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Coffee machines
Guide: fully automatic coffee machines | Coffee at the push of a button 65 Guide: fully automatic coffee machines | Coffee at the touch of a button

Guide: Coffee machines

No matter how you prefer your coffee, you do not want to miss taste. Maybe you do not tolerate caffeine. Or you're worried about acid. A good cup of coffee does not have to be harmful or exorbitantly expensive.
This buying guide is about your fully automatic machine for your home. What you can get from the 2024 bestseller: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests you should consider depends on what kind of coffee drinker you are. Whether it's just coffee that the coffee machine can make. Or can he do more? How to integrate your milk in the most tasteful way. Can you actually make cocoa with a fully automatic coffee machine?
Fully automatic coffee machine buying guide Topp 10 - Guide: fully automatic coffee machines

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Fully automatic coffee machines - in comparison

De'Longhi Magnifica S ECAM 22.110.B Perfetto coffee machine...Melitta 6708764 Caffeo Passione F530-102, fully automatic coffee machine with...Philips 5000 series EP5360 / 10 coffee machine, 6 ...Philips Domestic Appliances 2200 Series EP2231/40...De'Longhi ECAM 25.120.B fully automatic coffee machine with ...Siemens coffee machine EQ.6 plus s700 TE657503DE, for many...Krups Arabica Picto fully automatic coffee machine, milk foam nozzle,...Melitta Caffeo Solo - fully automatic coffee machine - 2-cup function -...Siemens coffee machine EQ.6 plus s300 TE653501DE, for many...Siemens coffee machine EQ.500 integral TQ507D03, many...
De'Longhi Magnifica S ECAM 22.110.B Perfetto...*Melitta 6708764 Caffeo Passione F530-102,...*Philips 5000 series EP5360 / 10 coffee machine, 6 ... *Philips Domestic Appliances 2200 series EP2231/40...*De'Longhi ECAM 25.120.B fully automatic coffee machine with ... *Siemens coffee machine EQ.6 plus s700...*Krups Arabica Picto fully automatic coffee machine,...*Melitta Caffeo Solo - fully automatic coffee machine - 2 cups...*Siemens coffee machine EQ.6 plus s300...*Siemens coffee machine EQ.500 integral...*
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Possibilities coffee machine

Depending on the model, which is strongly based on the price range, you have various options for operation and also the equipment.
Below we go into the different possibilities.

bean container

Alone the container for the delicious coffee beans is not unimportant. He must necessarily be airtight, otherwise the fragrant aroma vanishes. He should also be big enough so you do not have to refill him constantly. Some models even have two separate containers. This has the advantage of being able to switch between two types of beans.

Bypass container

A bypass container is small and can only hold a limited amount of beans and / or powder. For example, you could fill in decaffeinated coffee without having to refill the whole machine. You may also want to drink a little coffee at times - even then the container is worth it, as the beans or the powder do not remain in the machine for so long.


There is not just a grinder. Again, you have different options.
This is absolutely necessary Grinder in the coffee machine not, in many models you can also conveniently just fill in powder.

Instant coffee machines are also available in full automatic. They use freeze-dried coffee and, if desired, with milk powder for a fresh coffee break.

blade grinder

In the whipping grinder, the beans fall into a funnel and become there beaten finer and finer with the help of rotating knives, The grinder is very cheap and this is reflected in the total amount of the machine again. But, it grinds very unevenly and you can not stop the grind. In addition, the movement creates heat that negatively affects the aroma. The blades use accordingly fast.

conical grinder

A cone hits its counterpart and in between the beans are finely ground, From above, new little boys are always falling down. The system is very gentle. There is hardly any heat and you can determine the degree of grinding yourself. The grinding process is very harmonious. First place for the conical grinder!

burr grinder

The disc grinder is a simple but very effective way to grind the beans. Between two slices, of which the lowest rotates, the beans are crushed. To the edge always finer. As you would like, because the disc grinder is adjustable. Also in this process you get very evenly ground beans.

milk system

You need a milk system if your Fully automatic should also conjure up delicious specialties.

