Guide: Your camping adventure with nature and tent

Guide: Your camping adventure with nature and tent
Guide: Your camping adventure with nature and a tent 29

Guide: Your camping adventure with nature and tent

The rubber tree is still a sip of water administered, the last rest is stowed in the car, the neighbor has a spare key. Finished? Finished! Sometimes you just have to get out. As uncomplicated as possible. Flexible. Go on an adventure. Towards the sun. With a tailwind, like Thomas D.
Camping is an adventure. Get out of the urban jungle, into nature. Camping is great, relaxing, exciting, unplanable, with and without children possible and the dog can also with.
The unpredictable plan is manageable! If you have not yet dared to do so, then definitely join us here. We wrote a camping guide. In this you will find everything you need to face a summer that really rocks. - Guide: Your camping adventure with nature and tent

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Why does camping make you so happy?

From a psychological point of view, camping works on several levels. If you are constantly in your 7to5 job, you need a break and one that you don't know yet. An adventure is the stark contrast to the routine we face every day. When we do something else, we suddenly feel awake - we feel alive. The fresh air that we suddenly expose purifies and clears the mind and body. Relaxation lowers our stress level. Movement gets the body going and strengthens our whole system. We have to think first and then act - our brain is given new tasks. Maybe we decided to have dinner ourselves or go fishing. Maybe we have a breakdown and have to help ourselves. There are also sun, sea, wind, strangers, noises and smells. Our brain can store new impressions if it can take three different factors into account. A new taste in a new environment with a curious emotion, we will easily remember that. The new spice of the well-known french fries on well-known fries in the well-known rushed lunch break - less. Ergo: We experience camping and camping so intensively because our brains are constantly creating new connections. And that is so good for us and makes us happy.

Camping with four people

Camping with four people has to be organized differently and even better. When you are two, you need relatively little space. This guide is for a quartet. Especially because it is a bit more expensive. There is never much space and so everything that you need for a few days should be transported by yourself. In the examples and suggestions below, we will discuss it in more detail.

Camping with children

Who thinks that children need less space is right - but only when sleeping. Various cuddly toys and toys exclusive. While the toy is still a matter of negotiation, the everyday commodities are standard. But this is exactly where you can save space. Children's sleeping bags and sleeping pads are smaller. Clothes are smaller. The food portions as well (at least, as long as they are still small). So if you're planning for four people, you're on the safe side.

Of course you need a children's sleeping bag and child-friendly sleeping pads. Everything else you can share.
For a tent for four people is ideal. So you all together. This is not only good for binding, but also saves a lot of space.

What do I need for outdoor camping? + Checklist

Whether you're packing your stuff in a cart or backpacking, you'll need a few basics, as many as possible, for whatever you can use. We've prepared a list here for you that you should not forget at home.

car stuff

If you start your adventure with a car, please also think about all the necessary things that you may need in the Pampa or for self-help.

If you just flute the left windshield wiper, look, if you can change the right one. Otherwise, you better take a replacement wiper.

★ Different regulations apply in different countries, what you have to carry by law. Please inquire very intensively what you need. Some countries seem to want to fill their coffers with exactly these traps. The same applies to tolls (for example London): not everything is advertised and then you are surprised that you get mail several weeks later.

Eating and Drinking

Nothing is cooler than fishing or collecting your own food. Sometimes this is not allowed or simply not possible. For everything else there is a grill or a Tischräucherofen. Camping - Barbecues have the decided advantage that you can put them together again on the faster and then save space.

★ Never leave hot ashes unattended in nature. Use designated seats!
Are you looking for a good grill guide? Then look at ours Buying guide for barbecues !

Just take with you what you absolutely need. Small jars replace large spice sets. You can take some oil in a small handy bottle. Pasta or rice, flour and cereals are best in plastic containers with screw cap. They are light, protect against moisture and are resistant.

Are you backpacking on the backpack? Then you could get one Drinking hose for PET bottles buy and drink during the trip, without having to put down your backpack again and again. That's great too, when kids are there. You may be thirsty again at night and can use the drinking tube alone.

What is essential to your travel kitchen is a decent outdoor knife. This is more than practical because you can open cans, take out fish, cut ropes, chop vegetables ... Such a knife makes more than sense. If you want to make up your mind about it, we recommend ours Guide outdoor knife.

A thermo cup is also very good to be taken. This keeps your drinks hot or cold, depending on what you want. You may also need only one per person.

Small gas cookers or those that work with fuel paste are not difficult, but useful. So you can always make a little something to eat or drink. If you decide to buy a gasoline stove, you will get cheap fuel - in proportion, at least.


