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What you can do for your body with pills.

Base tablets top 10

We've all probably heard of hyperacidity. From an acid-base household too. And it has something to do with the body and there are foods and lifestyles that are harmful to us. Today we're looking at the bases and what you can do for the body. What alkaline tablets are, what they are useful for and whether they may cause any harm. Acids and bases, minerals and detoxify the body. What does this give us? – Base tablets bestsellers 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests

Base tablets bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests – in comparison

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What are bases?

The human body has its own pH. It varies depending on the body area. While in some regions an acid value must be present, in others it must be neutral. The neutral regions include, for example, the blood and the intercellular fluids. This ensures that breathing, metabolism and hormone production run smoothly. So here it has to go fundamentally.

The body basically takes care of everything on its own as long as it can. Only when he can no longer create this balance because, to put it simply, he is simply overloaded, do we start to feel it. Then there is too much acid in the regions that need to be alkaline. The result? Fatigue sets in, we carry diffuse inflammation with us, we constantly get sick over every little thing, we have poor performance, lack concentration, perhaps have hair loss or our hormones go crazy. Many effects due to one cause are necessary. Then we go to the doctor, who may determine that our immune system is weak, measure blood pressure and determine blood values, and give us tablets.

It will not get better. Maybe he advises less stress. The problem is that we still (often unknowingly) put things into the body that affect this acid-base balance. Alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, sugar, too much soy, too much milk, too much pasta and bread products, preservatives, general overload due to stress, fear and worries. Often the doctor's tablets don't help. You can also imagine it like a glass of water. Health is like a glass of water that is absolutely clear. But if we keep adding contaminated water to the glass, it will eventually become cloudy. A lot is washed out, but not everything. So more and more “dirt” remains in the glass with “health”. It's actually logical that the body can no longer function properly.

The body can no longer completely get rid of these acids. To save the essentials, he must necessarily neutralize them. And he does that by using calcium or magnesium. He runs robbery of himself because he hopes it will be over someday. But usually it is not and if the bearings are empty, the acids are stored in the form of slags. Our health is going downhill.

What do basic tablets contain?

So to get well again, we need to help the body get rid of everything it has stored on slags, replenish its stores, and just watch for less acid intake. Less acidic food, more basic. Lots of still water, a healthy lifestyle. Base tablets are tuned to the minerals that help the body get rid of these acids and replenish its own stores. They basically contain the tools he needs to repair themselves.


Magnesium is an important building material for our nerves, our muscles and for everything in the body to function smoothly. Even a magnesium deficiency can already lead to muscle cramps, headaches, increased PMS or general fatigue.


Auch Calcium is needed for teeth, bones, nerves and cells. Magnesium and calcium together, you could say, are the hard building material for our body. If they are missing, health “crumbles”.


Potassium not only regulates the fluid balance of the human through the colon, but is also involved in the muscle and nerve functions. Also the intestine is a muscle with many nerves and here is the seat of our immune system. If the bowel does not work as it should, it can have a massive impact on our overall health.


Zinc for the cells. Zinc is a trace element that the cells need to renew and regenerate. The body needs zinc for the connective tissue and the skin and also for wound healing. If zinc is missing, it does not only weaken our cells, but also the entire immune system and also the intestine. Along with

vitamin C

Almost everything good that we can give the body so that it can free itself from acidity and toxins is completed. Vitamin C is the absolute booster, the fuel, the one that really gets everything going again. If we don't absorb vitamin C, our teeth will fall out. That alone shows its importance. An enormous amount of vitamin C is consumed, especially in phases of stress, illness or the lifestyle mentioned above. In most cases, “refueling” is sorely necessary.

Application and contraindications

If you want to help your body, you can use alkaline tablets; these should contain at least the ingredients described above. Increasing the “building material” for the body is one thing, an alkaline lifestyle is another. Even if the body can now get rid of more of the “poison”, it is still running at full speed. In order to give him some peace of mind, it would be best to replace a lot of the acidic foods with alkaline ones, or partially replace them, to eat fresh things and to avoid the unhealthy ones here and there. Base tablets also provide very good support.

You can buy the tablets online or in a health food store/pharmacy. It is important to pay attention to high quality. You want to help your body. However, alkaline tablets may not be an alternative to a visit to the doctor. If you want to do a detoxification treatment, the good bases will also help. Side effects will not occur when used as recommended. Maybe certain things like pimples or oily skin and hair get a little worse at first. But this is usually just a sign that the body is now “throwing out” everything it doesn’t want.


Base pills can be a useful tool to repair your body. It's not a magic pill, and sometimes it just takes a while, depending on how long you've lived to be angry, until the symptoms improve. A visit to a doctor is still advisable to have a closer look. Much can come from hyperacidity, but it does not have to. The tablets help the body to help itself, one must not forget that. They do not take the job from him.

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