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Breathing monitoring babies at home

Breathing monitoring – baby – bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests

Breathing monitoring - Many parents are not only concerned about the health and well-being of their child during pregnancy, the first time afterwards is sometimes problematic, especially for children belonging to a risk group. Due to hereditary diseases or other risk factors, the fear of sudden infant death is present. Stopping breathing can go completely unnoticed.

The worst that threatens to happen to the young parents. To reduce this risk, various companies have developed monitoring systems that are designed to indicate if the child's breathing stops for a long period of time. This increases the chance that the parents will be able to intervene and act in good time.

We looked at the different options. In this guide you will find information about how a breathing monitor for babies works, who it is suitable for, where you can buy a baby monitor and what the advantages and disadvantages are. – Breathing monitoring – Baby bestsellers 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests

Breathing monitoring – baby bestsellers 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests – in comparison

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What are the options?

In addition to the classic baby monitor, which passes only the sounds to the parents and the camera, which passes on the child's movement to a monitor in the next room, as well as the medically prescribed sensors, the market has also developed a sensor mat. This is placed in the cot and gives an alarm if no breathing and / or movement is recorded over a certain period of time.

This usually happens within 20 seconds. So the parents can provide the receiver in the next room and hear the alarm in case of an emergency. The sensor mats can be adjusted to different levels that allow to perfectly adapt to the movement and noise interval of the child. This also prevents that there are frequent false alarms. They automatically switch to battery operation in the event of a power failure. Here is a brief overview of what high quality sensor mats can do:

  • Room temperature monitoring
  • Battery level indicator
  • night light
  • adjustable sensitivity
  • adjustable microphone sensitivity
  • Range up to 250 meters
  • vibrating alert
  • automatic switch
  • different channels selectable

There are complete systems that combine everything: baby monitors and mats. If necessary and depending on the age of the child, these can continue to be used as baby monitors, for example, without having to buy something new directly.

With whom is such a baby monitor useful?

The biggest fear is probably the sudden infantile death. Especially children under one year are at risk here. This can have different causes, but this is not a disease, but a diagnosis. Without warning, the baby dies. The medicine has only indicia and can nowadays include or exclude certain risks, know completely, you never can.

Risk children are already looked after from the medical point of view. You need to wear probes during the night that can pinpoint when something is wrong. For parents who, due to their own sense of concern, are looking for as complete a surveillance as possible, these surveillance systems, which are freely available on the market, make more sense. Today's technology is mature enough for these systems to work. They always trigger, even if it comes to a false alarm.

Nevertheless, despite all the support should be paid to the design of the cot, so there is less risk. Thus, a free bed, for example without a nest and without too many stuffed animals and toys, is just as important as an adapted room temperature, for example 16 - 18 ° C. On tops and cords, ribbons and so on best without. What is out of the reach of baby can not get into the respiratory tract either. In the various forums, however, there is a lot of debate as to whether such monitoring ultimately makes sense.

Many parents say that the nightly false positives worried them even more, and that they even dreamed about it. Here it is important to consider what ultimately makes sense for the individual.

What should you consider?

Monitoring sleeping babies can also mean that you have to pay attention to a lot. So, for example, on the electromagnetic radiation. Good systems have taken precautions and send accordingly low. Meanwhile, it has been proven that the radiation is not conducive to the development of the child's brain. But companies have responded to that and are already offering equipment that emits as little radiation as possible.
For people whose child sleeps in a matrimonial bed, such a mat is also not useful. The mat would get mixed up.

The child must therefore sleep alone, preferably in their own room, so that noises and movement, i.e. breathing, can be optimally adjusted and thus work sensibly. A first aid course for parents is therefore even more compulsory. It is of little use to detect an alarm only to stand there helplessly and sometimes waste valuable time. The Cot Keeping it tidy and clear, ensuring the right room temperature is also part of ensuring the baby's basic safety.

Pros and cons of baby monitoring with breathing monitoring

The systems are less suitable for children belonging to a risk group, as they are usually looked after by medical equipment. This is more accurate and also safer. Children who sleep in a double bed do not need such a mat either. Basically, these monitoring systems are only for parents whose child sleeps in their own room and who do not belong to any risk group.

So it is just a product for the parents who are afraid that something will happen to their child while they are away. Combined with a camera and baby monitor, optimal monitoring functions can be created. You shouldn't forget that you might be relying too much on technology. - It is important to pay attention to everything that could pose a risk to the health of the baby in order to prevent accidents.

Where is the best way to buy baby respiratory monitoring?

To get an accurate picture of the possibilities, it makes sense to get detailed advice from specialist retailers. Also different forums and the experiences of other parents or informing can be very useful in the decision. If you have opted for this opportunity, you should pay attention to the different settings, whether the circumstances fit and whether or how to deal with the radiation in the nursery. If you have decided on a particular product, you will find good offers on the Internet. Also for the first comparison of the different products the shops, forums and sides of the companies are very good. We have listed some products for you below or above in comparison

Conclusion: breathing monitoring

Such a baby monitor against the interruption of breathing is not sensible or even possible for everyone and every baby. There is a little more to it than just putting a surveillance system in the nursery. Breath monitoring is also out of the question for children who belong to the risk group anyway.

Anxious parents or people in whose families sudden infant death syndrome has already occurred, but who do not belong to a risk group, for whom such systems can be quite useful in order to be able to intervene quickly if necessary. Anyone who pays attention to everything that is important for babies restful and safe sleep and, if necessary, what is to be done in an emergency, is well advised and for them this technology is another point for their own safety and that of their child.

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