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Carrera RC - The world of remote controlled Carrera RC models

The Carrera train and its models. A world that is not open to everyone. For some, just toys for others, much more than just a pastime. It comes as no surprise that over the years, since its creation and development, not only has a broad circle of friends formed, with everyone getting their money's worth because they have found and still find something that suits them. Even if there is a tragedy in Carrera history, somehow everything has turned out well. The legend was soon to be resurrected. In this guide we dive into the fascinating world of Carrera RC cars. After a brief history, we give an overview of all models or categories, we will see which age groups they are suitable for and also where you can best buy the models. Various special features also belong to it. Let's go. Off to the world of miniature racing! - Carrera RC - The world of Carrera RC

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BEZGAR remote controlled car, 1:14 Rc car with light ...Carrera RC 370162095X 2,4GHz Speed ​​Phantom 2 I Remote Controlled...Carrera RC Passion Impact I For Children & Adults, Boys &...Carrera RC 2,4GHz Dino Car, red Off-Road Racer I ...Carrera RC 370201052 'Neon Racer II' vehicleCarrera RC 2,4GHz Green Race Buggy I remote-controlled car from 6...Carrera RC vehicle 2,4GHz Red Bull RC2 scale 1:20/25 km/hCarrera 9003150108740 Ford RC F-150 Raptor
BEZGAR remote controlled car, 1:14 Rc Car with ... *Carrera RC 370162095X 2,4GHz Speed ​​Phantom 2 I ... *Carrera RC Passion Impact I For Children &...*Carrera RC 2,4GHz Dino Car, red Off-Road Racer I ... *Carrera RC 370201052 "Neon Racer II" vehicle *Carrera RC 2,4GHz Green Race Buggy I ... *Carrera RC vehicle 2,4GHz Red Bull RC2 scale...*Carrera 9003150108740 Ford RC F-150 Raptor*
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Carrera RC 370142026 - Ford F-150 Raptor, blue *
  • RC Off Road Vehicle 1: 14
  • with front and brake light
  • full length: 40cm

A short outline of the Carrera RC history

Hermann Neuhiel. The son of Joseph, a toy manufacturer who made small cars and toys during the war. 1920 he opened a toy factory. 1934 then in Fürth. He and his wife Frida had a son, Hermann, who actually wanted to become something else. Chemist namely. He was a tinkerer and a hobbyist. Numbers never really interested him. After the death of his father, Hermann took over the factory. Joseph Neuhiel died 1957. His son Hermann visited the USA and saw a racetrack in a nursery. His heart was inflamed, he set to work. The Carrera track was born. 1972 then went into the proper production of RC cars, boats and model aircraft including a remote control. Unfortunately, the pace did not stand the time. The numbers broke in, the enthusiasm had subsided. The company wrote red numbers. Hermann was tough. He did not quit anyone, and continued to pay top salaries. Buttered his private fortune into the company. In vain. On the 31. January 1985 he went bankrupt. On the 04. February 1985 has to explain to Kurt Hesse the staff that he is now the new boss. Because her old boss killed himself with his mother Frida the night before. With introduced exhaust gases. In the car.
From there, the company got a cure and Hesse led the heritage of Neuhiel back to the top.

Overview of all models or categories

Over the years, an incredible number of models have emerged in the various categories that even collectors and fans quickly lose track of. The easiest way to solve the dilemma is through the categories. These are also divided into different age groups and have their special features.

