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iRobot Braava jet m6 (m6134) WiFi-enabled mopping robot with precision spray jet, wet mopping and dry sweeping, voice assistant compatible, imprint coupling technology, cleans after objects


Mopping robot iRobot Braava - an unadorned experience report.

On November 17.11.2016, 390 I ordered the iRobot Braava 300t from Amazon. I thought for a long time whether a robot mop really justified spending almost XNUMX euros. After reading countless Tests and customer reviews (the Vileda Virobi was also on the shortlist) and weighed the pros and cons completely objectively, I came back to the original reason for my desire for an electronic cleaning aid: I hate cleaning from the bottom of my heart and I want to To save time.

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A few days later the Braava was then charged and ready to go on the floor of my living room. I pressed the swipe button and the black cube started moving with a happy beep. Today, more than a year and a half later, I still haven't regretted the purchase.

Nothing but the truth about the iRobot Braava floor mopping robot

In contrast to some other test portals and blogs, here you will find an unvarnished factual report based on more than one and a half years of experience with the iRobot Braava. There are also a few insider tips with which you can get even more out of the Braava. What this article does not offer: pages of explanations about expensive and superfluous accessories, background information about the iRobot company, embellished advertising copy and everything else that can be found on dozens of other websites and has already been written a hundred times.

The iRobot Braava - what it can do

In contrast to the iRobot Roomba from the same company, which I also call my own, the iRobot Braava is not a vacuum cleaner robot. The device moves a cloth over the floor and wipes. There are few comparable devices, for example the Vileda Virobi. With a price of around 50 euros, this is in a completely different league - also in terms of performance.
The Braava cleans hard surfaces, e.g. parquet or tiles, with two different programs:
Dry, a kind of floor dusting. Damp, the device has a special wiping attachment that is filled with water and wets the floor cloth. You can either use a supplied microfiber cloth or wet wipes, for example from Swiffer. Of course, the products from dealers like DM or Rossmann also work.

Since it is relatively flat with a height of less than eight centimeters, the Braava can also be cleaned under lots of furniture, for example beds or shelves. Experience shows that with one battery charge, the robot can manage around 33 (damp) to 93 (dry) square meters, depending on the obstacles and the selected wiping program. Automatically returns to the starting point after cleaning; Fast charging of the battery thanks to the turbo charging station (within 2 hours); Smart navigation using the NorthStar navigation system.

It is always amazing how much dust and dirt the Braava collects. I also still enjoy watching the black cleaning devil at work from time to time. Probably also because I am happy that I have been spared cleaning 🙂

iRobot Braava - what it can't

The Braava certainly does not replace the occasional vacuuming and wiping by hand. There are several reasons for this: Due to the size, some corners are generally inaccessible for the Braava. Larger crumbs or other coarse dirt have to be removed by hand. The Braava is not a vacuum cleaner and pushes such dirt in front of it until it loses it somewhere. The pressure with which the Braava moves the cloth across the floor is relatively low. In the case of stubborn and dried-in stains that would require a lot of scrubbing yourself, you can assume that if he wipes over them, he will not be able to handle it. When I first ran it, however, I was quite surprised. Provided that a thorough cleaning has been carried out beforehand, the little one will really keep the surface clean. The wear resistance and reliability of the Roomba convinced me of the iRobot brand.

IRobot Braava mopping robot - personal conclusion

As I said, I haven't regretted buying the iRobot Braava mopping robot to this day. And quite apart from its performance, the black cube has grown dear to my heart. Because of its completely unmelodic but somehow cute beeping, the Braava is now only called at home: Biebo.

In the kitchen we have a slightly rougher dark tiled floor. You can already see when washing by hand that streaks can easily arise. Here you can see stripes or the tracks of the wheels from time to time. At least it is clean. For thorough cleaning you have to wipe up the kitchen yourself every now and then, but it at least extends the service life until it is necessary again. Most of the time, the reusable microfiber cloth is used for cleaning up. The dirt it loosens is pretty enormous, it's hard to believe.

The insider tips for the iRobot Braava mopping robot

As promised, here are some tips from more than one and a half years of experience with the Braava:
Before wiping, put away as much as possible (e.g. chairs), because the Braava consumes a lot of energy when driving around obstacles, which has a negative effect on the area that it creates with one charge.

Use the dusting program also with damp cloths. The robot then covers a much longer distance and uses less energy. In my experience, the cleaning result is quite similar.

When starting the Braava, press and hold the program button for wet or dry wiping until you hear a beep. This starts an alternative program that works a little less precisely. Advantage: the battery lasts significantly longer. In my opinion, the loss of accuracy can be gotten over, since you have to clean edges and corners by hand from time to time anyway.

For the bathroom I like to use disposable towels from Swiffer and Co. They have a pleasant citrus scent. I still find the price of around 4 cents per towel acceptable. You can also use the cloths to occasionally wipe the corners that the Braava has left out.

Depending on the frequency of use, the battery should be changed approximately every two years. All you have to do is loosen a screw and a plug and reattach it after changing the battery. The whole thing is really foolproof. As a craftsman with two left hands, I know what I'm talking about. The replacement battery is relatively cheap compared to the purchase price and costs between 20 and 40 euros.

I can also recommend securing all doors with wheel chocks. It can happen that the iRobot Braava mopping robot slides the door shut and then cannot get out of the room.

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