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Ironing highlight, the invention for ironing from the TV: Less is not possible and more is not needed for crease-free sleeves and trousers, replaces sleeve board, stainless steel, with magnet

Makes it easier to iron shirt sleeves and trouser legs

One of the most unpopular and annoying household chores is ironing. If you have now decided to do so and choose the hanger Clou Bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest Tests, this work is no longer a problem. Ironing shirt sleeves and trouser legs in particular represents a particular challenge for most of us. Even those who own an ironing machine are usually unable to iron shirt sleeves or trouser legs without creasing them.

In general, you start ironing clothes with the clothes that need the lowest temperature. Many items of laundry such as towels, table linen and handkerchiefs are blown in before ironing. Particularly with starched laundry, it is important that it is damp when ironing; this is of course not necessary if you use a steam iron. In the case of delicate laundry, it is advisable to protect items of clothing by placing a damp cloth on them when ironing. Even if you have selected a lower temperature, delicate laundry can be damaged quickly.

You can save yourself the trouble of ironing terry cloth towels; they are simply folded up smoothly after drying. We also recommend ironing clothing made of wool or silk inside out, which protects the fibers. Woven laundry items are ironed in the direction of the longitudinal thread. Leotard and [tooltip position=”top” text=”Charmeuse underwear is special quality underwear, usually made of silk.”]Charmeuse underwear[/tooltip] is to be ironed in stitches from the bottom hem upwards. The Clou hanger can also be used for jersey and charmeuse laundry.

Ironing highlight instead of sleeve boardinformationWenko sleeve ironing board, 1 piece (pack of 1)informationBoxLegend Folding Board for Clothes Shirts Children and Adults T Shirt Folding Board Laundry Folding Board Laundry Folder Clothes Adjustable BlueinformationWENKO 1025012100 Replacement Cover for Sleeve Ironing Board Ideal aluminum - foam padding, aluminum coating, 100% cotton, shiny silverinformationCLEANmaxx automatic shirt ironer | Iron for shirts, blouses and trousers, gentler than tumble dryers and irons Dry and wrinkle-free in minutes [white]informationBrabantia sleeve board 60x10 cm in pink, plastic, pink Santini / Ivory, 60 x 10 x 1 cminformation
Stretch the sleeves and trousers perfectly and then iron them out in no time without turning them. Can be done in secondsIdeal for ironing sleeves【Durable materials】T-shirt folding board is made of durable and sturdy material that will not damage or tear even with long-term use. It uses elastic...Replacement cover for the sleeve ironing board Ideal AluINNOVATIVE - The CLEANmaxx shirt ironer is an innovative ironing aid that allows you to automatically and conveniently iron shirts and blouses without using an ironIdeal for ironing shirt sleeves
For all shirts, blouses, T-shirts, polos, trouser legs up to XXL, including small children's itemsWithout turning and straightening【Versatile Application】Folding board is ideal for folding T-shirts, sweaters, shirts, pants, jeans and much more. It is suitable for folding various types of clothing.Laundry-friendly, steam iron-compatible foam padding of 2 mmEFFICIENT - Let the ironing machine iron your clothes and use the newfound time for activities that you enjoyDimensions: 60x10 cm
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Hangers Clou buy different sizes

If you like the Buy hangers Clou make sure that it comes in two different sizes. The sizes are 600 mm and 800 mm. It is advisable to order both sizes at the same time, this is also cheaper than buying them individually. The size up to 600 mm is the uncomplicated ironing aid for classic shirts and blouse sleeves. This ironing aid is formed from a flexible spring steel wire, so it is possible that it adapts to every sleeve of your laundry. It is ideal for all sizes from S to XXL. Due to the spring tension and the different lengths of the legs, the ironing aid ironing clou can optimally stretch every sleeve. For use, the sleeve tensioner is simply pushed into the sleeve. It is also not necessary to turn the fabric, this saves you a lot of time and is gentle on the fibers of your laundry. Since a sleeve is longer at the top of the shoulder than under the armpits, the ironing aid has different lengths, which also makes sense.

Particularly noteworthy is that you can attach the device to the ironing board with a magnetic holder. Thus, the hanger Clou is the quick way to wrinkle-free sleeves. But that's not all, this very useful aid is also available in sizes up to 800 mm. This size is particularly suitable for ironing trouser legs. It does not matter what fabric the pant legs are made of. The ironing aid up to 800 mm also manages to pull jeans fabric smooth. So nothing stands in the way of a crease-free ironing. The times when you burned your fingers are now over.

Even the investors from the founder show “The Lions’ Den” were so enthusiastic about this product that they invested eagerly. It is now thanks to the inventor and the investors that we can present another useful household aid.

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