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Intestinal rehabilitation preparations

What you can do more for your gut health

Intestinal rehabilitation preparations: With the life of the 21st century, certain diseases have set in, which can be described as diseases of civilization. In addition to chronic allergies, posture problems and high blood pressure, hormonal diseases and psychological ailments, to name just a few, one organ is always in the foreground, albeit in the background: the intestine. The fact is, almost nothing works without a healthy bowel. It is not called the abdominal brain for nothing. Our immune system is closely linked to it.

If the intestine doesn't function as it should, we suffer. Constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, Chron disease, diarrhea, flatulence and cramps. Why is that? A variety of causes can have the most nebulous effects. If you have persistent problems over and over again, you should be examined more closely by a doctor. In this article we draw attention to the possibilities of intestinal rehabilitation. What can help, whom, what needs to be considered and what aids are available. - Intestinal remediation preparations

Intestinal cleansing preparations bestsellers 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests – in comparison

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Check price34,99 €24,90 €Check priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck price22,00 €16,99 €Check price
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The gut - what harms him

Sometimes our current world is a pretty unhealthy one. On the one hand there is the stress, the stress is a hasty not particularly high-quality diet. We rushed off, drinking too little water, paying little attention to us. That can be enough to work on the stomach and intestinal tract, because the digestion begins already in the mouth. Hormonal contraceptives, smoking, alcohol, all that adds up. Below is a small list of things that hurt our abdominal brain the most:


Stress and bowels have a lot to do with each other. The intestine strikes with. This can either cause him to do too much, so get diarrhea or just the opposite, that he strikes, so clogged. Guilt is the network of nerves that permeates the gut as well as our entire body. If you only have a stress gut, a few relaxing thoughts or exercises will help a few times a day for 5 minutes. This signals him: "All right, let go or calm down." Even sufficient exercise can harmonize the intestine. 2 - 3 Once a week Sport is not only a positive stress which in turn does good, but also stimulates the metabolism.


Acidification in the body always happens when the acid-base balance is not in harmony. To put it simply: too many toxins, the body has to do too much, it doesn't get everything flushed out and first saves everything somewhere until it has the time and the opportunity to remove it. The whole body works hard and we don't even notice it. At some point he goes on strike. Too much sugar, fat, alcohol, nicotine. Not enough vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Our body is full of stuff that it wanted to get rid of, it just doesn't know when and how to do it. If there is also a lack of sleep, water and exercise, the finish line is already visible. The whole immune system is extremely vulnerable and reacts accordingly sensitively. Chemical additives in food, pesticide residues and poisons sometimes turn our food into something that unfortunately can no longer be called food.


The antibiotics harm the body is nothing new. It not only fights all unwanted viruses and bacteria, but also those we urgently need. Antibiotics makes everything flat. What can be life-saving, but must be addressed again. Thus, a colon cleansing after treatment with the drug is useful here as well.

Which diseases can be the result

Here the list is already longer. In addition to the classics such as flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, other diseases can come to light.

  • Inflammations of the entire abdominal area
  • Gastric and duodenal ulcer
  • Celiac
  • Lactose - Intolerant
  • Flu and
  • recurrent inflammation
  • Allergies
  • a deteriorated complexion
  • intestinal fungi
  • Food intolerance
  • holey gut "leaky gut syndrome"
  • Anxiety
  • rheumatism
  • lack of concentration
  • Depression
  • Neurodermatitis
  • hay fever
  • general immune deficiency
  • Cardiovascular diseases

Here are just a few that may plague most people. Of course, these diseases can be the trigger for a disturbed intestinal flora, but of course they do not have to be.

What are the options for colon cleansing?

Intestinal rehabilitation preparations are always aimed at purification with the accompanying detoxification and rebuilding of a healthy intestinal flora. Some people fast for this at least once a year. Going into fasting from now on from a “complete poisoning” is not recommended. Otherwise, the released toxins will only be sent through the body again.

The reason why some people feel so dirty when they fast. The gentler the better. That protects the whole system. If you don't want to, you don't have to go through a complete detox before you can do something good for your health. The body tends to regenerate itself every second. For some, it is worth changing their diet and taking a critical look at their previous lifestyle in order to restore balance. In the case of special diseases such as the leaky gut syndrome or inflammation and Chron disease, this is usually not enough.

Even after the use of antibiotics, you can use more powerful guns. However, healing always happens best when the old, pathogenic element is out of the body and the body is given the opportunity to regenerate and align itself anew.

Which medications are meant for that

Whether a drug solution for the intestinal rehabilitation is necessary, one must first ask his doctor. This may then have the right medication ready. It is important that the scientific effectiveness has been confirmed. Also, whether you tolerate it well throughout the body and how you feel about it proverbially. An enrichment of the intestinal flora with probiotics can also be done from a medical point of view. There are special probiotics here. It should not be forgotten that the gut is colonized by the billions of living microorganisms we need for our health.
Possible medications that contribute to a bowel rehabilitation can be the following:

  • Tegaserod - against constipation and prevents flatulence
  • Mutaflor mite - anti-inflammatory, supports digestion and helps to colonize the intestine

But you can get more non-prescription medicines and information from your doctor in more detail.

Intestinal cleansing preparations from nature

Far more common is a colon cleansing in a natural way. Mother Nature has a lot of goodies ready for us. If so Voltaire preferred to eat white bread, we now know that a high-fiber diet is far better for our health. If you like, you can do an enema. Those who do not like stimulate their bowel activity differently. It is important to drink enough. This means water, preferably still and there it is allowed 2 - 3 liters a day like to be. Everything that stimulates the bowel to empty itself is now helpful.

Exercise, fluids, you might want to try a light laxative. It often helps to drink a large glass of warm water after getting up. The water will travel to the intestines at body temperature - and you will go to the toilet. Classic home remedies such as apple cider vinegar with honey and water, dried plums or the like can work wonders if you don't use them often. When the bowels are on their way, it's time to do them good. Give up poisons for a while. Feed the intestines healthy food, lots of fresh juices, herbal smoothies and salads, whole grain bread and maybe also flea seeds. You can take a cure with Probiotics make to reintroduce the healthy, important intestinal bacteria.

Conclusion: intestinal rehabilitation preparations

Who deals with his health, can not get around his gut. Maybe that's why he sits in the middle of the body. Many diseases have their origins where you do not expect it at first. Unfortunately we forget that too often. Only when we get sick do we start thinking about our way of life. Fortunately, the body is usually a tough structure which in most cases can regulate and restore itself outstandingly well. If only you let him. A colon cleansing is important - for a healthy middle of the body.

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