Carrera RC Turnator

The Carrera Turnator is an off-road model. Up to 20 Km / h, the remote-controlled car can be chased through even the most impassable routes and this is suitable for children from 6 years. Basically subordinate to a category, this is further enclosed:

  • - € 8,001st best product
    Carrera Turnator remote controlled RC vehicle with 360°...*
    • ACROBATICAL ACTION: The Carrera 2,4GHz Turnator offers spectacular 360° flip action, rapid speed and impressive stunts for...
    • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: With its differential gear, 2.4GHz technology and the ability to operate up to 16 vehicles in parallel...
    • ROBUST AND RELIABLE: The splash-proof design and high-quality workmanship make the Turnator ready for any adventure, regardless of whether...
    Turnator: puts up to 20 km / h on the road, allows an 360 ° degree flip action - even upside down. It has its own small differential gear, a high-performance control of 2,4 GHz, which allows parallel operation of up to 16 vehicles at the same time. The battery only needs 80 minutes to charge. That brings 20 minutes of driving pleasure. There are spare parts that you can buy. Tires, gears, batteries, chargers or the complete middle section.
    Price: about 80 Euro
  • - € 23,751st best product
    Carrera RC I Turnator Color Flip I Spectacular RC Stunt Car...*
    • SEE THE WORLD IN A NEW WAY - With the Turnator Color Flip you can now change the viewer's perspective of your stunts; This...
    • PERFORMANCE CRAZY STUNTS - The 360° flip action function allows this movement artist to move forward and backward and...
    • FOR DRIVERS OF ALL AGES - Thanks to the powerful control with 2,4 GHz technology for parallel operation of up to 16 vehicles,...
    Turnator Super Flex: also up to 20 km / h fast and just as fast back in operation. 80 minutes charging time for 20 minutes of driving pleasure. The special here, the axes are rotatable against each other, which makes it even more flexible. He is also splash-proof. The 360 ° degree turns do not bother him even in the light rain.
    Price: about 100 Euro
  • - € 16,101st best product
    Carrera RC 2,4GHz Turnator - Glow in the Dark │ Remote controlled...*
    • EVERY STUNT IS CHILD'S PLAY: Thanks to its 360° flip-action function, it not only moves forwards and backwards, but also flips and turns...
    • IDEAL GIFT: Whether big or small, the remote-controlled Carrera stunt car is just the thing for every vehicle fan - for children's birthdays, ...
    • DUEL FUN WITH FRIENDS: With its small size, the car is practical to take with you and is always ready for a spontaneous race. Thanks to...
    Turnator Glow In The Dark: the special right away, exactly, it shines in the dark. Gear and tires can be bought. Otherwise he will remain loyal to his colleagues in the category. It is splash-proof and can also be hunted across the street for 20 minutes. Technically, he has no look.
    Price: approx. 100 euros - TO THE TEST REPORT
  • - € 8,011st best product
    Carrera RC Mini Turnator 2.0 | 360° flip | Iconic...*
    • ICONIC STUNT ACTION TOY: The Carrera RC Mini Turnator 2.0 impresses with cool stunts and glowing LED lights
    • COMPACT DESIGN FOR ANYWHERE: With a length of approx. 16 cm, the Mini Turnator fits in every bag and is the perfect companion for the garden, park...
    • CONTRACTABLE AXES: Thanks to this function, the Mini Turnator 2.0 can perform spectacular tricks and 360 degree flip action stunts
    Mini Tuner: it is smaller than the other Turnatoren and comes with a scale 1: 16 with narrow 1: 43 therefore. He also only manages 15 km / h and also drives 20 minutes. For this he only needs to load 40 minutes via a USB plug. Same technology, same chassis, the Mini also creates all 360 ° degree stunts.
    Price: about 38 euros / li>

Recommended reading: You will find many guides on various topics in the advice section !

Carrera RC professional

Faster, different, nothing for novice drivers. Whoever gets in here has to know what he is doing. Up to 50 km / h fast. The LiFePo4 battery ensures a rapid recharging time here. The age group is given from 14 years.

