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Practical aids for elderly and sick people in the bathroom

As we get older, we are no longer as flexible and everyday things become more difficult. Even when we are sick, some things are torture. This guide is about how older or disabled people can benefit from new technology. What gadgets are there? What should you do with the bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Pay attention to honest tests? Can you even save in the long run? We have put together good alternatives for you on how you can simplify your life or the life of your loved ones.
Bathroom gadgets for the elderly and sick people.

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Bathing aids for older and sick people - in comparison

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Elderly bathroom

What must or should a senior-friendly bathroom accommodate? Many seniors can not move so well and have problems with the demands of everyday life. In order to provide the dignity and autonomy that is due to the elderly, you can change the bathroom so that, despite physical limitations, they can do most of the necessary things themselves.

But that's not all. Maybe you have elderly grandparents and would like to support them from afar? Smarthome theme is becoming more current. This allows you to control various devices from your smartphone.

Toilets with tools

If the joints are no longer so articulated and you may have problems with dizziness or with the toilet in old age, then a barrier-free toilet with appropriate handles for support is recommended. Even getting up can be difficult. If a person is no longer able to go to the bathroom alone, that's a major limitation that also nag your self-esteem.

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Toilets are something very intimate. Something where one relies reluctantly on assistance.
In order to give the person back this freedom, there are various possibilities:


A sink should from the outset, if a conversion is necessary anyway, be planned so that it is in doubt to use with a wheelchair. One Faucet that turns on and off automatically, is helpful to save water. Also in the context of a developing dementia! Those affected can not forget to turn off the tap. A simple one Stool and any attached grab handles in front of or next to the sink complements the bathroom.

soap dispenser

Soap dispensers are suitable for the shower and also for the washbasin. A piece of soap may fall off. When trying to pick up the soap bar, it is possible that the elderly person injured. The soap dispensers are available as either Soap dispenser with infrared sensor or with a lever. During the conversion, however, care should be taken to ensure that the person recognizes and accepts the soap dispenser as such.


Over time, some people's eyes are getting worse. A good Lighting of the bathroom becomes necessary. Clever here is an indirect lighting equal in a generous mirror. The lighting must not dazzle and some eyes do not tolerate the LED light. There is Daylight - LED lampswhose red content is increased. This makes it easy to see and the light does not hurt the eyes less or not at all.

Shower with tools

shower stool is there either to fold out or to put in place. In principle, the mobility of an elderly person should be preserved as long as possible, but under no circumstances should it come to an over-exertion and or endangerment. If man is strong enough, a fold-out seat may suffice. One non-slip surface helps to avoid accidents. Offers a fixed mount Soap and or shampoo dispensers at? These can not accidentally fall off.
Handles placed in and around the shower provide additional security.
If possible, the entire shower should be at ground level.

Bath with bath lift

Also, a bathtub can be rebuilt for seniors. If you have problems with getting in and out, you can turn your bathtub into a shower.
Perhaps it is worthwhile if necessary, the agreement with the landlord and permission is given to rebuild the bathtub for a walk-in shower.
If the elderly person likes to bathe but has difficulty getting out of the tub, it is a good idea when lift at. This seat is mounted in the bathtub and can simply be raised and lowered by pressing a button.

Washing machine

In the washing machine, especially the operability is important. With which model can the older gentlemen best identify? Too many buttons and settings are more irritating. In old age we do not learn so fast anymore and forget more. In addition, so that the restricted person does not have to struggle, it is also advisable to Washing machines - Underframe to use. This makes it easy to set the machine at a height that is very low on the back and on the joints. That's a great option, not only for seniors!


A pair of Trash can belongs in every bathroom, There is always something to dispose of. Important: The bucket should be easily accessible. Good is one pedal bin, Better one Dustbin with infrared sensor, This raises and closes the lid by itself. That is very hygienic!


Also, the ceiling light should be lit so that the whole bathroom is well visible. Especially with older people, often younger, who like to forget something, offers itself Light with motion detector at. The light comes on when entering the bathroom and the sensor switches off automatically when no one is in the bathroom. LED is very economical, but not tolerated by every eye. take LED in the "daylight" variant, This is generally gentler.

* Attention funding! Under certain circumstances, you will be supported in the conversion! Inform and save money! **

Recommended reading: You will find many guides on various topics in the advice section !

The layout of the bathroom

Less is more - traps should be avoided. Anti-slip mats should be designed so that the person can not trip over it. If a washing machine takes up a lot of space or is unfavorable, look for another place. Maybe there is room in the kitchen or in the basement - or the laundry can be completely outsourced. Because with the washing it is not done - the laundry must also be dried. This can mean a huge effort in old age.
Cleverly distributes handholds around the room, ensuring that nothing can go wrong on the go.

Sensor technology

The sensor technology is practical, but it is hygienic but not suitable for every elderly person. Some diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer's do not allow new learning and trust. It is quite possible that the person can not make friends with the new technology - in the worst case, it is afraid because it does not understand how "a thing can move alone". Just try it out with the person, see how she reacts and if she can handle the technique.


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other practical aids in the bathroom

Legal Information

If the elderly person lives in a rented apartment, vor a renovation and remodeling necessarily the landlord be asked.
Specific Promotions from the state sometimes add a nice cash injection.
If it is property, you can make the bathroom so that if necessary, the handles and the like can be restored, or vice versa, that bathroom too can be used with a wheelchair.

Include diseases

When the elderly person begins to become frail, it is the worst for the person in the first second. He'll find that he's getting old, that his surroundings may be acting strangely. With the physical afflictions may come forgetting and thus the fear is in the door. And that fear can make you aggressive. A vicious circle. It is all the more important to take (at least try) this fear and help it to remain independent for as long as possible and also to prevent accidents. Loving encouragement is also part of managing things for as long as possible. Early "getting used" to things like sensor technology can also help to handle it better later. A person who already has dementia will have a harder time than someone who is still vigorous.

Pros and cons senior-grade bathroom

Maybe it looks like a lot of work at first glance. But it may be worth it, right?


✔ Older people can stay independent longer

✔ people in need of care live longer in their own home

✔ With a modernization, the value also increases

✔ the hygiene can be improved

✔ and safety as well

✔ maybe also: who is not happy about a nice new bathroom?


✘ For rented flats, one depends on the "good will" of the landlord

✘ despite subsidies, modernization can be costly

✘ the bathroom is not useful for the time of the renovation

What to look for in the bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | You should pay attention to honest tests of senior-friendly products

Quality and stability are always ahead of quantity. Things that are not working properly or that are shaky can be dangerous. Do you buy high quality items, the resale value is higher.

Conclusion - Age-appropriate bathroom Bad gadgets

Grow older with dignity. The law is for everyone. As long as it is possible to live in your own home, is unfortunately a gift today. A present, which we should give away more often. A senior bathroom can be the best present. Washbasin, toilet, shower, bath, various gadgets with infrared sensors, grab bars and anti-slip mats help, so that the persons concerned can care for a long time independently in their bathroom and can also visit the toilet independently.

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