered. Furthermore, the most important criteria for successful species-appropriate ant husbandry are explained. In this context, the study also looks at the importance of the ants topic in biology lessons in general schools.

Species-specific behaviors

The study concludes with a presentation of some ant species popular with ant owners and a description of some species-specific behaviors and important details about feeding. In this context, the importance of the topic “ants” in biology lessons at general schools is discussed. Possible thematic focal points and approaches for lesson preparation are dealt with and the advantages of an ant formicarium in school are clarified. The work ends with the introduction of some ant species popular with ant owners and describes some species-specific behaviors as well as important details about feeding.

A book about ants

Well who's a book about ants acquires, first and foremost, expects tips on evicting them from the house and garden. But you have come to the wrong address with this book. He is able to portray the life of the lively six-legged friend so excitingly that you cannot stop being amazed! What are they not all: robbers, gardeners, slave owners, livestock owners and, last but not least, exemplary parents. That depends in each individual case on the ant species - distribution - occurrence, because there are infinitely different ant species. His book is scientifically correct, but written so exciting that - like a good detective story - you can hardly put it down.

The reader involuntarily feels the desire to learn more about these insects. This can be done in three ways. First of all by reading, of course, extensive references are given. Then through the field study. You don't need to go to the tropics for this. Ants of various sizes and shapes can already be found on the doorstep. But thirdly - surprisingly - you can also study within your own four walls. Ant containers for care and breeding, the so-called formicariums, are available in many designs in the trade.

The classic pet shop has hardly discovered these pets, but you will quickly find them on the Internet. But Andreas Eden also has advice when the budget is limited. Using everyday materials, you can quickly make formicariums yourself according to his instructions. Of course, there are also a number of protective laws for the little ones that you should be aware of. That's why you can find all relevant texts in the book. And if you want to know more, the corresponding Internet pages are listed next to the bibliography. I promise, it is worth reading, even if some of the people reading it may feel as if one of the little animals is running over their arm.

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