Bolero beverage powder - never buy bottles again!


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Bolero beverage powder - never buy bottles again!
Bolero flavors

Bolero beverage powder - taste for drinking and eating

Why Bolero powdered drinks?

Bolero drink powder - never buy bottles again! Who doesn't know the constant dragging of drinks? Since many only drink water, whether with or without carbon dioxide or from the tap, completely still. In Germany the water is clean and of drinking quality. If you like, you can still do it with one water filters filter. But at some point you don't just want to drink this tasteless water and the Bolero drinks or Bolero sticks come in handy.

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What is Bolero Instant?

Bolero Instant Beverage Powder is a sugar-free instant fruit beverage powder with stevia extract. There are approx over 50 different flavors from normal ones we know or exotic. Bolero Drinks - Taste for Drink and Water are available in different packs. The mix boxes with a large selection of flavors to try and test are popular. The individual flavors each have 9g which can be dissolved in 1,5L - 3L (I use 2,5L-3L). If you like a taste, you can order and buy just this single taste, individually packaged with 9g or 100g of a flavor.

What is stevia?

Stevia = steviol glycose is a sweetener which is obtained from the leaves of the Steviarebaudiana herb. The sweetness of stevia is 200-300 times higher than sugar, calorie free and does not increase blood sugar levels. Stevia can be used for cooking and baking because it is heat-resistant. Depending on the body weight, 100mg-350mg per day are considered harmless, which corresponds to 3L - 4L water with only stevia. It is approved in the European area as a food additive and only the pure stevia obtained, not the plant (herb) itself.

Where can i use it

You can take the Bolero instant beverage powder with you wherever you go small, portioned and compact fits in every pocket when you need it. A popular product in the fitness scene to give water a taste or to give yoghurt and curd a taste, try it out yourself whether it makes sense when baking or cooking food or opens up new possibilities.

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Bolero Drinks 34 varieties mixed package 34 x 9g
193 reviews

How did I get Bolero and how do I use it?

I had never heard of the Bolero company until a family member showed it to me because it is also used as a fitness drink for sports. Before that, flavored syrups and flavor products were used. But these were replaced by the Bolero Instant Powder because of transport, handling and variety. I tried a few varieties and was amazed by the taste which came across as tasty as it should be (honeydew melon, strawberry, coconut, almond etc.). My idea was to take the drinking water from home instead of constantly buying and dragging mineral water. If you still like it carbonated, use one SODASTREAM from Amazon ** or similar.

How do I use it in everyday life?

A single Bolero Instant drink powder packaging has 9g and can be mixed to 1.5 liters of water. From my personal experience and taste I take a pack of 9g to 2,5-3 liters. The taste is still very intense, but not quite as sweet anymore. You have to try out what tastes best for you and can depend on the type of taste and amount of water.

Lay one airpot with 3 liter capacity. It is ideal and practical for mixing your drink and then conveniently filling a glass with a pump when you are thirsty. First fill 2 liters of water with a measuring cup into the pump jug, then in the next half liter of water you dissolve the Bolero powder in the measuring cup and fill it into the pump jug to mix. Try whether 2,5 liters is ok with the taste and sweetness or refill water to 3 liters. Otherwise try first with 1,5 liters and add water until it tastes good for you. After a while you will know your quantities. I currently have a mixing box with 48 varieties and thus 144 liters for drinking at home or on the go.


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So does the Bolero company advertise?

  • Bolero instant soft drinks are sugar-free.
  • Bolero instant soft drinks are vegan.
  • Bolero Instant soft drinks are recommended by dieticians as part of a diet plan.
  • Bolero Instant soft drinks can be mixed with both still and carbonated water.
  • Bolero instant soft drinks taste delicious and are a sugar-free alternative to conventional lemonades.
  • Bolero Instant soft drinks can be taken anywhere as they are small in size and minimal in weight.
  • Bolero instant soft drinks cost about the same as the deposit you pay for conventional drinks.
  • Bolero instant soft drinks are a cheap alternative to conventional drinks.
  • Bolero instant soft drinks are easy to set up and available in a huge variety.
  • Bolero Instant soft drinks can also be used for baking.
1. Top seller
Bolero Drinks - introductory package, 56 varieties, 501 g, for 84 liters...*
  • Sweetened with stevia
  • Low calorie, vegan, gluten free
  • Introductory package with 56 different varieties
2. Top seller
Bolero Sticks introductory package with 30 types / sticks *
  • Scope of delivery: 30 bolero sticks á 3g (30 pieces depending on availability)
3. Top seller
Bolero drinks introductory package STICKS MIX | 74x3g | refreshing...*
  • The pack contains 74 different flavors. Sufficient for more than 80 liters of juice
  • Acai berry, aceroal, pineapple, banana, banana and strawberry, elderberry, elderflower, almond, white grape, berry fruit, blueberry,...
  • Woodruff, Lychee, Lime, Lemon, Lemon & Chili, Lemon & Lime, Lemonade, Lemongrass, Watermelon, Raspberry, Tangerine, Mango,...
- € 1,474. Top seller
Shrug ICE TEA PEACH | 24x8g I Refreshing sugar-free...*
  • Amount for more than 50 liters of refreshing juice
  • Sugar free, gluten free, no preservatives, low in calories
  • with vitamin C, stevia extract, natural colors and flavorings
5. Top seller
Bolero Drinks Forest Fruits 24 x 9g *
  • Powder for making a low-calorie cold beverage
  • For optimal refreshment in everyday life or during sports
  • Completely sugar-free, contains only sweeteners and stevia

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