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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house, because the bathroom is the first room we enter in the morning and the last we leave in the evening. Therefore, bathroom design is just as important as that of the other rooms in a house. Every guest of a hotel immediately looks in the bathroom and judges the hotel accordingly. So the bathroom in our own home shouldn't be neglected either.

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The bathroom used to be functional and was used to cleanse his body. Today, many people value a bathroom in which they feel comfortable and can forget the stress of everyday life for a while. Many want an oasis of wellbeing where the whole family will enjoy spending time.

The design of the bathroom depends primarily on the room. Is it square or rectangular, large or small, are there any sloping ceilings? There are now very interesting design options for every shape and size. Sloping ceilings can definitely be included in the planning and thus become part of the bathroom. The electrical and sanitary connections should also play a role in the planning. If there is the possibility of free design, you should first consider where the bathtub and / or shower should be, where there is space for the toilet and where the sink can best be placed.

Your planning for bathroom design is based on this

For most people, however, the electrical and plumbing connections are already in place and cannot be relocated without great effort. If you have the option of a bathtub and a shower in your bathroom, you have a good combination. In winter, a warm bath can work wonders if you come out of the cold and are frozen through. Showering is more pleasant in summer. If you come home sweaty, you can quickly jump into the shower.

A wash basin with a mirror is a must in every bathroom today. A mirror cabinet is also recommended in small bathrooms. This offers space for many small things and usually also has lighting. Even in the smallest bathroom there is space for a base cabinet under the washbasin. These cabinets are available in many colors, shapes and sizes and can therefore be adapted to any bathroom. If you still have space for a side cabinet, you can stow a lot of utensils in it. These cabinets are also available in all shapes, colors and sizes and usually match the base cabinets. In this way, a special accent can be set in every bathroom.

Accents can also be set very well with the right light. Here in particular, good planning can ensure rest and relaxation in the bathroom. Light affects people's feelings. A starry sky in a singed ceiling creates a very special atmosphere. Another possibility is the installation of LEDs. These can be built into the frame of the bathtub. There are no limits to the design. These little lights are available in a wide variety of colors. These provide individual, indirect light and are a highlight in the bathroom.

A music system can also be included to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. This should be a little away from the bathtub, wash basin and toilet in order to avoid danger. With the right music and the right lighting, bathing is all the more beautiful. Also plan some plants. They give the room a cozy flair. Plants can be placed in "dead" corners or near the windows. So the right planning before renovating or building a new bathroom is very important.

The bathroom design does not necessarily have to be expensive. You don't necessarily have to buy designer furniture for your bathroom. There are many complete ranges of bathroom furniture. Cabinets fit together here and create a uniform picture. Take a look at our bathroom furniture. You will find that there is something suitable for your bathroom too. We have bathroom furniture for every bathroom that is not only inexpensive but also sets a special accent in your bathroom.

Bathroom cabinet - an important piece of furniture in bathroom design

Even in a small bathroom, at least a small bathroom cabinet should not be missing. You gain a lot of space by using a wall cabinet in the bathroom. There are also various things in the bathroom that need a place. Not everything can be placed on a ledge or the bathtub. Various toiletries need their space, the towels, the bath towel, the bathrobes. Of course, these utensils are most effectively housed in the bathroom yourself. There are smaller or larger bathroom cabinets. As a rule, such bathroom cabinets are bright in different shades. Some bathroom cabinets can also be completed with a generous shelving system. Smaller bathroom cabinets always have good storage space. Even one or two green plants always look very nice on a bathroom cabinet. There are bathroom cabinets made of rattan, wicker, plastic, metal or wood.

The bathroom as a summer freshness

Regardless of whether you are traveling in summer or not - you can indulge yourself in a wonderful, permanent holiday mood, especially in the bathroom. Even brightly colored towels in bright, bright colors with a matching floor mat create an all-round happy summer mood. Add a few matching decorations such as artificial, colorful flowers in colored glass vases, soap dishes and toothbrush tumblers in orange or pink: the bathroom à la Caribbean is ready.

If you are more enthusiastic about the sunny south of Europe, it is also easy: The typical colors blue and white bring an immediate Greece feeling when showering and bathing. The more consistently you paint, furnish and decorate the room with it, the more authentic the atmosphere. If you combine blue with yellow or lavender with wood and natural colors, the mood goes more in the direction of Provence.

