Brush glove - animals - top 10

Brush glove

Brush glove - animals - top 10

Hair combing promotes blood circulation and stimulates hair growth. This not only applies to us humans, but also to our four-legged friends. Especially animals that have long hair by breeding, often have to fight with knots and felt. Dirt accumulates in the hair and becomes an unsightly mess.

In this guide we deal with the grooming of dogs, cats and Co. What are the differences? Which brush glove is suitable for which animal? What should you consider when buying? You can find out where the advantages and disadvantages are and what alternatives there are in our guide today. - Brush Glove - Animals - Top 10

Brush glove - animals - top 10 - in comparison

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Check price24,90€7,99€12,98€22,95€13,96€22,95€19,84€9,95€7,99€
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What is a brush glove

A brush glove unites brush and glove in one. The brush is integrated in the glove. Available at different prices and in different materials, the quality is also different.
For most gloves, the material is polyester or other plastic material. But there are also cloth gloves. They let your skin breathe and better adapt to your hand, which also makes it more comfortable for you.
Different bristles for different requirements, that is important. A long coat can not be taken care of with short brush bristles - and vice versa.

Differences of the gloves

Cats and dogs, to name the two most important pets that occasionally need grooming, have different demands. Many dogs are still very skeptical even after 500sten combing and so have no desire. "Creepy!" Some dog might think.

Brush glove dog

The clear advantage: hand remains hand. While one holds a brush or a comb in the hand, the dog is more like an alien, smells the hand with a glove for glove, but at least looks like a hand and is also closer to master. You can simply pet the dog, pretend that nothing is special and often the wonder of enjoyment comes along. No tools, no alien, just a hand stroking.
The gloves are available in different sizes. Pay attention when buying on your hand size. Slipping gloves are stupid - for you and your pet.
Only if it fits, so undercoat, outgoing coat and dirt can be removed thoroughly and also pleasant.

Brush glove cat

Cats have much softer fur. How sensitive or insensitive they are varies from animal to animal.
Even cats feel the hand that they know from caressing, more pleasant than any crude tool. The materials are largely identical to the dog gloves and also easy to clean.
After unraveling stroking the hair can be easily removed and in terms of cleaning the brush gloves do not differ - see FAQ.

Rabbits, ferrets and Co.

It will not hurt to also pamper the other little residents massaging. Some animals find real pleasure in it, others will spend their entire life trying to escape, some will remain the skepticism. Especially rats and also some ferrets, maybe even a guinea pig, are known for their sense of pleasure. Try it with a soft glove, very gently. If your pet likes it, it will not hurt.

✴ ✴ But watch out, the smaller the animal, the more careful you have to be. The brushes must not get in the eyes and also the pressure must be very easy. Bad experiences that your pet experiences from pain or discomfort are hard to iron out. ✴ ✴

Alternatives to the brush glove

But there are alternatives:


A comb for brushing the pet hair is a bit different than the one of us humans. He has much longer teeth and these are also thinner and above all more. The comb is suitable for very long cats or dog hair.


The two most common alternatives are a normal brush. It also comes with a mechanism where you can squeeze out your brushed hair. It does not work perfectly, but the coarsest hair is out. The disadvantage: many animals find such a brush scary and never get used to it. It can also be uncomfortable for the animal, if too much pressure is applied or the brush stupid pikt.

What you should consider when buying

It should be practical, have the right size for you and be helpful to your pet. Here are the key points to look out for when buying a brush glove:

  • How much money do I want to spend?
  • what material should he use?
  • is the material easy to clean?
  • does the brush match the hair length of my pet?
  • is the glove in the right size available for my hand?

There are many voices and opinions on the web that can help you further. Many users have tested the glove and write openly about it. Good for you! That's how you can decide for sure.
The general rule:

- Short hair can be well cared for with short nubs or brushes
- Long hair, on the other hand, is better with a comb
- Massage is nice for most animals and is best achieved with soft nubs

Advantages and disadvantages of a brush glove

The advantages and disadvantages remain unmentioned here:


Animals often do not find a glove as scary as a brush or a comb
☑ good gloves are not expensive
☑ you have the pressure directly in your hand and can individually respond to the animal
Optimal optimally promotes blood circulation and allows the animal's skin to breathe
☑ better feeling, it is easier to determine from parasites or diseases
☑ the coat shines through the redistribution of sebum - which in turn promotes the health of the hair and skin
☑ regular grooming welds together


⛔ sometimes it takes some getting used to
⛔ and sometimes you have to look for the right glove for yourself and your pet


Is every glove suitable for every animal?

No. Depending on the hair length and the animal or its needs, the glove may differ from the manufacturer's recommendations. Long bristles, long coat, short bristles - short coat. For the massage gloves with nubs are suitable. For a very long coat you better reach for a comb.

How do I clean the glove?

For most models, especially those made of plastic, it is enough to gently wash them off after use with warm water and perhaps some rinse. If the animal has diseases or parasites, a more thorough cleaning must be done. Sometimes a disinfection is required to prevent the bacteria and pathogens from being transmitted back to the animal next time.

Can I wash the glove?

In the washing machine, this is not recommended because the glove can get caught in the drum with its small brushes. Many models just keep up the spin and do not turn out and break. A hand wash is sufficient in most cases. Persistent stains can also soak for a while.

Conclusion: brush glove

A glove for animals is great, especially for four-legged friends who are more than skeptical about combing and brushing. When buying, it is important to pay attention to the right size and requirements: long hair needs a different care than short hair. The brush gloves are not expensive, which makes it not that expensive. The massages usually do very well, which does not mean that some animals do not want to know about them at all.
A brush glove is not a magic tool, but quite an approximation. Closer to the animal, easier to control, more feeling - and your pet will notice that.

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LÖWENKÖNIG® Innovative 3in1 Premium Pet ...
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Kirba Trading ® Premium Glove Brush for Dogs & Cats ...
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Pet Brush Glove Depilatory Gloves For Dogs ...
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How to train a cat: How to play with your cat ...
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FRETOD Pet Brushing Glove - Double Sided Furniture Hair ...
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DEZENDO® Premium Grooming Glove for Dogs & Cats | ...
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PET MAGASIN Pet Grooming Gloves - Hair & ...
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Pet Dog Brush Cat Brush, Upgrade Cat Dog Deshedding Pet Gloves Brush Gloves Effective Cleaning Back Massage Animal Bath Fur Hair Removal Cat Dog Combs 3Pcs
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