  • - € 39,521st best product
    Carrera Profi RC Red Bull NX2 PX I Remote Controlled Car For...*
    • ELITE PERFORMANCE & SPEED - As a member of the Carrera Profi RC series, the Red Bull NX2 combines impressive speeds of up to 50 km/h...
    • ROBUST & READY TO DRIVE - With four-wheel drive, 2x metal gears (differential) and oil pressure shock absorbers, this buggy is suitable for any terrain...
    • AUTHENTICITY & DESIGN - Equipped with an original Red Bull license, the buggy presents itself in a racing-true and striking design
    Carrera professional Red Bull NX2: Whoever chases the road with 50 km / h has to be prepared. The Red Bull is that, with its splash guard. He has to charge 70 minutes so he can give 15 minutes of maximum performance. But with 4WD and oil pressure shock absorbers. Spare parts are also available like motor or servo.
    Price: currently not available
  • - € 16,001st best product
    Carrera RC Red Bull Rallycross I remote controlled car for children...*
    • AUTHENTIC DESIGN - Thanks to the official licensing, the RC pickup offers a faithful replica, combined with a lightweight...
    • HIGH-SPEED PERFORMANCE - Prepare for impressive speeds of up to 25 km/h. This pickup was designed for...
    • PRECISE AND RESPONSIVE CONTROL - Digital proportional control of driving and steering ensures incomparably precise...
    Carrera Profi red fiber: it turns red. Also 50 km / h fast, he can even drive up the walls thanks to the all-wheel drive. Pneumatic tires, differential gearboxes, oil pressure shock absorbers - all this he brings with him. He is also splash-proof. Rear spoilers make it even sleeker. Nothing for weak nerves!
    Price: about 98 Euro
  • - € 7,521st best product
    Carrera Rc - 370800001 - Accessories for remote controlled car -...*
    • 7,4V 700mAh Li-Io battery
    • Rechargable
    • Product description: Accessories for Carrera RC Servotronic vehicles
    Power Machine: the 50 km / h and the best workmanship remain, what's added are front lights and brake lights. Spill-proof, the machine comes along and, last but not least, a height-adjustable chassis that can be operated even while driving via the controller.
    Price ca: 112 Euro
  • 1st best product
    Carrera RC Jeep[R] Trailcat -PX- Profi 370183019 Remote controlled...*
    • Brake lights
    • Energy source: manually operated
    • Pack Weight: 1.76 kg
    Jeep Trailcat: here comes the absolute cult offroader with the USA license. Splash-protected, 50 km / h fast and the rest as usual in the best quality. A merciless highlight for real fans.
    Price: about 115 Euro
  • 1st best product
    Carrera Profi RC Lime Star PX/Remote Controlled Buggy 50 km/h / 2,4...*
    • PROFESSIONAL DESIGN WITH PRECISION - As part of the Carrera Profi RC series, this RC buggy offers digital/proportional steering and driving commands, which...
    • INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE - With four-wheel drive and an extreme speed of up to 50 km/h, this buggy sets new standards in the RC world...
    • ROBUST AND THOUGHTFUL CONSTRUCTION - Equipped with two metal gears (differential) and oil pressure shock absorbers, the buggy is not only ...
    Lime Star: the lime impresses with its bright color and the same professional quality as its family members. In the scale 1: 18 he also comes with a splash guard, air-filled tires and charged batteries from the factory. Spare parts are available as well.
    Price about 115 Euro

Carrera RC Action

These cars can give everyone the water. Fountains are sprayed up to five meters wide. The water models cope very well thanks to their splash protection. Action is available for kids from 6 years.

