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Akokie Montessori plug-in game toy with drill Educational creative toy 3D puzzle mosaic game tool box Children from 3 4 5 6 years for boys girls (223 pieces)
Jewelry cleaning bath | Silver and Gold Cleaning Solution | Reusable 210 ml with basket
Pufas 5404000 mildew spray anti-mold spray for fast and thorough removal of mold, green cover, mildew, bacteria and algae, 1L
Sagrotan mold free - mold remover for thorough surface cleaning - 1 x 750 ml spray bottle
TUGA Chemie 5712088 spray bottle Alu-Teufel special sprayer 1000 ml
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  • 3D Puzzle Toys - The cordless screwdriver toy 8 animal cards, more than 30 kinds of 2D / 3D compilations, which help the children to develop their imagination and creativity when they have completed existing patterns and created their own designs.
  • Pegging game 223 pieces - A safe children's drill (requires 2 AA, but not included), a screwdriver, multi-colored mosaic panels, multi-colored screws and a breadboard as a storage box.
  • DEEP CLEANING OF SILVER AND GOLD: Our silver and gold cleaner is formulated to safely clean silver, gold and copper without pitting or excessive silver removal, as is the case with other discount cleaners.
  • FAST RESULTS AND HIGH SHINE: Our solution is designed to clean your jewelry quickly and without scrubbing or brushing. Immerse the object with the basket in the container in the liquid (silver - 1 minute, gold - 10 minutes). After removing the object from the liquid, rinse it thoroughly under running water and wipe it dry with a soft cloth.
  • Use biocidal products with care. Always read the label and product information before use
  • Raw material basis: Aqueous sodium hypochlorite solution> 3% - 5% Active chlorine content and auxiliary agents
  • Powerful cleaning: The cleaner can be used on almost all surfaces in the household and declares war on bacteria, fungi and mold - for a clean and safe home
  • For daily cleaning throughout the house: Sagrotan's mold spray eliminates 99,9 percent of bacteria, removes discoloration and combats bad odors
  • the new alu-teufel-special is a modern high-performance rim cleaner. the new, acid-free formula enables the problem-free cleaning of steel and aluminum rims as well as wheel covers.
  • Due to its gel-like consistency, the alu-teufel-Spezial adheres excellently to the rim and can therefore loosen the dirt extremely well. the cleaner works completely automatically, so that manual / mechanical processing of the rim is usually no longer necessary.
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Planam dungarees Canvas 320 'size 52, grain blue, 2130052
14 Reviews
Planam dungarees Canvas 320 "size 52, grain blue, 2130052 *
  • Knee pockets made of Cordura, 2 inserted pouch pockets made of Cordura, ...
  • Material: 65% polyester, 35% cotton; Reinforcement: 100% ...
  • Double bib pocket, 1 with flap and press studs and 1 with ...
Topseller 7
Nano Care make-up remover facial tissue, removes cosmetics ...
23 Reviews
Nano Care make-up remover facial tissue, removes cosmetics ... *
  • The best makeup remover, skin and face towel. Your...
  • A transformative experience for your face. This collection ...
  • Protect the health of your skin while you do makeup ...
  • Removes all types of make-up or cosmetics. Face and eyes ...
Topseller 8
St. Leonhard Solar radio-controlled watch: men's radio-controlled wristwatch with ...
132 Reviews
St. Leonhard Solar radio-controlled watch: men's radio-controlled wristwatch with rechargeable battery ... *
  • DCF77 radio for automatic time setting • Positions itself ...
  • DCF77 radio for automatic time setting: also for summer ...
  • Can also be read in the dark: luminescent pointers and number points ...
  • Polished stainless steel bracelet with ...
- € 6,00Topseller 9
Pitch biscuit coffee thermo mug to go porcelain with lid, ...
103 Reviews
Pitch biscuit coffee thermo mug to go porcelain with lid, ... *
  • Pechkeks Coffee to go mug made of ceramic with the funny-evil ...
  • Ideal for on the go: coffee mug with rubber lid for ...
  • Finest porcelain, mug in elegant matt black, front with ...
  • Pitch biscuit mug are funny gifts for men, ...
Topseller 10
Jason Markk 4oz. Premium shoe cleaning kit
2.980 Reviews
Jason Markk 4oz. Premium Shoe Cleaning Kit *
  • Premium Shoe Cleaner 98,3% made of natural substances such as ...
  • Applicable to leather, suede, nubuck, canvas, vinyl, nylon, ...
  • Walnut brush with soft natural bristles
  • Does not contain any aggressive chemicals or abrasives
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AKB Alkaline BASIC CLEANER and GREASE SOLVENT concentrate, 1262 (2 x 1 liter bottle)
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