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Hello! Are you ready for a smart companion to accompany you on the go and help you stay connected? Then the Moon POWER2Go is just right for you! In this blog post you will discover how this innovative companion can make your everyday life easier. Let's dive into the world of the Moon POWER2Go together and find out how it can revolutionize your life on the go!

Moon POWER2Go – smart mobile wall box

The Moon POWER2Go charging cable for your electric car is exactly what you need to charge your vehicle quickly and safely. With this smart and mobile wall box you have a cable that is compatible with all e-cars, regardless of whether they charge in single-phase, two-phase or three-phase. So you can be sure that you can always load at maximum speed.

An important advantage of this charging cable is its security against theft. You can have peace of mind knowing your cable is safe from thieves. Besides, it is also temperature resistant, so it works reliably in various weather conditions.

Another big plus is the compatibility of this charging cable with all sockets. No matter where you are, you can easily charge your electric car. The mobility of this wall box allows you to quickly recharge your vehicle anywhere.

The Moon POWER2Go charging cable is manufactured by the renowned MOON POWER brand, known for quality and reliability. The packaging dimensions are 51 x 49,7 x 14 cm and the weight is 7,17 kilograms.

You can conveniently purchase this charging cable from It has been on sale since October 26, 2022. The model number is TD-CACA and it comes from Austria.

Guaranteed software updates are offered to ensure you are always up to date. So you can be sure that your charging cable will remain compatible with the latest developments.

  • Package dimensions: 51 x 49,7 x 14 cm; Weight: 7,17 kilograms
  • Offered on since October 26, 2022
  • Manufacturer: MOON POWER
  • ASIN: B07Q6ZM23B
  • Model number: TD-CACA
  • Country of origin: Austria
  • Guaranteed software updates until: unknown

With the Moon POWER2Go charging cable, you have the option of charging your electric car anywhere, quickly and safely. Don't wait any longer and get this practical and reliable product today!

Compact and flexible

  • One cable for all e-cars
  • Maximum loading speed
  • Anti-theft
  • temperature resistant
  • Compatible with all sockets
  • Quick and easy loading

The Moon POWER2Go charging cable is the perfect product for your electric car. With an output of up to 22 kW, it charges your vehicle quickly and safely. The best part is that it is compatible with all car models and sockets. So you don't have to install an additional wall box and you don't have to bear any additional costs for it. The Power2Go cable is flexible and robust and comes with all the plug attachments that you, the average consumer, need. Handling is easy and the smart billing ensures that you can see exactly how much you have loaded.

Let me tell you about some satisfied customers. A customer has been using the Power2Go cable for 3 months and is extremely satisfied. The quick installation and smart billing are particularly positive for him. Another customer finds the Power2Go cable as a full replacement for a normal wall box. He has two homes and would like to be able to charge his electric car in both places. The Power2Go cable allows him to do this without any further installations. He also praises the automatic weekly billing via email, which allows him to keep track of his charging volumes.

The Moon POWER2Go charging cable offers you maximum flexibility and convenience when charging your electric car. No matter which car model you drive and which sockets you have available, this cable always fits. You don't have to worry about theft security or temperature resistance because the cable offers you these properties. Charge your e-car quickly and safely - with the Moon POWER2Go charging cable.

Flexible and practical

  • Flexible and robust, equipped with all plug attachments that a normal consumer needs
  • Easy handling and quick assembly
  • Compatible with all car models and sockets


  • Cable length might be a little short for certain car models
  • Automatic billing could be improved


Conclusion: Recommended charging cable

The Moon POWER2Go charging cable is an excellent choice to charge your electric car quickly and safely as it is flexible, robust and equipped with all the plug attachments that a normal consumer needs. It offers maximum compatibility with all car models and sockets, allowing you to use it conveniently and easily. The automatic billing by email also helps you to keep track of your loading quantities.

Load other products on the go – Moon POWER2Go alternatives

The guide to buying the right EV charging infrastructure

In order to select a suitable charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, there are a few important points to consider. First you need to determine the type of charging station you need. Consider whether you need a home wall box, a public charging station or a fast charging station. Make sure that the charging station fits your electric vehicle model and its charging connection. Also examine the charging capacity of the charging station to make sure it meets your needs. Furthermore, it is important to check the grid connection options to ensure that you can install the charging infrastructure at your location. Also note the availability of charging cards or access systems to be able to use the charging station. Also, compare charging station prices and possible promotions to find the best deal. With this careful selection, you can be sure that you will find a suitable charging infrastructure for your electric vehicle.

