Content Creator | Which equipment & tools to start with?

Content Creator

If you're just starting out in your business, you might be wondering what you need as a content creator to start with in order to deliver good material without having to graduate straight away. Anyone who works in a creative field needs the knowledge and expertise of individual sectors, which they skillfully combine with one another. In the areas Video , Podcast or Live Stream you are dependent on functioning and good technology - in addition to a strong strategy. In this content creator equipment guide we tell you what you can't do without. - Content Creator

Content Creator Equipment - Comparison

LED Video Light, 160 Pieces Dimmable LED Camera Light Panel and...SYNCO Lavalier wireless microphone G1 (A1), 2,4GHz wireless ...Moukey Camera Microphone with Monitor for Sony/Nikon/Canon...Zeadio stabilizer for camera mobile phone GoPro, foldable handle...Sony Alpha 7II | Full-frame mirrorless camera with Sony 28-70 mm...Sony Alpha 7 III | Full Frame Mirrorless Camera (Faster ...Intel Business & Multimedia PC CAD Workstation i9-9900K 8X 3.6...Dell Precision 5510 Business Notebook Intel i7 4 x 2.7 GHz ...Walimex Pro Director III Video Rig / hand-shoulder video tripod...Smartphone camera video microphone kit, UHURU UCM-11PL ...
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LED video light, 160 pieces Dimmable LED camera ... *SYNCO Lavalier wireless microphone G1 (A1), 2,4GHz ... *Moukey camera microphone with monitor for...*Zeadio stabilizer for camera phone GoPro, ... *Sony Alpha 7 II | Full frame mirrorless camera ... *Sony Alpha 7 III | Full-frame mirrorless camera (... *Intel Business & Multimedia PC CAD Workstation...*Dell Precision 5510 Business Notebook Intel i7 4 x ... *Walimex Pro Director III Video Rig /...*Smartphone camera video microphone kit, UHURU ... *
◼️ LED video light: 3200K / 5500K double color temperature with ...◼️ 【Digital 2,4 GHz and auto pairing】 The wireless ...◼️ ♫ Surveillance function: camera microphone became a ...◼️ Multifunctional stabilizer with one-handed and two-handed mode ....◼️ SHARP DETAILS: 24 Mp full-frame sensor for outstanding images.◼️ FAST AUTOFOCUS: Rely on continuous ...◼️ Quality of Memory PC impresses with its ingenious ...◼️ UNBEATABLE - refurbished by LUXNOTE experts ...◼️ Stabilizing shoulder stand for blur-free filming, ...◼️ [supercardioid cardioid towards shotgun microphone] That ...
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Content Creator Content CreatorContent Creator Content CreatorContent Creator Content CreatorContent Creator Content CreatorContent Creator Content CreatorContent Creator Content CreatorContent Creator Content CreatorContent Creator Content CreatorContent Creator Content CreatorContent Creator Content Creator
99,99 €1.399,00 €2.299,00 €399,00 €
89,59 €84,99 €14,99 €52,93 €1.320,91 €1.919,00 €629,00 €Check price248,99 €Check price
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What is a content creator?

The word content creator is made up of the two English words "content" and "creator" and describes someone who creates something new. Today, young sole proprietorships mean the internet area, in modern companies also someone who creates and expands new resources specifically for the company and who can look after everything with their creativity and knowledge of social media channels to advertising. Such a person is actually an all-rounder who reinvents himself and his work area again and again, moves with the times, the time is also a bit ahead and can offer his customers exactly the direction where his products can be marketed well in the end . Content creators are preferred in the following areas:

  • Texter
  • videographer
  • Video Editor
  • Author
  • Social Media Creator
  • Photography

In this guide, we're not going to cover all of these great areas of value creation, this is about

  • Video
  • Potcast and
  • Live Stream

go. We introduce you to the best gadgets. Gadgets you can get started with right away!

Content Creator Equipment

Different work areas, different requirements. What do you really need YouTube lives from well-made videos with plenty of content for the user. Only when everything is perfectly staged will the audience give a good rating. Good rating, better ranking. The content must therefore be as new as possible, fit into the broad spectrum, provide nutritional value and be well filmed or set to music. You have to think about the content of your video and about special effects yourself.

With this equipment it works with the good execution:

Content Creator Lighting

Always in the right light. That means: avoiding hard shadows, not dazzling and lighting that is as even as possible. Completely inexperienced people can explicitly acquire knowledge about correct lighting - because light primarily follows the circumstances. Indoors are suitable Soft boxes. The luminosity of these can be adjusted and the light is deliberately scattered through the screens. If you cannot afford a softbox, you can also mount a mobile filter (for example from photo supplies) over a standard lamp. The result will not be perfect - but it will be far better than a construction site lamp.

