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If the lighting of living spaces is mainly determined by the individual perception of the user, a few tips should be given here for a practical and energy-saving use of light in the household. Attempts are also made to reduce the prevailing prejudices against the use of LED fluorescent tubes in the household.

Of course, some electrical work that the layman can safely carry out is also described. Once electrical systems have been installed, they require little maintenance. It is sufficient to check the screws on the plugs, sockets, junction boxes and luster terminals for tightness once a year.

In order to make this work efficient and not to lose the overview, it is advisable to carry out the inspection of the lighting of living spaces in one day. Of course, this does not rule out the need to replace defective plugs or sockets in the meantime!

Maintenance of lighting in living spaces

The lights, on the other hand, require more maintenance because, like the furniture and other furnishings, they have to be cleaned. That is why you should check where you can use shapely and, at the same time, easy-care lights. An LED fluorescent tube is certainly easier to clean in the kitchen than a hanging lamp.

But in other rooms, too, it is worth considering whether a six-flame chandelier is absolutely necessary or whether a luminaire with a different design, which is easier to maintain, fulfills the same purpose.

In connection with lighting, however, it is not just about the time-saving maintenance of the lighting fixtures. Attention must also be paid to the rational and energy-saving use of electrical energy. The incandescent lamp has long since had its day in this context, however, it should be pointed out that LED fluorescent tubes have far lower power consumption and a longer lifespan than incandescent lamps.

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Types of lighting

The different types of lighting, such as uniform lighting, direct, predominantly direct or also predominantly indirect, should be used sensibly. For example, if there is only one person sitting at a workplace in a room, for example at a desk, it is sufficient if this place is well lit. This saves you energy costs while at the same time extending the service life of the lamps used.

General lighting can be sensibly reduced in corridors, basements, floors, courtyards, hallways and ancillary rooms. It is out of the question to pay attention to appropriate safety lighting.

The tasks of lighting

The lighting should have a positive effect on the physical and psychological well-being of the person. So there must be good sea conditions in the rooms. This includes distributing the light as evenly as possible. As well as an illuminance that makes it easy to see all objects in the field of vision, so that light must not dazzle. Warm light colors are advantageous for living rooms and cold light colors for kitchens, bathrooms and workshops. Different types of lighting are possible in living spaces.

  • Direct lightingIn the case of direct lighting, for example, all the light is emitted in one direction through a stream of light that is open at the bottom through non-woven material. Since the rest of the room is not so strongly illuminated and direct radiation from the tabletop, for example, can create a glare effect, this type of lighting is only conditionally suitable for living spaces.
  • Uniform lighting, luminaires with uniform lighting have a completely closed screen made of translucent material. In this way, even, almost shadow-free illumination of the room is achieved.
  • Mainly direct lightingWith predominantly direct lighting, most of the light is emitted downwards and around 40% of the light is emitted upwards. As a result, the difference in brightness between the illuminated table surface and the rest of the room does not increase.
  • Predominantly indirect lighting, Luminaires for predominantly indirect lighting are closed so as to be impermeable to light. The translucent shades, which are open at the top, radiate the light laterally and upwards towards the ceiling. Thanks to the reflective effect of the ceiling and walls, the living space is illuminated without shadows. The cheapest type of lighting is a combination between predominantly direct lighting for workplaces and uniform or predominantly indirect lighting.

Everyone needs lamps. There are large lamps, small lamps, bright lamps and lamps with dim light, monochromatic lamps and colored lamps. In short: lamps for every taste for young and old are available on the lamp market, but everyone has different demands on lamps.

Men buy different lamps than women

For example, men usually only buy lamps with one background: They want to illuminate the home, the work area or the outside area. They attach great importance to the price comparison for the lamps on offer and to the lowest possible energy consumption. The appearance of the lamps is mostly more or less indifferent to the men.

Of course, they also value good looks and the new lamps should of course also fit into the overall picture of the apartment, workplace or outdoor area, but decorative aspects of lamps are of secondary importance for men.

Women want to create a pleasant feeling of living

However, women see lamps with completely different eyes than men: They want to make the home, work or outdoor area more attractive with harmonious lighting. Women like to work with indirect lighting and choose the lamps of their choice based on shape, color and style. They attach great importance to the fact that the lamps to be purchased fit into the overall picture of the object to be illuminated or the room to be illuminated and try to create a pleasant feeling of living with colored light.

While women like to set up lamps with playful shapes and subdued light in the bedroom, in the kitchen they often tend to use a combination of indirect light and lamps that sufficiently illuminate the work area in the kitchen, women also value a mixture of well-lit workplaces in the study and a pleasant overall lighting of the room, which promises a feeling of wellbeing as soon as you enter the room. Women like to equip living rooms with a variety of smaller and larger lamps, which create a feel-good atmosphere and make evening get-togethers with the family even more beautiful.

Women often only buy lamps because of their beautiful shape or color and the fact that they emit pleasant light. Men, on the other hand, can rarely understand this, but take the circumstances as fact.

Children see lamps very differently from their parents

They see in them on the one hand the possibility of lighting for playing or later for homework and on the other hand they are given the necessary security to recognize their surroundings with a subdued light even at night. Children who are afraid of the dark are a dime a dozen. Special lamps with children's motifs have been developed especially for the little ones, which envelop the children's room in a subdued light and make fear disappear in no time.

Lamps play a particularly important role in offices

It has been medically proven that headaches, eye problems and other illnesses can result from office work in insufficient light. So if you want to do something good for your employees and thus increase their performance, you should get detailed advice on lamps in a specialist shop. It is important that the respective work area of ​​an employee is sufficiently brightly lit. This means that although the light has to be bright enough that the employee can work without the appearance of disturbing shadows, the light cannot blind him under any circumstances.

When it comes to lighting for offices, a distinction is made between white light and so-called TL light (daylight). The white light can be used in rooms that are not constantly used by employees (e.g. toilet, corridor, storage room, copy room, etc.), while lamps with TL light should be installed in rooms in which employees are permanently. Using lamps with TL light suggests to the brain that it is actually natural light from the sun. As a result of this, the human body feels better and is able to perform better, and stinging eyes and headaches are reduced.

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