The easiest way to heat the milk is through a steam lance. From a lance hisses hot steam, which heats your milk in a cup or in a vessel. Then you can put the espresso or cocoa in the cup. This is not only a cheap method, you also save work. All you have to do is clean the tip of the lance here. But it may take a bit of practice before you make your perfect creamy milk. However, this option seems to endure, as many barista use this type of milk processing.

If that's too hard for you, you can count on one cappuccinatore, either one-touch or without access. The milk is now sucked from a milk carton into the machine, heated and comes foamed out of the corresponding outlet.
High-quality models have their own cooling tank for the milk. It's worth it for you if you often use milk for your coffee.

Note: One-touch means you do not need to change your cup in the machine. The finished cappuccino comes out of the machine in one go. Without One-Touch you have to put the cup from the milk spout under the coffee spout.

The downside, you have to clean the milk tubes extra.

Water tank

The water tanks have different sizes. Up to about 2 liters are no problem. Good models will say something on their own if they want to be filled with water.
If you have very chalky water and you do not want it in the machine, you should first descale the water. That works well with a water filter.
Nevertheless, you can not get around regular cleaning. Water that lasts for a long time is prone to contact with oxygen.
** You will find out how to maintain your fully automatic machine below in this Buying Guide. **


A simple display shows you very little information. You have a knob where you can set the degree of grinding and the strength of the coffee.
Full-featured displays have a touch function. You press, for example, on a button "Cappuccino" and the machine makes independently which.


A timer has many devices. This is very handy so you can set when your coffee will be ready. This works without much technical know-how. That's why a higher surcharge is rarely needed.

user profiles

If you more people since, then can be synonymous with good devices Set user profiles, Then the machine knows how, for example, Steffi drinks her favorite coffee. Dennis does not have to reprogram everything again.

Difference coffee machine coffee maker

A normal coffee machine is available in almost every household. You can make yourself a pot and leave it for a while. After some time, the coffee tastes a bit stale. This also happens in a thermos.

Cheap models are often made of plastic. That can also reduce the taste.
If you have a fully automatic machine, you can quickly prepare a fresh cup. The coffee does not stop. The cleaning adopt high-quality models almost by themselves, Pure enjoyment!

But not only the freshly ground coffee convinced, but also the way of production. Normal coffee makers only brew the coffee. Fully automatic machines press the water under pressure through the coffee. This means less bitter substances and full aroma. Those who are sensitive to bitter substances benefit.
The typical crema is also formed on the café. Hmm ... delicious!

And of course, of course, not just pure coffee is always freshly prepared. Tasty cappuccino, café latte, milk coffee and even fresh cocoa conjures the machine without great effort.

Coffee machine or capsule machine

You have a capsule machine and think about converting to a fully automatic machine? That's not such a bad idea. Why?

  • Over time, the fully automatic machine pays and brings you, in contrast to a capsule machine in the economic plus
  • You not only save tons of garbage but
  • also the resources needed to make the capsules at all
  • Aluminum is a valuable raw material that has to be disposed of again

As you read, a coffee machine is much more environmentally friendly but in the long run also cheaper.

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The best coffee machine for the home

The best fully automatic machine is easy to clean, easy to use and inexpensive to maintain.
What are you choosing now?

I am a coffee - drinker

If you 5 cups of coffee needed during the dayIn order to stay up to date and you usually make yourself a pot, you can benefit from a fully automatic machine, The coffee just tastes better than when you have it in the pot for hours. What would be important to you then, that you do not constantly have to refill the water tank or the bean container - that could be annoying. The best thing for you is a device where you just have to push a button and the machine serves you in a short time your "life-sustaining emergency".

