Cleaning your apartment - 7 tips for more motivation

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Everyone knows it, hardly anyone likes to do it. Cleaning an apartment is associated with little joy for many people and is one of the most unpleasant tasks in everyday life. We could use the time when we swing brooms and rags for activities that bring us joy. But the housework has to be done, unfortunately we can't avoid it and let's be honest, we all like a clean home. If it weren't for the matter of motivation. The following seven tips will make cleaning a little easier in the future.

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1. Not all at once!

One cleaning day a week for cleaning the apartment, on which the whole house is cleaned from top to bottom, is a common method. The intention behind this is that you only need to bother with the subject of cleaning once a week, the remaining days only have to be done on the “main streets”. The idea is not bad, but it also has its pitfalls. If you don't feel like cleaning in general, it's not an advantage to be constantly faced with a huge pile of housework.

Keeping the motivation constant over a long period of time is very difficult. In the end, it also depends on what type of person you are, but experience has shown that it is better to do some of the housework every day. So you don't stand in front of a large pile of unloved work once a week. Here you run the risk of procrastinating very quickly.

2. Create a pleasant cleaning environment!

Any work goes faster when the working environment is right. In the case of housework, that means good-smelling cleaning products, chic cleaning rags and lots of music. For one or the other, this may be trivial, but it's just more fun to work with beautiful things. These can even serve as a motivator to even start the activity.

If you like to listen to music or if you are a big radio play fan, you can combine this hobby with cleaning. Coupling an unpleasant task with a pleasant activity is known to be a very effective measure. Lively music can also motivate and encourage the urge to move; it is best to put together your own cleaning playlist right away.

3. Direct and indirect rewards can help!

The concept of reward is very old, but it still works wonderfully. This is also the case when cleaning, for some the prospect of a nice, clean and well smelling apartment in which one feels good is enough.

This is also referred to as a kind of reward, namely an indirect one. No extra effort is made to create the reward, as it is the consequence of cleaning. If that's not enough, you can of course also reward yourself. After the work is done, it can be an episode of your favorite series, a piece of chocolate or a call to your best friend.

4. It's faster as a couple!

Many people say that they would like to have some peace and quiet while cleaning their home. That's right, children or partners who are constantly pounding on the freshly scrubbed floor are indeed more than annoying. But if serious motivation problems arise when thinking about the upcoming cleaning, it might be an idea to look for a colleague.

It can be really more fun for two and of course it is also faster. Nobody has to run the household completely alone, after all, everyone who moves around there regularly causes dirt. Children and partners can therefore be included, especially with children it is important that they learn early on to clear up their mess themselves.

5. Don't see everything so doggedly!

In your own four walls you should feel comfortable with your family, for this reason there is a certain amount of Order and Cleanliness of course important. But there are always situations in life where you should be able to let the disorder be disorder from time to time. If this doesn't become the norm, that's perfectly fine.

It should not be forgotten that with the degree of order in your own apartment you are not accountable to anyone. We're not in home economics class here, after all. Potential guests can also live with a cluttered apartment, and it will certainly not always look super tidy for them. If you don't like it here, you can just leave.

6. Integrate housework into everyday life in a meaningful way!

In everyday life there are often so-called idle times that can be used well for the household if you have some multitasking ability. When brushing your teeth, instead of staring in the mirror for 3 minutes, you can also quickly wipe the bathroom surfaces. While the TV is on, the laundry can be folded up very easily at the same time, the waiting time until the pasta water finally boils can be used to tidy up the kitchen.

7. Trick yourself!

It's a phenomenon we all probably know. We never really feel like cleaning, but as soon as visitors arrive, we snap up and whip up the whole apartment. Suddenly it is there, the long-missing motivation, because now we have pressure that comes from outside. Very few guests will actually insist that they be received in a tidy environment, but good custom demands it that way.

The fact is, in the time until the visit comes, we do the housework as effectively and quickly as never before. One can make use of this fact. Simply invite someone for coffee once or twice a week and at least the kitchen, living room, hall and bathroom are regularly prepared.

You do not have to apply all seven tips at once when cleaning the apartment, most of the grouches try their hand at about two points. Not every trick is suitable for every type of person, either. For some, rewards have absolutely no effect, others can only handle pressure very poorly, so it is always important to see what fits here and what you are still comfortable with.

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