Of course, the bathroom becomes an absolute feel-good place, not least through clever lighting. Indirect light also creates a particularly pleasant atmosphere here, and individual light areas create spaciousness. Many individual light sources in the bathroom are nice and cozy and also extremely practical. Of course, you need a lot of light on the mirror and washbasin - this is best provided by recessed spotlights or hanging lights that can be dimmed or reinforced as required.

The following applies to the bathtub: bright light is seldom necessary, you want to make yourself comfortable here. After a hard day, what could be more relaxing than a bath with a good book, soft music and soft lighting! The most beautiful and also the cheapest is candlelight. If you have enough space, you can wonderfully place pillar candles of different heights and thicknesses along the tub. Or you can set up a multi-armed chandelier. Otherwise there is always room for tea lights even in the smallest bathroom!

By the way - who actually says that chandeliers only fit in the living room or bedroom? Even a mini bathroom gets a flair of generosity when you hang one of the trendy neo-baroque glass chandeliers from the ceiling. Of course, you can also have your “wet cell” mutated into a princely cabinet: all in white, plus gold-colored accessories and glass - that just looks classy.

The shower cubicle in bathroom design

Modern Bathroom are more than just functional rooms these days. Here, too, in addition to user-friendliness, an appealing, individual design counts first and foremost. In the case of shower cubicles in particular, great importance is attached to an aesthetic look that, if possible, also has a certain wellness character. Today, a shower cubicle should do more than just avoid the time-consuming, subsequent dry wiping of the entire bathroom after an extensive shower. It should blend in perfectly with the bathroom ambience and not look like a clunky foreign body. If you are planning to buy or redesign a shower cubicle, it is often not easy to make the right choice.

The choice of doors is sometimes a headache, because there are different models of revolving or sliding doors. The dividers of the shower cubicle are either made of high-quality real glass, which is particularly easy to clean, or of easy-care synthetic glass. The texture of the shower cubicle walls ranges from clear to tinted or patterned. Shower cubicle fittings are also available in different price classes and designs. If the room is smaller, opting for a frameless design of the shower cubicle walls is often a good choice for aesthetic reasons, so the wet cell does not appear so compact, but a little more relaxed.

There are many shapes for shower stalls

In addition to the conventional, square or round shower cubicle variants, there are also attractive shower cubicles in a flowing half-round design, or pentagonal showers with a swing door and safety glass. However, the decisive factor for the choice of shower cubicle is always the individual space in the bathroom. If the shower cubicle is installed in a niche or corner, the selection is different from that for a shower cubicle that is located on a long, straight wall. A shower cubicle wall can even be built into a bathtub, thus preventing water splashing in the entire bathroom area when showering.

Always important before purchasing the shower cubicle

If the bathroom is on the first floor of a detached house with a sloping roof, there is often no getting around a specially made-to-measure shower cubicle that adapts to the sloping walls. Sometimes a bathroom is particularly narrow or very small, or there is a protrusion from the wall when planning the shower cubicle.
For reasons of space, it is sometimes necessary to opt for a model with a niche door or corner entry. Before purchasing a shower cubicle, it is always important to get an accurate picture of the dimensions of where the shower connection is located in advance. Then you should consider which material is suitable.
If you choose acrylic or easy-care sanitary plastic, you have good thermal insulation and a correspondingly warmer foot area.

Enamel, on the other hand, is less sensitive to scratches. Experienced do-it-yourselfers who make a shower cabin When designing the bathroom, make sure that the surface where the shower cubicle is to be built is clean and dry. Before installing the shower tray, the main water tap is turned off. Shower tray supports are made of metal or styrofoam. Styrofoam is the simpler and cheaper variant, but without the possibility of subsequent height adjustment. The higher adjustable feet of a metal frame in which the shower tray is embedded ensure that unevenness in the surface can be compensated for afterwards. Metal shower trays must be grounded by an electrician. If the shower tray is installed, the drain fitting is installed and the drain strainer screwed on. Deeper shower trays have an additional overflow. Only after the shower has been installed do you start building the outer cladding for the shower cubicle.

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