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Buying Guide: E-Scooter | Electric scooter

It's not quite that far yet, although some of them are already on the road. After almost endless debates, the decision was made: The e-scooter or the electric scooter may be on the road. The companies currently (as of August 2019 *) still have a little to do. Your models must be approved in order for them to be sold.

This gives us consumers a little time to deal with the e-scooter and get to the bottom of basic questions. What is an e-scooter anyway? Are there certain obligations? Do you have to wear a helmet or do you have to insure things? – Guide: E-scooter

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**Danger! In this Guide it's about an electric scooter. Not an e-scooter / electric moped! These unmistakably have a seat!**

Guide: e-scooter - in comparison

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Check priceCheck price499,00 €Check priceCheck price12,99 €Check priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck price
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What is an e-scooter?

A scooter is a scooter with a motor. It consists of two tires over which a standing surface is mounted. A handlebar is attached to it, which ends in a handlebar. In addition a brake, the motor and the battery. Basically that's it. The electric scooter is ready. The materials differ slightly and differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Carbon is particularly light and stable. Like one Electric skateboard Also, the material of the tread and the tire may vary.
The range depends on several factors. Your weight, the surface, the incline and what tires you have. The battery also plays a crucial role. More on that later.

Statutory regulations Electric scooters

No new idea, without which the legislator prescribes rules. So here too. Even if some things are not clear at the moment, you can get used to a lot.
The most important things you need to know, we have put together here.


If you have an e-scooter | E-scooters with electric drive buy, you do not need a driver's license, as long as he is not faster than 20 km/h moves.
There is also a performance of maximum 500 watts .


At least you have to drive an electric scooter on public roads 14 years his. When you are younger, you are only allowed to ride on private grounds under adult supervision. You should stick to it. Otherwise no insurance is available. Why only 14 years? At that age, you're so far from your development that you can operate the scooter, driving ahead, and the legislature gives you the responsibility to do it. He trusts you that you do not endanger yourself, other people or animals.

traffic safety

You can use it on the bike path, but not on the sidewalk drive, If there is no bike path, you have to go on the road.
A Helmet you do not need by law. We at E-Tests However, we strongly recommend one for adolescents and young people, Also, savers that protect your joints from complicated injuries.
You also need brakes for your e-scooter, front and rear. The manufacturers will obstruct this. It should definitely be disc brakes. Pay attention to a good braking performance, because you will have to react very quickly.
Light is mandatory, also front and back.
Violations cost you about 20 €.

** This also applies to alcohol! Here applies, as with a driver's license in the first two years, an absolute ban on alcohol. The same applies to you when you are under 21. If you have a driver's license and are out of your probationary period, the upper limit is 0.5 per thousand for you. **


You need one Insurance for your e-scooter, Otherwise you are not allowed on the street with it. If you do it anyway, this offense will be expensive. Fines and driving bans threaten. Your scooter can be retained if necessary. Legally, this simply means driving without insurance cover. The penalties are sensitive.
How expensive is insurance? That's not out yet. Similar to a scooter, the protection should cost 40 - 90 € a year. The small insurance label must also be mounted on the electric scooter.

Accessories e-scooter

What else do you need? Many things like lamps and brakes are mandatory. We recommend you for your electric scooter:

And if you have to carry the eRoller times? Then there is a practical carrying handle or a strap. So you can take your vehicle with you into your apartment or on the bus, without it being too cumbersome. Like the bike you can do one Bike Phone Mount , or Cup holder assemble. So you can let it go well on the way to work. Maybe your e-scooter has a porter? Excellent! Because then you can of course attach a bicycle bag or a basket to it. Special, but doable. What you will discover only after the manufacturers and companies have launched their scooters on the market are scooter tires. These have different degrees of hardness and dimensions. For the different surfaces you can now choose. This can have a positive effect on your reach.
And last but not least, something for you, if you like to keep an eye on everything, you can buy a bike computer for your electronic minicar if it is not already pre-assembled. This keeps track of your distance and allows you to see how far your battery will last.

Tuning e-scooter

Everything that has been engineered is capable of tuning. It does not matter if it's an e-bike or an e-scooter. The technology is not exhausted by the manufacturer and has to comply with legal requirements. This means that, of course, there will be tuned phrases and also chips and there will be a lot more once the market has been enriched with electric scooters. In that Guide Tuning E-Bikes we have written you everything you need to know about tuning.

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What should you pay particular attention to when buying e-scooters? Are there special conditions?

★ If you want to drive your scooter in public space, pay attention to the speed limit and the 500 watt limit

★ Your scooter needs all traffic related gadgets like Bell, light, brakes

★ You absolutely need an insurance

★ Look for the right accessory

★ Also for spare parts such as brakes or tires

★ Pay attention to the manufacturer's information about the load capacity (on average 100 kg)

★ You need high quality material especially in the field and also, if you want to use the e-scooter daily to work

★ Does the battery have an adequate range?

★ How long are the loading times?

★ Can you remove the battery?

★ How heavy is the scooter (maybe you have to carry it around)

Battery electric scooter

Currently, the scooters that are currently on the market, have a range of about 20 km, That's enough maximum 500 W strong electric motor out. The battery works on the power, without making you tired before. The technology is getting better.
Depending on the manufacturer, the loading times will vary. Currently it is about 2-6 hoursuntil the battery is full again. But not only the performance and the battery play a role, but also the technology and the software that detects pitch. The smarter the technology, the more it can adapt to the circumstances.
But: 20 kilometers are already a lot and everything under 10 km is easily accessible with this e-scooter.

Care battery

Batteries hate stark temperature differences, This is not so dramatic in summer, but already in winter. It may be that your battery in the cold season just makes you tired. If possible, take him to the apartment and never let him stand in the frost, When you charge it, take it from the stream. That's how he is not under continuous load and lasts longer. If possible, always leave it Run completely empty and then fully recharge it in one go, Leave yours Battery at high temperatures not in the sun otherwise it threatens overheating.

Advantages and disadvantages

And? Did the electric scooter convince you? Here we have the advantages and disadvantages summed up. Maybe this list will help you make a decision.

Advantages of electric scooters

â € œYou can already m the scooterdrive it 14 years ago, This allows you a self-drive to school or to your friends

â € œYou need no driver's license, just a cheap insurance

â € œThe Range up to 20 km allows you to work most of the time

"You can with the Scooters ride on bike paths

â € œThat is safer, in the city

✠"The battery is recharged quickly

"Essential cheaper than a car

Disadvantages e-scooter

âœ~ Less useful in winter, as you do not have weather protection

âœ~ 20 km can sometimes be too short range

â~~ Not suitable for very stable people

âœ~ You have to make the scooter roadworthy


Order, apply for insurance, affix badge and go. An electric scooter will soon be on the streets and will bring some benefits, at least in the city. You should let tunes be. You donâ € ™ t need a helmet or any other escortsâ € "we would recommend them. ein accident with 20 km / h or below can transport you to hospital. Pay attention to the things that are defined in the legislation and Buy an e-scooter that is suitable for traffic, Then you will enjoy a high quality device.

We wish you a safe journey!

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