I am a pleasure person

One or two coffees are enough for you during the day? Then the deliberate break and the associated enjoyment comes first. For you, therefore, a good grinder (for example, a conical grinder) into consideration. Maybe you love a coffee-milk specialty? Then it may be a bit more expensive with a few cups a day. You may not need a cappuccinatore because it can handle a lot of milk, but a steam lantern would do well. It is also easy to clean.

I need my coffee right away

Then you need speed. Ideally, you think about the coffee and it's already there. There is also a solution. Do you have a smartphone? Well. Because that you can with your coffee or with Alexa © speak. The rest regulates itself. Even out of bed you could start your coffee.

Everything, always and immediately

If you do not want to decide, only one thing will help: a machine that can do it all. And pretty fast. Should there be something for your family or your team? Then decide for one Coffee machineswhere you can save user profiles.

**Tip: If you have Home Connect, you can use an app or even Amazon Alexa © of your coffee machine to tell them from somewhere to make you a coffee. **

Coffee machine equipment

What does a good home appliance need? What a fully automatic machine has to bring is closely tied to your claims. Pay attention to quality, if you want to enjoy the device for a long time.

  • Cheap plastic is often tasted in coffee. Try to buy a machine that has installed as little plastic as possible.
  • All containers and hoses must be easy and thorough to clean. Everything else can become a paradise for bacteria.
  • Better is, your machine can do a little more. With that, the air is open at the top and your needs will be covered even if you may have developed one or the other claim.
  • Whether a device works loud or quiet, you will only find out when it stands with you. Look at the opinions of the users, there is usually something about the noise level of the respective models.

Coffee machine cleaning and care

So that you have a lot of fun with your machine, here comes a short checklist of cleaning and care.


If a lot of lime in your water, you can do it before filling by special Remove the water filter from the lime, This is also a recommendation, because the less the machine has to compensate, the better. Otherwise decalcify your machine regularly to make it work properly.

Coffee machine as descale?

If you have a high-quality device, your fully automatic machine may have a program for it. Then all you have to do is add special decalcifiers. The lime also settles in the different filters. Cleaner solve the problem. You should, for example (depending on use) your machine free of lime once a month (see your manual for details).

** Note: You may have just decalcified your older, simple coffee machine with vinegar. However, new and high-quality models sometimes cannot cope with this. Vinegar is a highly concentrated acid that can quickly attack seals. This can sometimes void the guarantee. **

Milk conditioner

The hoses, through which the milk flows, must be cleaned, otherwise mold formation threatens. If you have a steam lance, you should wipe it off and, if it is removable, you can also rinse it out.
If you have a no-touch device, at the end of the day you will need to clean the tubes where the milk has flowed. There are special fluids that are flushed through the hoses.

The interior

Where the beans are ground, should also be cleaned. Oils from the beans can stick to the fine systems. There are cleaning tablets for your device, which are tailored to the model. This should work with you for about every 14 day.

Regular cleaning also includes the drip pans. There is always something dripping. It is best to clean these areas daily to prevent toxins from accumulating.

Coffee machine what you should pay attention to

No matter which model you choose, here is a checklist that you should definitely keep in mind:

★ What coffee drinker am I? Consider the selection of your normal drinking behavior

★ How easy is the machine? If you have to disassemble a lot for cleaning and you have a lot of work, it annoys and you use your fully automatic machines less

★ Do you prefer to drink from the glass or from a cup? Check beforehand if your desired route size fits and you may also be able to use two cups at once

★ One or two beans? Convenient if the machine has two containers

★ How big is the water tank?

★ Cappucchinatore complacent? Prefer the flexible steam lance or a one-touch option?

Advantages and disadvantages Fully automatic coffee machine

Not only for connoisseurs! Where are the advantages and disadvantages?