  • 1st best product
    usy Carrera Greenmaster spray gun (No.13)*
    • In different stages
    • Spray, water and wash
    • With hook lock for continuous spraying
    Watergun 2.0: a small, sturdy car that can run up to 18 km / h for 40 minutes and only need 80 minutes to recharge. It has front lights and brake lights and its water fountain comes 5 meters wide. His scale: 1: 14
    Price: about 100 Euro
  • - € 22,501st best product
    Carrera RC Mario Kart Yoshi Quad I Remote Controlled Quad For...*
    • UNIQUE ORIGINAL LICENSE - Jump into driving fun with Yoshi! This RC off-road kart embodies the popular character from the Mario...
    • INTUITIVE DRIVING EXPERIENCE WITH FULL CONTROL - Thanks to the full driving and steering function, you always have the quad under control. Whether tight curves...
    • LONG-LASTING RIDING FUN WITH POWER BATTERY - The integrated, particularly safe and long-lasting LiFePo4 battery ensures hours of driving fun. And...
    Mario Kart: Mario can 20 km / h and up to 40 minutes. He is splash-proof too. The scale: 1: 16. Who wants to send the plumber with the knobbly nose into the race, can do that to the
    Price: about 100 Euro
  • - € 0,541st best product
    Carrera 20065508 First Sander, 8 pieces (pack of 1)*
    • Carrera First accessories
    • 8 pieces bench grinder
    • Only suitable for the Carrera First
    Mario Kart Kids Party Set: Mario is also with his buddy Joschi.
    Price: about 90 Euro
  • - € 46,951st best product
    Carrera RC 370162122 2,4GHz Jeep [R] Wrangler Rubicon, Camouflage *
    • Package dimensions (L x W x H): 27.6 cm x 27.7 cm x 48.0 cm
    • Package weight: 2.54 kg
    • Country of origin: - China
    Jeep Wrangler Rubicon green: big tires, powerful volume. The wranger even has a winch as Highligt. He can drive a maximum of 20 km / h but can drive 40 minutes and only need 80 minutes to the charging station. In scale 1: 16 the green off-roader comes out of the box.
    Price: about 100 Euro

Carrera RC Buggies

The buggies are sporty, dynamic and look like little crazy racing cars. The rear spoiler is as much a program as its cutting. What still connects the models are pneumatic tires and a differential gearbox. They will be up to 20 Km / h fast.

  • - € 2,001st best product
    Carrera Pull & Speed ​​I Red Bull Racing RB18 Verstappen No.1 I...*
    • MAX VERSTAPPEN DESIGN - Immerse yourself in the world of Formula 1 with the Red Bull Racing RB18, which features the official design of Max Verstappen...
    • PULL-BACK DRIVE - The pull-back function brings dynamic driving fun to the children's room. Simply pull the car back and when you let go, the...
    • DETAILED AND ROBUST - This model in scale 1 -43 impresses with its faithful replica and the robust plastic chassis, which...
    Red Speeder: the little black with the red accents creates 12 km / h. For 20 minutes of travel, it only needs 90 minutes of recharge time thanks to the high-performance, high-performance batteries. Two vehicles can be controlled simultaneously.
    Price: currently not available
  • - € 3,541st best product
    Carrera RC vehicle 2,4GHz Red Bull RC2 scale 1:20/25 km/h*
    • OFFICIAL RED BULL LICENSE - The RC buggy is equipped with an original Red Bull license, making it a must-have for all racing and ...
    • OPTIMIZED RACING BODY - Made from lightweight yet robust material, the racing body offers a perfect combination of...
    • TOP DRIVING PERFORMANCE - With an impressive speed of up to 25 km/h and a stable metal gear, the Red Bull RC2 is not only...
    Red Bull RC2: the red bull has immortalized himself in this model. With 10 km / h it lifts against the wind and throughout the 20 minutes. He needs 90 minutes of recharge. A benchmark of 1: 20 makes the model look very good. The age group is set at 14 years.
    Price: about 46 Euro
  • 1st best product
    Carrera 370501040X Red Bull Cobra TAH-1F RC entry-level...*
    • POWERFUL DESIGN - This Red Bull licensed Cobra TAH-1F helicopter is a real powerhouse With its impressive length of 26 cm...
    • LONG FLIGHT TIME - Up to 5 minutes of flight time with this bad boy. Thanks to the 60-minute charging time, you'll be back in the air in no time
    • EASY TO USE - The automatic altitude assistant ensures easy take-offs and landings. Up to 16 helicopters can fly at the same time, ...
    Green Cobra 3: the name is program. Green and snappy is the Cobra by Carrera RC. Deep black in the paint and scaly on the side and up to 12 km / h. The battery lasts for 20 minutes and needs to be charged for 90 minutes before it can continue. Suitable for children from 6 years on a scale of 1: 20.
    Price: about 44 Euro

Carrera RC offroad

Here we are at the monster class. Headlights and brake lights are part of every monster. As standard, the fully suspended suspension and pneumatic tires. Of course you can also buy many spare parts for the offroad series. Age group is given here at 6 years.

