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Beautifying something is always possible. Be it for private use, for a gift or for sale. Our ancestors provided some color and design in their caves with ashes and grated stones - they shouted history ... uh ... painted. Fortunately, special tools are now available for this. In the course of time, a lot of wonderful opportunities arose to let your own creativity flow into life. Today: a burning station. In this fact check we clarify how a branding flask works, what you can do with it, whether the kids are with you, what you have to consider when buying. There are tips and we'll see what that pyrography is. In our guide: Top 10 firing station - pyrography - Top 10

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What is a burning station?

There are basically two variants. The small version is a kind of soldering iron, with electricity heat is generated for the burning tip and already the Branden can begin. A right station has more possibilities. It is possible to adjust the temperature. This is particularly advantageous if you want to edit different woods. The burning stations are not expensive either. For a good device you can spend 5o Euro. These are well invested.

What can you use it for?

Burning, milling, decorating. Everything that should receive a beautiful own pattern, you can edit with such a burning station. If you often give away things that you have designed, you will enjoy them a lot. Some Brennmaler burn the shades in already existing "naked" wooden figures. Others limit themselves to labeling key fobs and small boards. But not only as a gift, even for home use you can use a burning station wonderful. For labeling shelves for example.


Accessories are important. Just when the burn tips have become unusable after some time, you have to replace them.

Stand If you prefer safe working, you can not avoid it on a stand for the hot piston. On this the fire piston can be stored safely. When buying, make sure that the stand is stable and does not collapse or unfold.

Burning tips and burnishing loops Various burn tips and burn loops are available for the burn stations. But, not every tip fits in every burner. In advance, therefore, must be paid to the right accessories here. Available are tips in various thicknesses, crescents, stars and more for different patterns. The tips can be reordered relatively easily. Good care and careful handling naturally extend the life span.


Here are a few tips:

Schon Grind wood in advance in advance so that you have a smooth surface. After painting, sand the wood slightly again. So you get a very clean job

✬ whoever starts anew or ventures on a new wood, recommends a trial wood to practice. This saves a great deal of trouble and costs even if you are not so familiar with the new material

✬ after painting is before painting: clean your attachments well and sort them right back to the place where they belong. This also saves time and costs and unnecessary annoyance.

✬ If you are unsure, you should start with stencils that are transferred to the wood in pencil, for example. It is better to correct a pencil line than to grind everything down in the worst case.


Different materials give different possibilities. In general, a 60W strong burning station is sufficient to process the most common materials. Below is a brief overview:


Poplar, birch and linden wood not only have a very fine grain, these woods are also very soft. This means that you can work this wood very well and easily. You do not need that much heat for the wood. For soft wood you need about about 250 - 400 ° C round to edit it fine. Harder woods can be processed with 700 degrees.


Also, leather can be excellently processed with a brandmal pistol. Please keep in mind that you only need a relatively low amount of heat for leather. Leather also offers the opportunity to pre-draw the shapes and patterns.


Cork is also great for pyrography. Cork is only used less today. Maybe a reason to revive this wonderful material? A doormat made of cork can be great design yourself. Cork is also suitable as a floor covering, instead of laminate and parquet!

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Brandmalkolben

If you are not sure yet, if such a piston should move in with him, if not the old soldering iron is enough or if it is worth buying a laser cutter, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages in key points:


➶ a burning station is not expensive

➶ There are many accessories to buy

➶ almost all woods,

➶ cork and also

Grav Engrave leather with it

➶ is totally suitable for DYO

➶ Also ideal for gifts and arrangements for parties and special occasions

➶ can also be used as a soldering iron


➴ some burning stations are running hot

➴ It takes practice to be able to work cleanly

Recommended reading: Lots of guides on different topics .!

The right cleaning

Wherever wood is burned, carbon deposits. This prevents the heat that you need for branding, at the polluted tip can not properly form. A cleaning is necessary. This can be done well in three different ways.

Clean with sandpaper

1500-200 graining is enough. Under no circumstances should the paper or the brush be coarser, as this could damage the soldering iron.


Even a fine abrasive paste or a polish are ideal for cleaning the burning tip. Always clean work and especially with care!


Not undisputed, but better than nothing, if you have nothing else at hand, is the scraping of the impurities with a knife or the like. The risk of injury, the fingers as well as the tip itself, of course, is very high due to the relatively rough handling. This option is suitable for emergencies.

What to pay attention to at the burning station

Who plays with the idea, should be aware of some purchase criteria. As a small help, we have compiled a list of what to look for when buying a branded glass flask:

➫ how much money do I want to spend?

➫ how much watts do I need?

➫ Can I use my favorite burn tips?

➫ should he be child proof?

➫ how hard can he be and how big?

➫ What about the opinions and experiences of other users?

➫ Professional or hobby - burning station?

➫ how high are the connectors, screws, tips processed? These must not wobble or fall out of the brackets

➫ the temperature must remain constant, otherwise it burns too much or you often have to readjust. There are always good offers on the Internet that you can take advantage of. Of course, what counts here are the reviews of the other users, because you can rarely try out the stations on site. In case of doubt, it is therefore better to go straight to the dealer first.

Burning station for children

Even children can already work with a burning station. But since there are no special stations for children's hands, you must make sure that the stations are very safe, not run hot and are also light. You can also use a soldering iron to engrave beautiful patterns in wood and co. So when you buy, make sure that the child is responsible, that the quality of the branding glass bulb is very high and that the unit never gets hotter on the handle.


Are you still missing the right ideas? How about this:

  • Wooden clothespins
  • Small boards
  • Keyrings
  • wooden chairs
  • wood Wardrobe
  • Do
  • Signs (wedding, christening, birthday ...)
  • Holzbesteck
  • Shelves
  • wood urns
  • Natural wood coffins
  • Picture Frame
  • Wooden buttons (costumes)
  • wooden boxes
  • Grill tongs
  • design personal coasters
  • wooden benches
  • Bottle Openers
  • Write names on thick wooden pencils
  • Corks for weddings ect. Label

Conclusion - pyrography

A firing station or a branding flask is a wonderful addition to all the other great DYO things that the market now offers. A laser cutter is the big automatic brother of a firing station, a soldering iron is the little brother. Basically, they work the same way. With heat, a pattern is made into an existing material. Anyone who pays attention to good quality, which does not have to be expensive here, who cleans and cares for his burnt tips and who then also pays attention to safety, especially for children, will be able to give himself, his friends, relatives and acquaintances "serious" pleasure .

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