Chaga mushroom - a health miracle?

The Chaga mushroom - a hitherto little-known health miracle?

Chaga mushroom - a health miracle?

For stomach ulcers, Crohn's disease or for internal strengthening in a weakened immune system. The Chaga mushroom reaches more and more our latitudes and finds as Tea, in capsules or as drops find their way into our cups and medicine cabinets. In terms of taste, a mixture of coffee and tea, with a slight hint of vanilla, is how it is described and can even be sweetened, mixed with milk or varied with other types of tea.

In this guide we will explore what chaga is, what effects it has, what its ingredients are, what its preparation looks like, whether there are side effects and where you can best buy Chaga tea. It's best to put hot water on, because this mushroom has the potential to march to the very front. - Chaga mushroom - a health miracle?

Chaga mushroom - a health miracle? - compared

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What is Chaga?

Chaga is a fungus, i.e. a parasite that grows on the bark of birch trees. Its spores break open the birch bark and deprive the birch of its rich ingredients. Birch has always been used as a remedy, the bark contributes to healing in the form of tea or poultices. The fungus takes advantage of this. Mixed with its own natural antibodies, it can reach a considerable size of 10 cm in length and width within 25 to 80 years. Its appearance is somewhat reminiscent of charcoal, but inside it is brownish - orange and streaked with white veins.

This is the actual fungus, not the fruiting body. With mushrooms, for example, the fruit bodies are cut on the pizza, the actual mycelium is hidden in the earth. Shortly before the end of the sub-polar summer, the fungus forms its spores, which it sends out into the world before it dies. So it is harvested beforehand and then dried and ground into powder to find its way to us.

Science calls it Inonotus obliquus and finds it so interesting that it has been trying to extract its secrets from around 70. However, foreign studies are progressing, and in our countries this is rather sluggish. The naturopathy of the lobes and Russians has long been in the magic box for general strengthening, disinfection and uses it internally and externally in all sorts of complaints that are associated with a weakened immune system.

The effect of Chaga

Disinfecting, invigorating and vitalizing. That is the mode of action that is said to him. It is said to be helpful against high blood sugar levels as well as stopping tumor cells from growing. Its effect, which is said to have been, though not yet tested on humans, is far-reaching. Here at this point, the express reference to the person who must follow regular visits to the doctor, the receipt with the attending physician in advance please discuss. A small list:

  • against tiredness
  • against the bad mood
  • digestive
  • anti-inflammatory
  • ensures inner balance
  • disinfectant
  • stops / inhibits the growth of Tuorzellen
  • protects the pancreas, liver and bile
  • against stomach ulcers
  • strengthens the entire immune system
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • against gastritis and arteriosclerosis
  • against high cholesterol
  • against periodontosis
  • improves the appearance of the skin in atopic dermatitis and acne

In summary, the ingredients strengthen the entire immune system and give it exactly what it takes to be holistic.
A rejuvenation cure from the inside out or as a healing support from the outside.

Chaga and its ingredients

Science is not finished yet, with its researches. How many good qualities the mushroom has can not be said exactly. However, some things can already be said and that should also be said. In addition to potassium, manganese and sodium, as well as small amounts of iron, calcium, silicon, magnesium, copper and zinc, the following stand out:

Beta glucans

These activate the immune system and help it to protect against degenerated cells and infections. On the other hand, they also bring the immune system back into balance and help protect the body from degenerate cells. A substance that harmonizes on all levels. In the gut, in the stomach, on the skin. The immune system is being re-sounded.


The mushroom is full of zinc. Along with Vitamin C is Zinc the absolute cell booster. Zinc also protects and strengthens the immune system, provides general cell renewal and contributes to its stability.


Melanin is not only present in the fungus, but also in human cells. This increases the bioavailability enormously. Melanin is needed to protect against free radicals. More melanin therefore means a rejuvenating effect of the skin, protection against UV and protection of cells in general.


This acid is increasingly found in the bark of the birch. An essential oil, which also haunts the laboratories against tumor development. Among other things it protects against deposits in the vessels, shuttles the blood lipid level and the cholesterol value again.