  • - € 21,111st best product
    Carrera RC Ford F-150 Raptor I remote controlled truck for children...*
    • AUTHENTICITY THROUGH ORIGINAL LICENSE - With an official license, the RC pickup offers a faithful and detailed replica of the original, which...
    • LIGHTWEIGHT & POWERFUL - The lightweight racing body is both flexible and robust, ensuring maximum performance at high speeds...
    • PRECISE CONTROL - Thanks to the digital proportional control for driving and steering, the pickup offers precise and responsive...
    Ford F150 Raptor: Rough terrain is no problem for the hero the black monster with the red flames. 10 km / h he can still fast, even for children from 6 years. The pick up is on a scale of 1: 18.
    Price: approx. 49 euros / li>
  • 1st best product
    Brotree 2mm Paracord 3 Strands 30M 100% Nylon Cords Rope...*
    • 【100% Nylon】 This 2mm paracord is made of the highest quality nylon and consists of 3 inner triple strands, which are surrounded by a 16 ...
    • 【Test on 90 kg】 Delicate, compact and meticulous knit shows the wonderful texture. And it's reliable, tough and durable, 100%...
    • 【UV and mold resistant】UV sunlight and discoloration resistant, neither rot nor mildew, making it excellent for survival needs...
    Orange Breaker 2: This orange monster got its name for no reason. Robust, coarse and strong-willed he is. He can reach 12 km / h and the 20 for minutes. Then he has to return to the charging station for 90 minutes. You can drive up to 16 vehicles at the same time.
    Price: about 42 Euro
  • 1st best product
    Carrera Mercedes-Benz 20064169 GO AMG GT3 Mann-Filter Team HTP,...*
    • Carrera 20064169 GO!!! Mercedes-AMG GT3 MANN-FILTER Team HTP, No.47
    • Contents: 1 pieces
    Mercedes Benz Ener-G-Force Police: A star that does not just shine in the sky. Thanks to his blue light and his sirens, he even accomplishes that on the ground. With up to 18 km / h he takes up to 40 minutes on the pursuit. In scale 1: 14 the crooks no longer have a chance.
    Price: about 100 Euro
  • 1st best product
    Generic Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited 5 Door Green From 2007 1/24...*
    • INCLUDING DESIRED LABELS: The vehicle will be delivered with YOUR individual desired license plate!
      The license plates are self-adhesive - so...
    • The model is in a stylish matching original packaging.
    • Made of metal with plastic parts and opening doors.
    Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Green: a car for the summer. Without roof in green invites you to summer adventures. If you get stuck, you can even save yourself thanks to the winch. Up to 20 km / h brings 40 minutes. Thanks to the front and brake lights even in the dark.
    Price: about 100 Euro.

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Carrera RC Air

Off the ground, up into the air with the Air models. There are five, which we will take a closer look at here.

