Iron-on patches for ironing on or repair

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Iron-on patches for ironing on or repair. Table, bed and kitchen linen, locksmith's suits, smocks, aprons, dresses, suits, work trousers and jeans can be repaired faster than with a needle and thread with iron-on patches. These little helpers are available for a few euros and in stores. Different colored fabric cuts are available. These Iron-on patches are coated on one side. The coating ensures that the patches stick when ironed on.

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Material: denim; Quantity: 25 pieces; A total of 5 different shapes and sizes, you can cut these patches individually【20 PCS IRON PATCHES】: Our product consists of 20 PCS 10,16cm * 7,62cm iron-on patches , Including 5 * Light Blue, 5 * Medium Blue, 5 * Navy Blue, 5 * Black, Bring ...✥5 sizes: 12,5 * 12,5cm, 12,5 * 9,5cm, 13,5 * 11cm, 7,5 * 7,5cm, 7,5 * 5cm; 5 colors: black, dark blue, blue, light blue, sky blue.❤Patches irons can be used to cover small holes and stains on clothing. They can also be made according to your own ideas such as bags, dresses, curtains, etc ...Material and Size: These iron patches are made of denim fabric, they are durable, heavy to wear and safe to use; each patch measures approximately 12,5 x 9,5 cm
Dimensions: Rectangular Patches - 7,5 x 5,0 cm / 7,5 x 7,5 cm / 12,5 x 9,5 cm / 12,5 x 12,5 cm; oval patches - 13,5 x 11,0 cm【EASY TO USE】: These iron-on patches can be finished with an iron or needle. With the ideal size, you can cut out your favorite patterns。If you ...Iron-on denim patches: 25 pieces iron patch, patch sticker for each garment with different sizes and shapes. You can also cut out the pattern you want ....❤multicolor iron-on patch: 26 pieces to iron on, 26 colors, colored patch stickers for each colorful clothes to get the corresponding color. You can also choose the ...Iron-on accessories: You will receive 15 iron-on transfers on the patches in black, dark blue, royal blue, sky blue and light blue, in sufficient quantity to meet your sewing needs...
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Iron-on patch instructions

The laundry or item of clothing to be repaired requires a hard surface. In this way, they guarantee the right hold on the fabric. Apply a little more pressure to the surface when ironing. An iron-on patch is then placed on the damaged area with the coated side facing down. Now you run the iron, which is preheated to linen temperature, as firmly as possible over the patch. The temperature setting for the iron may vary slightly from case to case. I recommend lengthening the ironing time, especially on the edges of the patches.

Only after twelve hours of washing

The laundry can be used again immediately. The repaired garment can be washed for the first time after twelve hours. Some patches can even withstand a washing temperature of sixty degrees. For damaged areas in work suits, use the patch from the left, which has the advantage that the patches last longer for textiles that are subject to such stress.

No need to sew

It is not necessary to sew the patches on after ironing. The high-quality iron-on film on the back is permanently bonded to the surface. However, since these are heavily used areas, such as the knee area, additional suturing cannot do any harm. In most cases, however, it is completely sufficient if the stain is briefly ironed over again if it has loosened somewhat.

The applications, made of high quality cotton, are additionally reinforced and extremely strong. At the same time, the material is thin enough and flexible so that it is not perceived as annoying on the trousers.

Iron-on patches for children

These cool little helpers are also available with child-friendly motifs. Whether in a pirate look, unicorn, star, flower, elephant or as a summer sticker for the t-shirt or pants. The variations of these stickers for children are almost infinite and very popular. Usually such motifs are available in strong colors.

These patches are also suitable for handicrafts. They guarantee easy and quick application of the Motifs for ironing or record, most of them come with care and ironing instructions. The applications are mostly made of viscose or viscose yarn. Create your own look for your children, this is an absolute hit on clothing and also ideal for decoration purposes. Simply cut to the desired size and iron on, done! Please note that these patches are only partially suitable for application in the knee area.

Make iron-on patches yourself

To make iron-on patches yourself, you need a double-sided iron-on fleece. In addition, you will of course also need an iron, scissors and a solid surface. With these utensils you can let your creativity run free and make accessories or iron-on patches yourself. You can find step-by-step instructions at missmommypenny. On this page you will also find other great ideas on this topic.

Iron-on motif more beautiful than patches

The iron-on designs are far more fun to look at than the normal iron-on patches. Iron-on appliqués come in different shapes and colors. The processing method is almost always similar, depending on the manufacturer. First, place the motif on the designated place. Then cover the iron-on design with a thin cotton cloth. Now the iron is used for 20–60 seconds. Iron with pressure, the temperature is cotton.

Also iron the iron-on patch from the reverse side. Now let everything cool down and the arbor is ready. How long the motif should be ironed on is usually on the back of the packaging. With some manufacturers this is only five to ten seconds. I have prepared a small picture gallery of the motifs that I got from Amazon. For some, I even did the ironing process without a protective cloth.

Nothing happened, on the contrary, the patches are much easier to fix than with a cloth. But be careful with heat-sensitive fabrics, I do not accept any guarantee. My iron-on stickers remind me of my youth. Maybe someone still knows the little mole or Maya the bee.

The little mole and the smiley face with sunglasses were pretty easy to iron on. With Maya the Bee, I had a little difficulty because of the thin feelers, but with a little tact I succeeded. During this action I noticed that the only decisive factor is the constant pressure on the iron.

If you don't press down long enough and move the iron back and forth in between, it won't work, the edges will come up again. They are all intricately woven iron-on transfers. They shimmer nicely and have strong colors in the light. This is how a piece of clothing can become a favorite. Incidentally, the baseball caps are also from Amazon.

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