  • charging power: Check how much power the wallbox can deliver. Make sure it fits your vehicle and its charging needs
  • Connections: Make sure the wallbox has the right connectors to connect it to your vehicle. For example type 2 or Schuko plug
  • Mobility: Consider whether you want to use the Wallbox as a mobile device. Make sure that it is easy to transport and, if necessary, has a suitable carrying case
  • Safety: Find out about the security features of the Wallbox. Check to see if it has overheat protection, a trip fuse, and other protections
  • Additional functions: Make sure the wallbox has additional features that you might care about. This can be, for example, WiFi connectivity, app control or intelligent charging planning
  • Compatibility: Check whether the wallbox is compatible with common electric vehicles. Check this against the manufacturer's specifications or contact customer service to be sure
  • Equipment installation: Ask about the installation requirements of the wall box. Is professional installation required or can you do it yourself? Also consider whether you need a permanent or temporary installation location
  • Warranty and Customer Service: Find out about the manufacturer's warranty conditions and customer service. Is there a possibility of repair or replacement in case of problems?
  • ratings and reviews: Read ratings and reviews from other buyers to get an impression of the quality and functionality of the wall box
  • Price-Performance Ratio: Compare the prices of different providers and check whether the Wallbox offer is reasonable compared to other similar products

Caution signals that tell you that the product “Moon POWER2Go – smart mobile wallbox” is not right for you.

  • Your electric car does not support charging power up to 22 kW: If your vehicle has a lower charging power, it is possible that the Moon POWER2Go charging cable is oversized and may not work optimally
  • You already own another charging station or charging cable: If you already have an existing charging station or working charging cable, it might not be necessary to buy the Moon POWER2Go
  • The charging cable is not compatible with your car model: Check carefully whether the Moon POWER2Go charging cable is compatible with your specific car model. It's important to make sure it offers the necessary ports and features to properly charge your vehicle
  • You don't need a mobile wall box: If you have a fixed charging station at home or only charge at selected locations, a mobile wall box like the Moon POWER2Go might not be necessary for you
  • The price-performance ratio is not right for you: If you think that the price of the Moon POWER2Go charging cable is not justified compared to other available alternatives, it might make sense to look for other options

Frequently asked questions about charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

What types of charging stations are available for electric vehicles and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

There are different types of charging stations for electric vehicles. Some are:

  1. Normal household sockets (Schuko plug): These offer low charging power (typically up to 2.3 kW) and are well suited for overnight charging at home. The downside is that it may take longer to load.
  2. wall boxes: These are charging stations specially designed for home use. They offer a higher charging power (usually up to 22 kW) and allow faster charging than normal sockets. The downside is that they usually require professional installation.
  3. Fast charging stations: These public charging stations offer a very high charging power (between 50 kW and 350 kW). This allows the electric vehicle to be charged in the shortest possible time. The disadvantage is that these charging stations are rarer and usually incur costs.
  4. Destination charging: This concept refers to charging stations in places such as hotels, shopping malls or restaurants. They usually offer a medium charging capacity and allow the electric car to be charged during a longer stay. The downside is that they may be operated by different providers and have different access conditions.

What charging speeds do different types of charging stations offer and how do they affect EV charging times?

There are different types of charging stations with different charging speeds for electric vehicles. The most common charging stations are alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) charging stations.

AC charging stations typically offer charging powers from 3,7 kW to 22 kW. However, the actual charging time depends on various factors, such as the capacity of the vehicle's battery and the vehicle's internal charging electronics.

DC charging stations, also known as fast charging stations, offer charging capacities from 50 kW up to an impressive 350 kW. These charging stations can significantly reduce charging time and allow large amounts of energy to be charged quickly in a short time.

The charging time of an electric vehicle is not only influenced by the charging station, but also by the battery capacity of the vehicle itself. For an accurate estimation of the charging time, you should take into account the specifics of your electric vehicle.

With the Moon POWER2Go charging cable with a charging speed of up to 22 kW, you have a powerful and mobile wall box with which you can charge your electric car quickly and safely anywhere. It is compatible with all sockets and all car models.

Are there special subsidy programs or incentives for installing private charging stations and how can you benefit from them?

Yes, there are various funding programs and incentives for installing private charging stations for electric cars. In Germany, for example, there is the “KfW 440 – charging stations for electric cars” funding program from the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau. This program offers low-interest loans for individuals, businesses and municipalities to install charging stations. There are also regional funding programs and tax advantages that can vary depending on the federal state and municipality. To benefit from these programs, you should check with your local power company or relevant authorities. There you will find all information about the current funding opportunities and the requirements for taking part in the programs.

Are you curious how much power the Moon POWER2Go actually has? How long can you use it to charge your smartphone or even watch a movie on your tablet without worrying about the battery draining?

The Moon POWER2Go has an output of up to 22 kW, so it can charge your electric car quickly and safely. When it comes to charging smartphones or tablets, the charging time depends on the capacity of the battery. With the Moon POWER2Go you can usually fully charge your smartphone within an hour. Charging a tablet can take a little longer depending on the model and battery capacity, but you should be able to easily watch a movie without draining the battery.

Charge your electric car anywhere quickly and safely with the Moon POWER2Go charging cable. Thanks to the compatibility with all sockets and car models, you can easily charge your e-car. No matter where you go, the smart and mobile wall box with up to 22 kW supplies your vehicle with energy. Never miss a charging opportunity again and enjoy a worry-free journey with your electric car.

Where can you buy charging infrastructure for electric vehicles?

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