Does Chaga have side effects as well?

The dose often makes the poison and much does not always help much. The ingredients have a blood thinning effect. Due to its properties and its not yet fully explored, it is not recommended to take it during pregnancy and lactation as well as for people who need to take medication. If you are healthy, it is best to drink a small and not so well prepared cup to see how your body reacts. The mushroom is not created for the infinite intake, after no later than 3 months you should take a break with it.

The right preparation of Chaga

Traditionally, a tea is cooked from the chunks, which is drunk as soon as possible. The online shops have even more on offer. The difficulty, since the Chaga and its ingredients have not yet been fully explored, can often only speculate. We dared the attempt:


As a tea, he is drunk in most cases. There are chunks and teabags available. However, since the tea should be cooked and not poured like a bag, this raises the question of the unfolding of its effect. For people who travel a lot and do not want to do without the Chaga in between, the bag itself may be a lesser evil.

The tea steam can also be inhaled. This can have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, asthma or a cold for example. The easiest way is to bend over the pot with a towel over your head, cooking the chunks. Careful, the steam is very hot.

Tip: Read ours here Chaga tea test


Here are the ghosts. Some say that the powder is not only indigestible and can cause constipation at worst, the others argue with just the opposite. If you like, you have to find out for yourself. Traditionally, the mushroom is enjoyed as a tea.


The capsules contain Chaga powder - see Powder. It is sometimes recommended not to swallow the capsule, but to pour hot water over it and drink it as tea.


The drops usually consist of double-extracted Chaga. Basically something like tea, just thicker. It is conceivable, if no further additions were used, that they are helpful. Even though storage and processing probably mitigate the effect.


4 chunks, the crust and the inside, boil with half a liter of water, boil 10 minutes until it has assumed a very dark color, strain and it is ready to drink. Cooked until 15 minutes, it has a higher impact. However, it is generally recommended to drink a cup three times a day before meals.

Where to buy the Chaga mushroom

It should be in organic quality and come from a wild collection. The mushroom is also never completely happy, but only a part. This ensures that the fungus can multiply again. It takes time for it to gather its ingredients from the birch bark, which should be left to him. It does not really matter if you buy the Chaga from a good online shop or from a retail store. It depends on the quality, on which one should throw his eye. Especially because the fungus is rather sensitive.

What you should consider

Here are a few pointers to watch out for:

  • the mushroom should be stored in paper bags and
  • not in aluminum or even plastic
  • he should be at least 5 years old
  • make sure that it comes in organic quality
  • Birch has the most beneficial properties
  • Make sure the mushroom is not contaminated
  • clean and dry storage is essential
  • he may contain only 15% residual moisture, otherwise he threatens to mold because it is a pure natural product
  • Tea from China is in disrepute with chemicals and grow on cereals. This is not particularly beneficial for the health, but attracts with reasonable prices
  • the right mushroom comes from a wild collection and if possible from a very cold area. Because it is precisely this slow growth, which compresses the ingredients so

Bonus recipes

The tea is easy to mix and retains its effect, in contrast to some other natural products. It can be supplemented with milk and sugar, cinnamon or other spices. It is also delicious with other types of tea. It is therefore allowed to experiment. Chamomile, fennel, ginger, coffee, or chocolate licorice. Chaga tea does not have such a dominant taste of its own and can easily adapt to other tastes.

Tip: Always cook the teas separately, then mix and try.

In Lapland they leave the tea for 24 hours in the fridge and drink it as a refreshment.
Try one too SmoothieHere you can experiment with fresh things that contain many vitamins.


Tasting is about studying. You can not harm the fungus, as long as you do not overdo it. Slow approach is desirable, especially because the Chaga was ultimately mirrored only in animal experiments. For risk groups, as always, is to double secure, because a guess does not always have to bring the evidence to the contrary. The indications speak for the positive effects. An almost new area to get involved with. Exciting and worth exploring. After all, in China you can buy the Chaga mushroom, or Schieferporing Schieferporing, as it is called by us, even in the pharmacy, here the experience seems to be entirely positive.

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