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Android car radio

How you can now also network with your radio - car radios with Android

Will the world go Android? Google is constantly stepping up, also in terms of the automotive radio world. There are now car radios that connect to smartphones and communicate with each other. Everything can and will be recorded and transferred. Music, sat nav, contacts, apps. Can be practical. The Android user is never alone again.

We show what you can do with an Android radio, what apps and options there are, what you need to consider when installing it, where you can best buy the Android car radio, what the difference is to a normal MP3 player for a car and what it is anything else to consider. – Android car radio bestsellers 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest Tests

What distinguishes an Android car radio?

The days of rotary knobs and cassettes are over, a radio that can "only" play CDs too. USB replaced them and then the microSD. When the first Android phones hit the market, the step towards networking technology was not far. Handy, flexible, all in one. With a user interface that is basically the same. Android remains Android. Intuitive who has dealt with it once. Not something for every consumer, but for the lion's share.

So much technology in the car certainly has its disadvantages. Where there is something, something cannot work either. You can be hacked and tracked. For this reason, the companies work almost non-stop on various security programs that should protect against outside influences. Most new cars are connected to the car manufacturers with integrated GPS anyway. They know when the next oil change is due, where you have just driven and send you a reminder when the next inspection is due.

Nonetheless, such a linked system offers many advantages and is not only enjoying increasing popularity among the younger generation.

Android car radio bestsellers 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests – in comparison

Dasaita 10.2' Car Radio with Apple Wireless Carplay Android Auto...Garmin DriveSmart 55 MT-D EU – navigation device with 5,5" (14...Alpine iLX-F903DU - 1DIN car radioXZENT X-402 – 2-din multimedia system, double din 6,2" / 15,7...Pioneer Naviceiver AVIC-F80DAB | High Quality Multimedia ...MIC AV8V7LITE Android 12 car radio with navi replacement for VW...Double Din Car Stereo Android 9.0 GPS Navigation Autoradio 8...
Check priceCheck price246,07 €949,00 €Check priceCheck priceCheck price284,99 €Check priceCheck price
Dasaita 10.2" car radio with Apple Wireless Carplay...*Garmin DriveSmart 55 MT-D EU - navigation device ... *Alpine iLX-F903DU - 1DIN car radio *XZENT X-402 – 2-din multimedia system, double din...*Pioneer Naviceiver AVIC-F80DAB | High Quality ... *MIC AV8V7LITE Android 12 car radio with navi...*Double Din Auto Stereo Android 9.0 GPS Navigation ... *
◼️ N / A◼️ N / A◼️ HAVE THE OPTIMAL VIEW OF YOUR ROUTE: The navigation system with ...◼️ N / A◼️ 2-DIN infotainer with extensive multimedia functions and ...◼️ MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Benefit from a variety of ...◼️ N / A◼️ Replacement for VW: (QA=Quadlock adapter SKAA-60 required)...◼️ N / A◼️ Universal Car Stereo: This 2-Din car radio is equipped with a 7 ...
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Amazon Prime
Buyer RatingsBuyer RatingsBuyer RatingsBuyer RatingsBuyer RatingsBuyer RatingsBuyer RatingsBuyer RatingsBuyer RatingsBuyer Ratings
price historyprice historyprice historyprice historyprice historyprice historyprice historyprice historyprice historyprice history
Check priceCheck price246,07 €949,00 €Check priceCheck priceCheck price284,99 €Check priceCheck price
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Which apps and options are there?

Many apps are very useful. The Android radios also come with a navigation system. Also available as freeware, you can save yourself the classic navigation system, which again only takes up space. You don't have to use your phone anymore. In order to adjust the sound of the radio, manufacturers offer apps that represent an equalizer. So you can set exactly what is important to you in good music.

On the go and not in the mood to refuel expensive? No problem. Apps that tell you where the cheapest fuel is available make it possible. Annoying station searches are a thing of the past with the right software. It is also possible to receive digital radio stations. Everything can be attuned to one another. Do you drive faster and the car is noisy? The music adjusts itself through automatic volume control.

With an integrated USB and microSD slot, you can also connect your favorite music directly to the radio. Music and sound are not the only things, however. This also gives you an insight into your vehicle data. Speedometer with tracking function, PS measurement, error codes can be read out and deciphered. With these devices, you have a hands-free facility for your phone as well as a video player.

Often a dashboard camera can also be connected to it. With some devices it is also possible to access it via the steering wheel switch, this makes operation even easier. Voice control makes it possible, for example, to send messages or have them read out to you.

What do you have to consider when installing car radios with Android?

An infotainment system is needed. Some manufacturers offer to retrofit this system on some older models. How far and if that's even possible, please ask your car manufacturer. The following manufacturers sorted by alphabet are what the Android radio on the market:

  • Abarth Alpine Alfa Romeo AstonMartin Audi Bentley Citroen Fiat-Chrysler Ford Honda Hyundai Jaguar Jeep Kia Maserati Mazda Mercedes-Benz Mitsubishi Nissan Peugeot Opel Renault Seat Skoda Smart Subaru Suzuki Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWN) Volvo.