An LED panel light can be easily mounted on your video camera and you can put special color filters in front of it. Remember that the light is now coming directly from the front. This prevents shadows, but your room must be suitable for it. When taking pictures outdoors, this can quickly lead to an overexposed overall result.

Content Creator Stabilizers

You will need a tripod in any case if you want to take smooth pictures. Here you can simply use a normal tripod for your studio. If you are traveling by bike, high-quality tripods are suitable, such as the gimbal tripod. This can be used to take excellent pictures during sports.

It is always important with a tripod that it can stand firmly. For stand stands, it is advisable to buy a tripod that is heavy. If possible, never screw the tripod up as far as it will go and once you have set it up, stay about 2 meters away from it. When you move, the ground moves too.

Good cameras already have image and video stabilizers in their software. That they only help to a limited extent with Wackler should be clear.

Content Creator Microphones

If you are recording a video on your computer, fixed microphones connected with a cable are suitable. This is the best way to ensure that you get your recordings clearly recorded.

If you are outside and want to edit or stream the video later on your computer, you can buy a good MP3 recorder. Such a dictation machine is also available with a microphone, so you can avoid annoying background noises. Such a mobile device is also well suited for interviews - because when you're out and about, you might not want to carry around 3 suitcases of technology with you.

Content creator software

What you still need now, regardless of whether you are a YouTuber, podcaster or live streamer, is the right software so that you can put your creativity online. There is a suitable program for every area. You can find out which is right for you if you read through the comments and reviews on, for example, Amazon. The customers there are tough. If something is not going as it should, this is the best place to find out.

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 VideoConverter Ultimate - Convert, Edit, Convert... VideoConverter Ultimate - Convert, Edit, Convert...* Currently no reviews 33,49 €
2 AVCHD Video Converter - Convert, Edit, Convert... AVCHD Video Converter - Convert, Edit, Convert...* Currently no reviews 19,99 € 15,99 €
3 LogicKeyboard LKB-MCOM4-AJPU-DE Avid Media Composer Slim PC... LogicKeyboard LKB-MCOM4-AJPU-DE Avid Media Composer Slim PC...* Currently no reviews 142,69 € 134,22 €

Content Creator Hardware

How do you finally know whether you have the right equipment for your project? There are so many cameras and video cameras on the market. Your computer should also meet the requirements. What you definitely need is a large amount of memory (RAM). You will enjoy the best quality with cameras if you make sure that they can provide a large number of pixels.

What you should consider when buying content creator equipment

Depending on what you need or what you primarily do for your project, you need equipment that suits you. If you do a lot of different things at the same time, you have a selection of pretty good all-rounders on the market. There are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing:

  • What do you really need to get started? - Make a list of the most important equipment. Especially if your account is not so full, you may have to cut corners
  • Social network vs. YouTube? If you want to specialize on Facebook and Co., you don't need 8K capable devices - these channels reduce your content. Here, rather good programs are in demand in which you can produce high-quality contributions
  • If you are out and about a lot, you need less light, but more stability in the form of a good tripod. The sun can provide the right lighting ambience: the light is particularly soft at dawn and dusk
  • Mobile solution? Interviews have to be accurate and easy to hear. If you need a recording device, you should save less here. Messed up sound is hard to fix
  • Suitable software: You will have to familiarize yourself with everything that the market has to offer. But inexpensive programs can also be sufficient. When you start out, look around for practical options and then slowly work your way up. Understand what you are doing, you will have better success and find other useful solutions
  • The opinion of the others: It's good that there is always the opportunity to get reviews of the products online. Make use of that!

Advantages and disadvantages of equipment content creator

Successful use of the technology naturally requires some experience. The mastery of the hardware and software is therefore crucial for the appointment of a content creator. Are there any advantages and disadvantages?

Further film equipment


✔ Good equipment always gives you competitive advantages
✔ Your creativity is supported
✔ Rapid progress in social media channels
✔ Location-independent work possible
✔ You always stay up to date by mastering the technology
✔ Creatively everything you can imagine can be recreated and imposed
✔ Exciting projects with significant success possible


✘ In the beginning you have to invest
✘ You will have to deal with the technology and the implementation

Conclusion: Content Creator | Which equipment & tools?

Every beginning is not easy - but it is worth it. With the right equipment, you can move forward quickly and efficiently. Your creativity is not restrained by difficult work when you are in the realm of the worldwide Internet. You can work anywhere, all over the world and for different companies - or you can create your very own mainstay. Be brave! The right equipment, the right idea and good ideas have already led many people to their dreams!

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