  • - € 3,001st best product
    Tomzon mini drone for children beginners RC quadrocopter with...*
    • 【Newly upgraded combat drone】Tomzon's newly upgraded mini drone has more special gameplay than ever before; This drone cannot...
    • 【Simple and friendly for children】 In addition to the previous one-button start and manual start, the remote-controlled aircraft has a ...
    • 【Cool flight stunts】The RC quadcopter has a variety of unique aerobatics such as 3D flip, circular flight, self-rotation, etc., which ...
    Quadrocopter Guidro: the Guidro is recommended for children from 12 and a 3 treadle. He can stay in the air for up to 7 minutes. The orange copter even comes with 2 replacement engines.
    Price: about 90 Euro
  • - € 19,651st best product
    Carrera RC SUPER Mario™ Flying Cape Mario Remote Control...*
    • WITH ORIGINAL NINTENDO LICENSE: Fly through your children's room with Super Mario in a helicopter design and experience unique adventures!
    • EASY TO CONTROL: Thanks to the gyro system and the coaxial rotor control, the RC helicopter offers stable flying fun for little pilots aged 8 and up...
    • EXCITING ACTION: Use Mario's yellow cape to not only glide through the air but also attack enemies. Let the cloak swirl and...
    Super Mario - Flying Cape Mario: Mario can also fly. From 8 years the recommendation is given by the manufacturer. With an original Nintendo license of course. Mario can fly for 5 minutes and then needs 30 minutes of power.
    Price: about 34 Euro
  • - € 30,001st best product
    Wipkviey T6 drone with camera 1080p hd, WiFi FPV drone for...*
    • 【A great entry-level drone】: The T6 drone is suitable for beginners and children (14 years and older). The quadcopter is light (120 grams), also...
    • 【Longer flight time】: The T6 quad drone comes with two rechargeable batteries (SD card is not supported) for a total flight time of ...
    • 【Excellent stability】: The T6 drone with HD camera does not have the foldable function and instead offers excellent flight stability....
    Quadrocopter Video one: for Kids from 7 onwards, this aircraft is capable of taking videos and photos while flying 7 minutes permanently in the air. You can not lose it thanks to its LED lights also not.
    Price: about 88 Euro
  • 1st best product
    Thunder: Before the storm (Two Faces 2)*
    • Daniels, Summer May (Author)
    Thunder Storm 2: Here the Heli - friends get their money's worth. Up to 16 pieces can fly at the same time. The red - black helicopter is suitable for kids from 12 years and spare parts or accessories, of course, there for him.
    Price: about 56 Euro
  • 1st best product
    Carrera RC Micro HD Air Cam Copter *
    • Carrera RC Micro HD Air Cam Copter Quadcopter RtF
    • Contents: 1 pieces
    Micro HD Air Cam Copter: here too pictures and videos are not only possible but desired. He has an 720 p HD camera, which transmits the images directly to a tablet or smartphone. He can fly up to 5 minutes non-stop and then has to return to the charging station for 60 minutes. For children from 12 years.
    Price: about 73 Euro

Carrera RC Sea

The category of ships. Again, Carrera RC has some models at the start which are also on the water in nothing to the distant relatives in the air and on the ground.