Fits the technology and the installation is successful, something is often forgotten: the car radio needs a USB and a Bluetooth connection to work properly.

Difference to a MP3Player for car

A car autoplayer can do a lot. As mentioned above, play not only music but also videos. Some higher-quality devices also allow a WLAN hotspot, which quickly links everything that is in the car. Not always completely, but a good way to get there. The trend is trend-setting. After all, you can do it on the train, on the bus and at the airport. The demands of the users are of course different.

While some do not have to do without Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter, a better supported system than people who find it practical only need one ships to know connected to the radio. It's supposed to play music and navigate. Not more. Business people often need full connectivity when they're on the go. And as smoothly as possible. This is also reflected in the price. Car autoplayer with a so-called mirror link is available for around 50 euros. This works wonderfully with Android 4.1. If you need more, you may need Android 6.1 and higher, apart from car technology.

Tips and Hints

If you want to buy an Android car radio, you should already pay attention in advance, so there are no nasty surprises when installing or in the non - functionality. A short overview:

  • Do I have a car model which can be equipped or retrofitted?
  • does my cart provide enough space for a large device?
  • what requirements do I have for my car radio?
  • What possibilities does my smartphone bring?
  • how much money do I want to spend on this?
  • what do I really need?
  • is the device upgradeable if necessary?
  • or my phone?
  • can I handle the operation?
  • How do I generally stand for data security?

Advantages and disadvantages

Here are some advantages and disadvantages that should be considered.

Advantages - Android car radio

  • Everything can be networked with everything, so to speak
  • Information, contacts, calendars, social networks, photos, video and various apps can be accessed at any time
  • the "all in one" provides space there are no additional devices such as navigation system, etc

Cons - Android car radio

    • a lot of technology in the car that can break
    • maybe frustration, if you can not handle the technique, it is too confusing, it does not work properly or the system does not talk to each other
    • if you are in network gaps
    • New purchase because the system is outdated
    • New purchase if you have to buy another car or want

Where to buy an Android car radio best

If you are familiar with the subject and know exactly what you need for which car, the various offers on the Internet can be compared wonderfully. You have a lot of choice here. People who are just starting to deal with it or who do not know exactly what they need can get the information from the car manufacturers. They also know for which model the appropriate connectors and systems must be available.

The simple models start at 50 euros. Anyone who needs more can do that. 1500 euros can also be spent smoothly.


An Android car radio is a good choice for anyone who relies heavily on their technology. A fast and seamless connection between the smartphone and the car radio enables everything to be accessed at any time. Music, contacts, information. The car is no longer just a vehicle to get from A to B. The cumbersome changing of CDs or searching on a USB stick is long gone. Many commands can be easily carried out using voice commands. People who are critical of data protection may wonder whether the systems are completely secure. But everyone has to decide this individually for themselves.

Discover the top 10 of the best and best-selling Android car radio products in 2024 on Ehrliche Tests. We show a selection of the most popular items that have great customer reviews and value for money. Find the perfect Android car radio product for your needs now!

Top 10🔥Offers🔥 🆕Online
- € 91,99Services
- € 32,98Services
Sony XAV-AX8050ANT, 1 DIN with 9 inch touchscreen, CarPlay, Android...
Sony XAV-AX8050ANT, 1 DIN with 9 inch touchscreen, CarPlay, Android...*
Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and complete mobile phone mirroring via WebLink 2.0; Radio fits into any 1 DIN slot, not...
508,97 € - € 32,98 475,99 €
8 Core 4G+64G Android Car Radio for Mercedes Benz W169 W245 B200
8 Core 4G+64G Android Car Radio for Mercedes Benz W169 W245 B200*
8 Core 4G+64G Android Car Radio for Mercedes Benz W169 W245 B200
249,99 € Amazon Prime
2G+32G Android Car Radio for VW Skoda Octavia with Wireless Apple...
2G+32G Android Car Radio for VW Skoda Octavia with Wireless Apple...*
2G+32G Android car radio for VW Skoda Octavia with Wireless Apple Carplay
159,99 € Amazon Prime
8 Core 4G+64G Android Car Radio for Mercedes Benz ML GL
8 Core 4G+64G Android Car Radio for Mercedes Benz ML GL*
8 Core 4G+64G Android Car Radio for Mercedes Benz ML GL
229,99 € Amazon Prime

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Car radio Android 13 2 DIN 8-core with Carplay Android Auto, 10,1 inch HD touchscreen with intelligent voice assistant, Bluetooth, WLAN, GPS, FM/RDS 36EQ DSP network radio, multiple UI + rear view camera

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- € 36,001st best product

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Lots of positives Buyer ratings are often a sign that people are happy with the car radio with Android product.

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