The 4 best balcony power plants for optimal energy production

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As an environmentally conscious consumer, everyone wants to take advantage of the benefits of renewable energy while optimizing their electrical energy consumption. A great way to do this is with balcony power plants. In this blog post I will introduce the four best balcony power plants with which you can achieve optimal energy production. From small footprint to easy installation, there are numerous factors to consider to find the perfect solution for your balcony. Let's get started now and discover the best balcony power plants.

1. DUR-line balcony power station 850Wp complete set

The DUR-line balcony power plant 850Wp | 600W complete set is a mini solar system that was specially developed for use on the balcony. It consists of two high-quality glass-glass solar modules with a total output of 850Wp (2x425Wp) and an APSystems inverter whose output can be expanded from 600W to 800W. The set also includes a 10m long connection cable for easy plugging into the socket. The bifacial PV output makes it possible to produce electricity even in the evening.

Remote monitoring via WiFi enables easy monitoring of the system. Customers report that the inverter was easy to install, good performance and the product was delivered quickly. Some customers wanted longer connecting cables between the modules and real-time reading of the inverter. Overall, however, the DUR-line balcony power plant receives positive reviews for its performance and quality.

Easy to install and powerful

  • Two glass-glass solar modules with a total module output of 850Wp (2x425Wp)
  • APSystems inverter power from 600W expandable to 800W
  • 10m connection cable for plugging into the socket
  • Wifi remote monitoring
  • Mini solar system
  • N-TOPCon technology

Advantages of the DUR-line balcony power plant

  • High performance with up to 1100 Wp bifacial PV power
  • Easy to set up inverter and good quality solar cells
  • Fast delivery and well packaged delivery
  • Possibility of remote monitoring via Wifi

negative points

  • The module connection cables are too short if the inverter is not to be positioned directly under the module
  • The product does not contain a certificate


The DUR-line balcony power plant 850Wp | 600W complete set is a powerful mini solar system with up to 1100Wp bifacial PV output that is easy to set up and can be remotely monitored via WiFi, but the module connecting cables are too short and there is no certificate.

2. Solakon® balcony power plant complete set

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The Solakon® 850W balcony power plant is a complete solar system equipped with bifacial solar modules. These solar panels enable increased energy production because they can utilize both sunlight from above and reflected light from below. With an output of 800W, which can be increased to 850W in the future via a software upgrade, this balcony power plant is ideal for generating electricity on your balcony or patio roof.

The TSUN inverter is included in the set and can easily be connected to the modules. A 5 meter long cable allows for flexible installation. The complete set also includes accessories such as brackets and a TSUN app for monitoring power generation. According to customer reviews, installation is straightforward, the app is user-friendly, and energy production is efficient.

Feature-rich solar energy solution

  • 850W balcony power plant with upgrade option to 800W
  • Bifacial solar modules that generate additional yield
  • Complete socket system with TSUN inverter
  • Includes accessories such as cable (5m)


  • Simple setup of the system
  • High energy input, even in cloudy weather
  • Compatibility with the app, easy user registration
  • Good performance of the system, up to 4,2 KW per day
  • Fast customer service, quick answers to questions


  • Some of the reviews from customers highlighted a few disadvantages of the Solakon® 850W balcony power plant. Here are a few points:
  • The app only shows the current values ​​when you change views or restart the app, which can be a bit cumbersome
  • The maximum energy production varies depending on weather conditions and the orientation of the system. This may mean that the performance produced may not always meet expectations



The Solakon® 850W balcony power plant is a good way to generate electricity on the balcony. The system impresses with its simple structure, high feed-in even in cloudy weather and good performance of up to 4,2 KW per day. The customer service is also quick and helpful. However, there may be some inconveniences such as delayed app updating and fluctuating power production depending on weather conditions.

3. BKW-830/600 balcony power plant: Ready-to-plug 830W solar system including WiFi and upgrade option

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The balcony power plant 830 W / 600 W solar system is a plug-and-play system from VESKA that can be easily connected in just a few minutes. With the option of a software upgrade, the output power can be increased from 600 W to 800 W, making your system future-proof. The system is versatile and offers good quality. The inverter complies with regulations and has excellent performance that can be controlled via the app.

Delivery is quick and safely packaged. Please note that it may require some patience to set up, but it is still doable. App connectivity can be curveball, but there are ways to solve this. Overall, the balcony power plant is an excellent option for permit-free, plug-in photovoltaic systems.

