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Sell ​​stamps

What you should do if you want to sell stamps

It does not always have to be the estate, sometimes you used to collect yourself: stamps. A hobby that more and more eludes the masses. Many of our grandfathers felt like they crawled into their rooms for years and spent horrendous sums on the brands. No matter for what reasons you have the small colorful pictures in front of your nose - if you are thinking about selling your stamp collection, you will be wondering where. And how. And if there is anyone else who recognizes the value. We did some research. - Sell stamps - Stamp collection

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Selling stamps - products - in comparison

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What does a valuable stamp collection contain?

The disillusionment first. What our fathers or grandfathers collected together today is for the most part hardly worth anything. The big time of the stamps is over. The new generation is missing, the demand. This means that only a few brands, very special, bring something more revenue. Something. The very big numbers, for example Audrey Hepburn, who adorned a stamp with her face, bring several thousand euros. She is rare, the Audrey, like so many others. The exception, however, confirms the rule. There are series that are completely rare to receive - and therefore have value. It's a bit like the story of the sticker albums. Only the special stickers, those that look barely used, that are well preserved, that are rare, that rise in value. There is a catalog, the Michel catalog. This is now also available online and includes all brands including the value. But that does not mean you can sell your brands for that value. It is not that easy. Unfortunately. Go with the brands to a dealer, would of course also earn it - and the clientele is well-known in the area pretty thinned.

How to roughly recognize values

There are a few clues where you can see at first glance if something valuable is among your brands. One more tip, before you put the brands under the arm and maybe go fishing with time and money, research yourself on the Internet and familiarize yourself with your brands. This may take a little more time, but knowledge is power. Do not tear the arrangement apart prematurely. The collector will have thought something of it. Do not tear apart blocks. If you notice that a really serrated mark does not have any in your case, it is a misspelling or a special imprint, which may be more valuable.


To be able to search for a brand at all, one has to know what it represents and what year it is from. If you have this data, you can enter it in the various search masks. Hints are as follows:

  • Label : many brands say what they depict. “Iceland, for example. If you're lucky, you'll also find the year underneath
  • Year : starting from 1969 the Germany marked their marks on the mark itself. For foreign brands, there are also the corresponding numbering for the issue years (28 / 487 for example)
  • Piston : If nothing should be seen on the stamp, the stamp can give a hint - if the mark was on the way
  • special stamps : Special stamps are basically recognized immediately. Fall of the Berlin Wall, Olympic Games or other events are clearly visible on the stamp
  • Ruler : also rulers or prominent personalities declare themselves in most cases
  • Watermark : some stamps have a watermark on the back. For some you can still recognize it, for others you need a watermark searcher


A real nice brand is of course something other than a fox-like rag, which has only two teeth (as a tooth is called the on the edge located teeth). Below also here, the better overview accordingly, a small list:

  • Border : a well-preserved brand has a complete outline. It has all the teeth, is not trimmed, is cleanly separated. If they are untoothed marks, all margins must have a wide margin
  • Paper : the paper of the brand must not be pitted, it must not be thinned and it may not have formed foxing. Everything that damages the picture should be avoided. No kinks, no other stains


If your brand has all these qualities, that's good. Generally applies, mint never hinged stamps, which still have their gum, are rated as **. Very good. If your mark has a stamp, it should not be washed out. A clear and distinctive stamp that does not mask the brand is great, but not as valuable as a fresh brand.

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What to look for

There may be something loveless about the traders and you may only get a fraction of that from the trader, as if you are inquiring on different platforms and trying to sell your marks directly to like-minded ones. You can also try it at auction or online auctions. Be advised by a second dealer. When you look through your albums, you stay in the room. It has not been uncommon for a valuable brand to be missing.

Store and store

If a stamp collection has come into your possession and you know nothing at the moment, store the collection dry. Make sure that nothing can flutter out of the albums and also that all pages are straight.

Find the right buyer

If you've decided to look into the mystery of stamps, perhaps because there are few others, you can start building yourself a small base of prospects. This is best done today through the medium of the Internet, if you have no stamp friends in your area. This means that a high-quality price can be achieved on average.

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