✔ The ease of use allows you to freshly prepare any coffee specialty at home, in the office or for your customers

✔ You may save a lot of rubbish because you do not use capsules and therefore raw materials

✔ You can buy models that use very little plastic

✔ You can also make cocoa and hot water with good equipment

✔ There will be something for every coffee drinker

✔ Also for two cups

✔ Different types of beans possible

✔ Never stale coffee again

✔ enjoyment that is significantly more aromatic


✘ The purchase price is higher than a conventional coffee machine

✘ For cheap models, the cleaning is a bit difficult

Selten You can rarely resort to traditional cleaning methods such as decalcifying with vinegar

✘ The machine must be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis

Conclusion - fully automatic coffee machines

Coffee rocks and it totally rocks when you can enjoy it as and where you want, the way you want it. With models under 500 Euro, you can bring your café home, into the office, or appreciate your customers in a tasteful way.
You can connect your machine to Alexa ©. You can set a timer. You can give selected beans a new raison d'être.
Cooking coffee can be fun. With the right accessories, you have everything together, what it takes to be able to get started in a pleasurable way.

FAQ - Fully automatic coffee machines

Do the vending machines have special connections?

No. The home coffee machines require a normal power connection. You have to fill the water tank with the water. There are different systems for the milk, but they are not tied to special connections.

Coffee machine when useful?

So why a coffee machine? Is that really so useful? A fully automatic coffee machine relies on enjoyment and quality. Good machines make the simple coffee a special break. If you value quality, taste, wholesomeness and enjoyment and at the same time consciously think, then the machine is definitely something for you. For you and your friends, for your office or as a gift for a real coffee connoisseur. No. The home coffee machines require a normal power connection. You have to fill the water tank with the water. There are different systems for the milk, but they are not tied to special connections.

Coffee machine up to 500?

What do you get until about 500 €? Quite a lot and to a pretty good quality. The average household spends about 500 Euro on a coffee machine and in the price range you are already in the upper midfield. You can assume that most of your wishes are covered for the price.

Coffee machine without plastic?

What do you get until about 500 €? Quite a lot and to a pretty good quality. The average household spends about 500 Euro on a coffee machine and in the price range you are already in the upper midfield. You can assume that most of your wishes are covered for the price.

Discover the top 10 of the best and best-selling fully automatic coffee products in 2024 on honest tests. We show a selection of the most popular items that have great customer reviews and value for money. Find the perfect fully automatic coffee machine product for your needs now!

Top 10🔥Offers🔥 🆕Online
- € 139,01Services
- € 116,00Services
Philips Series 2200 coffee machine - Classic...
Philips Series 2200 coffee machine - Classic...*
399,99 € - € 116,00 283,99 € Amazon Prime
- € 252,68Services
- € 13,00Services
Melitta Caffeo Solo - fully automatic coffee machine - 2-cup function -...
Melitta Caffeo Solo - fully automatic coffee machine - 2-cup function -...*
Puristic and compact; Maximum coffee enjoyment thanks to the pre-brewing function; Coffee strength can be adjusted to 3 levels
288,00 € - € 13,00 275,00 € Amazon Prime
- € 129,01Services
DeLonghi ECAM320.60.W Magnifica Plus black fully automatic coffee...
DeLonghi ECAM320.60.W Magnifica Plus black fully automatic coffee machine...*
Richly flavored coffee from freshly ground coffee beans; Intuitive 3.5" color touch display with animations
- € 48,20New!
Krups Evidence One fully automatic coffee machine with milk hose, 12...
Krups Evidence One fully automatic coffee machine with milk hose, 12...*
Product 2: Easy installation: Effortless and intuitive thanks to the click-and-go system
600,79 € - € 48,20 552,59 € Amazon Prime

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De'Longhi ECAM 23.466.S Perfetto coffee machine with LatteCrema milk system, cappuccino and espresso at the touch of a button, digital display with plain text, 2 cup function, large 1,8 l water tank, silver

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- € 139,011st best product

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Lots of positives Buyer ratings are often a sign that people are satisfied with the coffee machine product.

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