Buy a Roman pot

Buying a Roman pot is very easy if you consider a few things afterwards. Meat, fish or vegetables can be cooked in the oven in the Roman pot or in another clay pot with the lid closed. Some excellent Recipes for the Römer pot can be found at the manufacturer. The food is fried or baked on dry heat (around 200 °). It is usually not necessary to add fat or liquid. However, the manufacturer's instructions must always be observed.

By adding little or no fat and liquid, the food retains its ingredients and aroma. in the Römertopf cannot burn anything, even if you do not adhere to the prescribed cooking time. A Roman pot must never come into direct contact with a heat source. This means that you should never place the Roman pot directly on a stove top, or in the oven directly on the floor, as that would destroy the Roman pot.

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After they buy a roman pot

Before using the pot for the first time, brush it thoroughly in hot water and then soak it for about 30 minutes so that the pores of the pot can become soaked. The pot is made of natural clay, the property of which is to store water and slowly release it again when exposed to heat. The pot is later soaked for about 10-15 minutes before each use (manufacturer's instructions). The cleaning of the pot is just with hot water without the addition of detergent.

Since the pores of the pot absorb flavors from various foods very quickly, the pot should be boiled with water in the oven after about eight to tenth use. It is possible that the pot will discolor a little after prolonged use. The addition of vinegar or lemon juice increases the cleaning effect when boiling in the oven. The cooking time for cleaning is approx. 1 hour at 200 ° C, then rinse the pot well with clear water and allow it to air dry.

[alert type = “info“] When you take the pot out of the oven, please always place it on a cloth or a wooden board. Never place the pot on a cold surface. The pot could burst. [/ Alert]

Why should you buy a Roman pot?

The advantages of a Roman pot speak for themselves. The food is cooked naturally in the clay. By cooking in your own juice, you hardly need any additional fat or liquid, while nutrients and vitamins are largely preserved. Nothing burns in the Römertopf, the stove stays clean. This cooking method emphasizes the natural taste of the food. Cooking in the Römertopf is child's play and succeeds by itself. The dishes can be brought to the table directly in the Römertopf as it is very decorative. Thus, this pot stands for traditional and modern nutrition trends.

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Römertopf instructions

Place the filled Roman pot in the oven. With an electric stove, the required temperature is set as usual. The oven's thermostat ensures slow and gentle heating. As with baking, select the setting with top and bottom heat of equal strength or convection.

The best temperatures are 220 ° C with top and bottom heat and 180 ° C with circulating air. In order to achieve a nicer crust, for example with roast pork, it is possible to select a higher temperature setting at the end of the cooking time. It is recommended to remove the lid from the Römertopf to remove and only to switch to top heat. In the case of a gas stove that reaches full heat right from the start, please start with level three (190 ° C), then set the gas stove one level higher every 5 minutes until the required temperature is reached.

Is the Römertopf also suitable for the microwave?

You can also put any Römertopf in the microwave. The handling of the pot in the microwave is the same as when cooking in the oven. Please note that the microwave works a lot faster than an oven, so stay close until you get a feel for the new cooking times. So you can safely buy a Römertopf if you only want to use it in the microwave.

Buy a Roman pot

Recipes for the Römertopf

As mentioned above, there are enough recipes for the Römertopf from the manufacturer if you buy a Römertopf. I still want to give you a recipe for fried chicken at this point. The cooking time of the roast chicken depends on the size, in my experience that is about 75-90 minutes.

Ingredients: a tablespoon of butter, a tablespoon of finely chopped mixed herbs, salt, pepper, a dash of white wine, a bouillon cube, some paprika.

Preparation: Wash the chicken inside and out, pat dry. Leave the butter in a small saucepan and mix with the herbs, salt, pepper and paprika. Coat the chicken as thickly as possible on the inside and outside. If you like a little more sauce, add two cups of water and dissolve the stock cube in it. I also have rice or potatoes with me.

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