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Buy baby bed
Buy the right baby bed

Guide: Buy a baby bed

The children's room is set up: Cabinets, Toys, changing table, crib, The basics are clear, the cabinets screwed tight, one cozy carpet waiting to be played and crawled on. The room is designed to be suitable for children. This is particularly the case in the first few years Cot (next to the Wickelkommode) is the center of the room. What should parents actually pay attention to? We have the right one for new parents Guide written. Here we will look at the different options. The right place for the baby bed, what equipment the baby bed needs, what advantages and disadvantages the different options for baby beds have.
- Guide: Buy a baby bed

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Buy baby bed - in comparison

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Important for the baby bed

With the furnishing of the room the question arises where the right place is for the baby bed. It should be possible to maintain some stability in terms of light and temperature. That means that Cot not directly on one radiator or under one Window should stand. Standing in a corner, the two walls give the baby appropriate "protection".

The room temperature should be between bedtime 16-18 degrees be.

Pillow and blanket ? D rather not. We recommend one for the baby Sleeping bag to buy. Anything that is too much and too soft can be dangerous for your child. Breathing backlogs and overheating may result.

Perhaps it is possible to put the baby bed in the parents' bedroom for the first few months? Then the way is not far if the infant needs to be breastfed at night.

Equipment baby bed

The baby bed itself is ideally made of wood. Pay attention to the bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest Tests on a good quality that the wood is smooth. A bed is best without Painting. If the bed is painted, the paint must be saliva resistant. On TÜV certificate signals that all parts of the bed are child-friendly.


The bars are the protection so that your child cannot fall out of bed or roll over. To avoid injury, the bars should be between 4,5 and 6,5 cm be apart. It is advantageous to have 2 - 3 sticks that you can take out of bed later. The child is protected at night, but can independently get out of the bed and back in again.


- € 9,96
Julius Zöllner baby mattress Dr. Lübbe Air Premium, TÜV ...
Julius Zöllner baby mattress Dr. Lübbe Air Premium, TÜV ... *
TÜV tested safety - testing according to safety standard DIN EN 16890:2017; Made in Germany - according to the highest...
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The mattress must be free of all pollutants. If you have the opportunity, you can do good biological Mattresses for the child to buy. The Mattress should also breathable and not be too soft. Quality mattresses have air channels. This prevents the baby from overheating; the mattress should be about 10 cm thick and a little firmer on the sides. This prevents rolling around.

Important: The Reference, It should be removable and washable (hot wash). In addition, a material saver that is breathable and waterproof at the same time could prove very helpful.


An adjustable slatted frame is excellent - the baby doesn't care in the first few months, but your back will thank you. When adjusting the slatted frame, make sure that you have at least 30 cm to the top edge of the bars. If your child is older, they must be at least 60 cm so that they are safely stored in their cot.


- € 12,91

Mobile, Teddy, Sky, Crib Sheets, There are all sorts of accessories for the baby bed. Here the spirits argue. Some believe that a sky above the bed is a danger, others see it as a comfort factor. The same applies to mobile, teddy and Co.

The fact is: often less is more. And that may also vary from baby to baby. Do not pack the crib too full and see for yourself what your child can most relax with.


There are many baby beds that have roles. This can be practical, maybe you want to take the child with you into the living room or bedroom. If you choose a baby bed with castors, make sure that they are stably mounted and that the brakes are on.

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Baby bed options

The classic bed is not the only option you have. There are a few very practical alternatives. We have presented the most beautiful ones to you here.

Classic baby bed

The classic baby bed makes the most sense if it simply stays in the children's room. Sure - you can have castors and move the bed from one room to the other. But it is most stable if it stays on site and is an integral part of the room. At the latest, when the child crawls around, hops, wants to move and the bed is only used for sleeping, it can stay there - in the children's room.

Advantages baby bed

In most cases, the slatted frame can be adjusted in height. This protects your back, which can be very accommodating, especially shortly after birth
Some beds also have roles, so you can take your child with you throughout the apartment - and then they can sleep too
The bars can be removed from good models - this creates a separate entrance that the child can manage himself

Disadvantages baby bed

Many baby beds are built to last in the next few years. That makes them very stable but also clunky
New cots can be very expensive


An Baby cradle is, let's be honest: pretty cute. Unfortunately also small, about 80 x 50 cm. So the usable time for your baby is about half a year. It is not very long. But stop, stop: the cradle also has advantages:

Advantages baby cradle

Used as a bassinet, you can rest in the living room and rock and keep the baby in the cradle
Babies often feel particularly good precisely because it is so narrow - this reminds them of the womb
A cradle is small - and there is also space at the dining table or maybe in the bathroom - that could give you 10 minutes more shower time 🙂

Disadvantages baby cradle

New cradles are often expensive

Important is of course also with the baby cradle that you can wash the cover of the mattress properly and that the cradle and mattress are completely free of toxins.


The best and most practical if you have an infant at home is that Rollaway, The parents' bed is actually only enlarged by a little space. This Rollaway can just stay in place. The bed is closed on three sides - only the fourth side is open and you have the baby with you in bed - on the bed. So to speak. It is protected but it is not difficult for you to put on at night. This is also possible in half sleep. In order to avoid drafts, the beds are protected on the three sides.

Advantages Disadvantages extra bed

✔ Right on the bed, without any danger to the baby
✔ No problems with breastfeeding at night and little effort
✔ The baby is always in contact with the parents
✔ The bed hardly takes up any extra space
✔ Some side beds have castors and the third, missing side can be added - this makes the side bed a bassinet

Disadvantages extra bed

✘ Most of the extra beds can only be used as such and cannot be converted into a youth bed

What you need in the baby bed bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests should be taken into account

A TÜV certificate shows that the baby bed, mattress and accessories are safe. If you opt for 2-1 beds, take a closer look that the models cannot be injured by the interchangeable elements / rails / etc. For reasons of hygiene, the bed should always be easy to clean. Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning.

  • The baby bed should be saliva-proof and
  • be pollution-free
  • The same applies to the mattress
  • Bed base and edge of bed must be 30 cm for infants - 60 cm for large babies
  • No hard edges, gaps, sharp or pointed elements
  • Stable installation without protruding screws or the like
  • Spacing of bars should be between 3,5 and 6,5 cm
  • Existing roles must have a brake
  • Wood is always preferable to plastic because of its naturalness
  • Weighing must be stable


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Conclusion - buy a baby bed

A cot lives a lot from nothing. Not too much, not too pompous, less is more. So that your child can sleep safely, it is also advisable to have the child close to you for the first few months. Your natural instinct will ensure that at least half of your brain listens at night. The baby relaxes and you don't have to run to another room forever if you need to breastfeed the little one. An extra bed is suitable for this.

Maybe a cradle for the room and for the day? The dwarf's own room only becomes interesting if he can actively perceive his surroundings.
Then an adjustable baby bed is a real help - with bars that you can remove, with the height that can vary.

Speaking of adjusting: Better you put the slatted frame down a few centimeters a little early. If the head can look over the bars, the child can theoretically climb out.

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Lots of positives Buyer ratings are often a sign that people are happy with the baby bed product.

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