Functions of the balcony power plant

  • Plug & Play connection
  • Upgradeable from 600W to 800W
  • Versatile
  • Easy connection in just a few minutes

Extensive performance

  • Good quality PV system with a powerful inverter
  • Fast and neat delivery
  • Possibility to set up via an app


  • Connecting to the app is difficult as it cannot connect via Bluetooth or AP
  • Setting up the system requires time, patience and energy as well as knowledge in the field


Good quality, difficult connection

Overall, the balcony power plant 830 W / 600 W solar system ready to plug in, upgradeable to 800 watt WiFi smart mini PV photovoltaic system is a good quality PV system with a powerful inverter that offers fast and orderly delivery and can be set up via an app connecting to the app is difficult and setting up the system requires time, patience and energy as well as knowledge in the field.

4. Pianeta balcony power plant 850W bifacial

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With the premium PIANETA 850 bifacial solar balcony power plant you can immediately generate your own electricity. Depending on the location and orientation, the balcony power plant produces between approx. 750 - 1200 kWh per year. Place it in a sunny location without shade for maximum efficiency. The balcony power plant consists of 2 x 425W Yes solar modules, an inverter from Hoymiles HM-800 and a Hoymiles Wlite DTU with WiFi function, as well as a 5 m Schuko cable.

Installation is relatively easy and quick. Please note, however, that the documentation and assembly instructions provided are not sufficient and you will need to download additional material from the internet. The system achieves a decent yield. However, the app software has some flaws and requires a connection to a Chinese server. Unfortunately, the cables from the solar panels are too short, so extension cables are required. Overall, however, the system is user-friendly and efficient.

Performance and functionality

  • Bifacial solar module with 850W power
  • Inverter Hoymiles HM-800 included
  • Hoymiles Wlite DTU with Wifi function included
  • 5m Schuko cable included in delivery
  • Can be throttled to 600W
  • Two 425W Yes solar modules included

Efficient energy production

  • High power production on clear days
  • Excellent inverter
  • Simple setup of the system
  • Working software for mobile phones


Excellent energy production

With its bifacial solar modules, the powerful inverter and the functional software for mobile phones, the PIANETA balcony power plant offers high energy production on sunny days, is easy to install and contains all the necessary components such as the 5m long Schuko cable and two 425W yes solar modules.

Frequently asked questions about the balcony power plant

What technical requirements does the balcony have to meet for a balcony power plant?

In order to install a balcony power plant, the balcony and the building structure must meet certain technical requirements. First of all, the balcony must have enough space to accommodate the solar modules. Typically, a balcony power plant requires an area of ​​around 4 to 6 square meters. The balcony should also have a load-bearing structure to support the additional weight of the solar panels, inverter and other components.

In addition, a suitable orientation of the balcony is important. Ideally, the balcony should face south to ensure optimal sunlight. Facing east or west may also be acceptable, but energy production will be less efficient. A north-facing balcony is usually not suitable as the sunlight may be too low.

The electrical requirements of the balcony power plant include connecting the inverter to the local power grid. This usually requires appropriate grid connection approval and compliance with applicable safety standards and regulations. It is also important to take into account the existing electricity meter in the building and ensure that the electricity generated by the balcony power plant is properly recorded and billed.

Before installing a balcony power plant, it is advisable to check local regulations, guidelines and requirements and seek professional advice from a qualified specialist. This ensures that the technical requirements of the balcony power plant are correctly met and safe and efficient operation is guaranteed.

Can you completely do without electricity from the energy supplier with a balcony power plant?

Yes, with a balcony power plant it is possible to completely do without electricity from the energy supplier. A balcony power plant or mini solar system is a small solar power plant that can be installed on the balcony or terrace. It consists of solar modules, an inverter and possibly a power storage unit.

The solar panels convert sunlight into direct current, which is then converted by the inverter into the alternating current required for household use. The electricity produced can be used directly in the household. If not enough electricity is needed, it can be temporarily stored in a power storage device to be used later.

However, it is important to note that there is a limit to the amount of electricity a balcony power plant can produce. It depends on the size of the solar modules and the available sunlight. Therefore, electricity production may not be enough to cover all of a household's electricity needs.

Nevertheless, a balcony power plant can be a useful addition to the power supply, as it increases self-consumption of self-generated electricity and thus saves costs. It is also an environmentally friendly energy source that helps reduce CO2 emissions.

What are the advantages of a balcony power plant?