Clothes that suit you and your journey. Robust, windproof, maybe water repellent, comfortable. Geographical Norway offers a lot of great outdoor wear. Maybe you have room for one quilted pants? They are great if you want to catch your own fish or go camping where it often rains.

Generally it is said that clothing should last for 5 days. Otherwise, you can still use a laundrette or wash at campsites.

Recommended reading: Lots of guides on different topics .!


While some men get along with a T-shirt and a pair of socks for 4 days, it is precisely women who pay attention to hygiene - or have to pay attention.
menstrual cup instead of tampons and tying, it saves waste and can be easily rinsed out. If you as a woman can not or do not want to wash your hair every day, you can dry shampoo can be a good substitute and you would also save large amounts of shampoo etc.
The razor will need to stay with you for longer stays - unless you have prepared yourself with a hair remover in advance.
A water filters is great, maybe you find a source and so you can replenish your drinking water supplies.
A shower bag is a small emergency measure. Although not enough for a spa shower, you will clean it but.
Microfibre towels and washcloths dry very fast and are insensitive.


The tent is the heart of everything. The more people you are, the bigger the tent has to be. Four people are generally marginal if you are not very close. You need enough space and the more people you are, the more restless it can be. The advantage, a Four - person tent takes up relatively little space, is quickly opened and dismantled and stowed away.

A good sleeping padwhich is thick and reflects the heat (like a kind of rescue blanket) is as much a part of your program as a high quality one Sleeping bagwhich tolerates temperatures for the corresponding season and the climate. Of course this is due to your holiday destination.

What makes a good tent

Your tent must be quick and easy to dismantle and dismantle. Maybe a dungeon is right for you? It should offer space for all, quiet a little more! If you're traveling with three and maybe have a kid with you, see if a four-tent is still within your reach. Especially when the weather is not so good and you need to stay longer in the tent, a little more space is more than sensible.
There are tent bags for this. You can fill it to your heart's content.

Tent accessories

Below is a small list whose content may be important to you.

  • do you need a suitable tent bag?
  • Replacement peg?
  • Hammer?
  • a herring puller?
  • Ropes and straps to protect your tent against the wind?
  • a awning (this offers even more space)
  • a tent pad (which is great if you have to camp on stony ground)

Functional and space-saving

What else will you need? Gadgets that will help you with outings and that you can help yourself:

  • Outdoor knife
  • Lamps (with LED technology, they are particularly energy efficient
  • Cards in case the technique fails
  • Rain - poncho (which is very space-saving)
  • You can recharge batteries and batteries with solar
  • a rainproof backpack or a suitable protection for the backpack
  • enough matches or lighters
  • a collapsible travel cutlery

A few more tips:

★ If you do not have toothpaste, you can also mix coconut oil with salt and brush your teeth with it. The coconut oil has an antibacterial effect and the salt cleansing effect. Coconut is also great for skin care and you do not need cream anymore.

★ against mosquitoes lemon balm and sage helps wonderfully. There are natural deodorants, they even have it as an ingredient. You kill two birds with one stone.

★ You can use your belt to hang things on it

★ Aloe Vera is already available as a gel in small tubes. This saves space and helps immediately with sunburn and minor wounds

Outdoor camping - pros and cons

The cool thing about camping is, you can really be on your own. And that is balm for the soul. With or without children and dog, maybe even alone. Back to the Roots can also be very small and fit in a backpack. The quality of your time ultimately depends on how you use it.


✔ Your brain and soul will be offered something new

✔ You are learning to get closer to the origin again

✔ Outdoor camping is not expensive

✔ You can handle relatively little

✔ You need a good tent and practical accessories then you are safe

✔ Danger welds together 😉


✘ sometimes tight space - especially when it rains and the weather is "disgusting", camping can be exhausting

In a breakdown you should know to help

✘ who can improvise, it will have easier

✘ Children can sometimes be bored and or overwhelmed

Conclusion - guide: your camping adventure with nature and tent

Camping alone or with the whole family - it's always fun. In this guide, we have provided you with an overview of what you should think about in order to master a relaxed adventure holiday. Functional, practical and space-saving, should be the complete equipment. We have put together many useful gadgets for you.
A tent is your basic if you do not want to sleep in the open air. In addition a good sleeping bag, mattress, things to cook, knives and practical change clothes. You do not need much more, so that you and your loved ones can recover and strengthen their lives.
By the way: to almost all here presented gadgets there are our guides. And if not, then it will come. We work on it!
Power off? Food brought to safety? Trash can empty? Windows and doors closed? Water connections turned off? Then off to the camp pleasure! Have fun!

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