  • 1st best product
    PAW PATROL, hovercraft with Zuma figure (Sustainable Basic...*
    • Zuma's basic vehicle with individual movable action functions and a figure on board recreates the adventures from the popular TV series PAW...
    • With authentic details and working wheels, Zuma is ready for exciting adventures with his furry friends - a Zuma figure in...
    • The Zuma toy character and his vehicle are largely made of recycled plastic. Ryder, Marshall, Skye, Rubble, Everest, Rocky, Chase and...
    Falshöft Patrol Boat: here comes the police. The propellers work only in the water and it has an automatic return, which ensures a high level of safety against swimming away. The ship has a microphone, a detachable joystick and a neck strap. It is 60 cm long and can patrol 20 minutes at 20 km / h.
    Price: currently not available
  • 1st best product
    PAW PATROL, hovercraft with Zuma figure (Sustainable Basic...*
    • Zuma's basic vehicle with individual movable action functions and a figure on board recreates the adventures from the popular TV series PAW...
    • With authentic details and working wheels, Zuma is ready for exciting adventures with his furry friends - a Zuma figure in...
    • The Zuma toy character and his vehicle are largely made of recycled plastic. Ryder, Marshall, Skye, Rubble, Everest, Rocky, Chase and...
    Falhöft Patrol Boat Profi: the big brother. Also 60 cm long, 20 km / h fast. What distinguishes him is an on-board speaker and a sound system. It comes also with schwachendem rechargeable battery alone back into the harbor, this is the case after 20 minutes. By the way, this ship was test winner of "Remote controlled boat test 2015".
    Price: currently not available
  • 1st best product
    PAW Patrol, quad vehicle with Ryder figure (Basic Vehicle/Basic...*
    • No task is too big and no paw is too small for Ryder, the leader of the Paw Patrol, and his toy quad
    • With authentic details and working wheels, Ryder's rescue quad is ready for exciting adventures with the furry friends - a Ryder...
    • Together, the lovable Paw Patrol puppies can master any situation. Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rubble, Zuma, Rocky, Everest and Tracker...
    Patrolboat Falshöft: here comes an original replica of the eponymous coast guard boat. 20 km / h fast, including walkie talkie and siren. This model can stay 20 minutes on the water and comes back home on their own.
    Price: currently not available
  • 1st best product
    Power Wave: here comes the speed. The red runabout on the water with the two occupants brings it to 30 km / h. It is 50 cm long and comes with an ergonomic controller. It can stay on the water for 25 minutes and then needs 80 minutes at the charging station.
    Price: currently not available
  • Arno XI: Arno sees red and hunts over the water at 35 km / h. This is possible thanks to the water-cooled 540er motor drive. If necessary, he will drive back to the controller when he runs out of air and bring it to a length of 58 cm. 20 minutes of speed for the red Ferrari.
    Price: currently not available / li>
  • Race Boat, black: if you say red, you have to say black, too, and so here we have the black who sweeps across the water at up to 25 km / h. The age recommendation is from 14 years. He can stay on the water for 15 minutes and then needs 80 minutes of power. It is 44 cm long and can compete with other 16 boats at the same time.
    Price: currently not available
  • 1st best product
    Carrera RC 2,4GHz Race Catamaran | Remote controlled boat | Up to...*
    • HIGH-QUALITY RACING BOAT FOR FUN AT THE LAKE OR IN THE POOL: The Carrera RC Race catamaran offers stylish design and reaches speeds of up to...
    • LONG-LASTING WATER FUN: With a travel time of 20 minutes and a short charging time of 50 minutes, you can have fun on the water for a long time
    • PRECISE CONTROL THROUGH ERGONOMIC CONTROLLER: Thanks to the digital proportional technology and extra-long range, you retain the full ...
    Race Catamaran: a catamaran must not be missing in the fleet. He has to be red and can break through the waves for up to 10 km / h for 10 minutes. The age recommendation is from 8 years.
    Price: about 45 Euro
  • 1st best product
    Invento Mini Race Boat 'Red' RC entry-level motorboat RtR 140mm*
    • GREAT DRIVING FEATURES: The RC boats are nimble and impress with their long running times and short charging times. With the submarines, children from 8...
    • LIMITLESS FUN: Playing with the RC boats from “Invento just play” never gets boring. Playing with them stimulates the imagination and...
    • MANY FUNCTIONS: The RC boats and submarines from “Invento just play” have a variety of different functions, depending on the model...
    Race Boat red: for kids from 14 this red boat is perfect. Up to 25 km / h fast and 15 minutes long. It is 44 inches tall and certainly makes a sleek figure.
    Price: about 73 Euro


The new models of Carrera RC are not only versatile, but also of high quality without the price too high. The special features come with every model, for lovers as well as for all ages is something. Safety and sophisticated design complete the models. Good also that there are many spare parts and accessories. There is hardly anything in the way of a long pleasure.

Discover the top 10 of the best and best-selling Carrera RC boat products 2024 on honest tests. We show a selection of the most popular items that have great customer reviews and value for money. Find the perfect Carrera RC boat product for your needs now!

Top 10🔥Offers🔥 🆕Online
- € 5,87Services
- € 13,01Services
- € 7,33Services
Dickie Toys - RC police boat - remote-controlled toy boat in...
Dickie Toys - RC police boat - remote-controlled toy boat in...*
What components are included with the product: RC Police Boat, RTR
37,99 € - € 7,33 30,66 € Amazon Prime
- € 4,00Services

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Carrera Expert RC 2,4GHz Brushless Buggy I Ultimate off-road driving fun I 60 km/h top speed I Scale 1:10 I Oil pressure shock absorber I High-precision metal gear and special ball bearings I Ages 14 and up

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