A balcony power plant offers several advantages. Firstly, it makes it possible to generate renewable energy directly on site. By installing photovoltaic modules on the balcony, you can generate electricity from solar energy and meet your own needs. Secondly, a balcony power plant contributes to climate protection because it reduces the use of conventionally generated electricity and thus reduces CO2 emissions. Thirdly, a balcony power plant can bring financial savings in the long term because you have to draw less electricity from the grid and therefore reduce your electricity bill. There is also the option of feeding excess electricity into the grid and receiving a feed-in tariff. Furthermore, the installation and handling of a balcony power plant is comparatively simple and uncomplicated. All you need is a sturdy railing to attach the modules and a suitable inverter to convert the generated direct current into alternating current. Overall, a balcony power plant offers the opportunity to generate environmentally friendly energy, reduce costs and make a contribution to climate protection.

How high are the climate impacts if you use a balcony power plant?

As an air conditioning system, a balcony power plant generally has a positive effect. This is a small photovoltaic system that is installed on the balcony or terrace and generates solar energy for your own consumption. This reduces the need for electricity from fossil fuels, which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

However, the specific climate impacts depend on various factors. These include, for example, the size and solar radiation at the respective location, but also individual electricity consumption.

How is the self-generated electricity used in a balcony power plant?

The electricity generated by a balcony power plant is usually used directly on site. The electricity generated is converted into standard household alternating current using an inverter. This can then either be consumed in the apartment itself or fed into the power grid. With direct self-consumption, the electricity is initially used for your own needs, for example for electrical appliances or lighting. If the electricity generated exceeds the current demand, the excess electricity automatically flows into the power grid and is made available to other consumers from there. In some cases, it is also possible to feed electricity into the grid for a fee, which can mean financial relief for the owner of the balcony power plant.

How much does a balcony power plant cost and is it worth buying?

A balcony power plant is a small solar system that is installed on the balcony or terrace. The costs for such a power plant vary depending on size and output. On average, the purchase costs for a balcony power plant are between €1.000 and €2.500.

Whether the purchase of a balcony power plant is worthwhile depends on various factors. First of all, the duration of use plays a role. The longer you can use the balcony power plant, the more profitable the investment will be. In addition, it is important to consider that the operation of the balcony power plant can increase the self-consumption of the generated solar power. This can reduce your electricity costs and save you money in the long term.

There are also various government subsidies and remunerations that can make purchasing and operating a balcony power plant more attractive. Here you should find out more about the relevant regulations and current funding programs.

It is important to note that the output of a balcony power plant is limited and cannot cover the entire electricity needs of a household. You should therefore realistically assess your individual needs and the possible electricity yield.

Ultimately, it depends on your personal circumstances and priorities whether it is worth purchasing a balcony power plant. However, with an optimal service life, possible uses for the solar power generated and government support, a balcony power plant can be a sensible investment.

What funding opportunities are there for balcony power plants?

There are various funding options in Germany for balcony power plants. One possibility is the feed-in tariff according to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). The self-generated electricity is fed into the public power grid and, depending on the size of the system and the date of commissioning, it receives a fixed fee per kilowatt hour.

Another funding option is the KfW program “Renewable Energies – Standard” from the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW). Grants or low-interest loans for the purchase and installation of balcony power plants can be applied for here.

Furthermore, some federal states offer their own funding programs for balcony power plants. These differ depending on the region and can include, for example, subsidies or tax breaks.

Before putting a balcony power plant into operation, it is advisable to find out about current funding opportunities from the regional energy agencies or the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA).

How care- and maintenance-intensive is a balcony power plant?

A balcony power plant is a solar system that is installed on the balcony or terrace. Compared to other photovoltaic systems, a balcony power plant requires less care and maintenance.

However, regular cleaning of the solar panels is important to ensure maximum performance. Depending on the geography and environment, dust or dirt can affect the efficiency of the system. It is recommended that the modules be thoroughly cleaned once or twice a year with mild detergent and a soft sponge or cloth.

In addition, visual inspections should be carried out regularly to identify possible damage or signs of wear on the modules, cables or connections. If necessary, defective parts must be replaced so that the system can function optimally.

For long-term maintenance, it is advisable to consult a professional who will carry out periodic inspections and repairs if necessary. The specialist can also help monitor the performance of the system and identify possible optimization opportunities.

All in all, a balcony power plant requires less maintenance compared to larger photovoltaic systems, especially if it is regularly cleaned and checked for any problems. However, it is important to follow the individual conditions and manufacturer's recommendations to ensure the service life and efficiency of the system.

Where you can buy the balcony power plant

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