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Bread types of bread storage. Bread is a food that is rich in nutrients and has a high degree of satiety. Next Wholemeal bread, Rye bread, mixed rye bread, wheat bread, and whole wheat bread there are a large number of specialty breads. An example would be the sunflower bread, or the pumpkin seed bread as well as the spelled bread. With all breads, the darker the bread, the more vitamins and mineral salts it contains. Whole grain rye bread is particularly beneficial for a sensible diet.

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Traditionally made bread dough

A traditionally made bread dough contains flour, water, salt, raising agents such as yeast and sourdough - and nothing else. But most bakers nowadays use additional ingredients and additives to improve the baking properties and to be able to offer a greater variety of products.

The abundant fiber has a beneficial effect on bowel function and counteracts sluggishness and constipation. Since dark bread has a firmer crumb than light bread, it absorbs about 20% less fat when it is spread with a bread spread. So if you want to stay slim, you also prefer whole grain bread.

If you want to cut fresh bread, I have the following tip for you. Oven-warm bread is not stomach-friendly, but is still eaten with pleasure. Oven-fresh bread can be sliced ​​effortlessly if the bread knife is first dipped in hot water and immediately wiped dry.

Bread types of bread storage

Since hard bread often accumulates in the household, there is also a use for this. Hard bread that should not be older than 3-4 days (otherwise it could start to mold) will become soft again and therefore edible if you hold it over steam for a few minutes. Alternatively, you can moisten the bread slightly and place it in the oven for 2-3 minutes at approx. 150 °.

When storing bread, it should be noted that it likes to be stored airy. For example on a wooden grid or on two wooden strips. Breads with a crack-free crust are less prone to mold. The best storage temperature for bread is 15 ° and a humidity of up to 70%. If you store your bread in a bread bin, I recommend that you put an apple in the bread bin so that the bread stays fresh longer.

Hard, stale bread rolls become crispy again if you moisten them slightly and bake them in an oven for a short time. You can achieve a similar success if you place the rolls on a boiling kettle. You can keep bread and rolls fresher longer if they are frozen in the freezer, so they can easily be baked again later.

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