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Dinner service Porcelain, household crockery, in this area the possibilities are almost limitless. Despite all of this, or perhaps because of it, I would like to point out which requirements household dishes should meet. Not only cups, plates and glasses, but also the cookware should be beautiful in shape, color and design.

There is something for every taste in retail. I recommend putting the utility value in the foreground for everyday use. It should be considered whether it is always necessary to drink from a cup with a plate, or whether it is sufficient for breakfast, for example, to use coffee pots and coffee mugs in a beautiful shape with a nice decoration.

This will reduce the washing time and prevent the dishwasher from filling up quite as quickly. With the cookware, i.e. pots and pans, please make sure that they match the existing heat source (electric stove, gas stove, induction stove). To ensure a long duration, you should make sure that your dishes are as shockproof as possible. It is also advantageous if the porcelain dinner service is dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe.

The effort for that Household dishes is to be kept as low as possible. This can be supported by smooth shapes, but also by the material used. Non-stick coated pots and pans are much easier to clean than uncoated dishes.

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Aluminum pots and pans with coating

Before the first use, aluminum pots and pans are held over steam for a short time and then washed out with hot water with the addition of a detergent. After each use, the pots are soaked and then usually cleaned. No abrasives or scrapers may be used. To keep pots and pans clean and bright inside, you can boil them at intervals with weak vinegar water. When cleaning, follow the manufacturer's instructions; depending on the type of coating (ceramic, enamel), a different type of cleaning may be provided.

Tips for pots and pans

The pots and pans offered today ensure good thermal conductivity of the material. Nevertheless, make sure the pots and pans have a perfectly level base. When the entire floor surface rests on the heating plate of the cooker, there is an even heat transfer. The food does not burn and the cooking current is used to the maximum. Only use saucepans or pans that are the same diameter as your hotplates. If the pot is smaller than the hotplate, energy is lost. If the pot is larger than the top plate, the parboiling process takes too long. The heat is transferred irregularly and the food tends to burn.

Dinner service porcelain alternative Jenaer Glas

The dishes made of fireproof glass are very practical, as the food can be brought directly to the table in the cooking vessel. A flame spreader must always be placed under Jena glass when using gas stoves so that the heat is evenly distributed and the glass does not burst. Jenaer Glas has been manufactured since 1918. The material properties offer a wide range of applications for all practical products.

There are a few things to consider when using glass dishes. Avoid putting the dishes straight out of the oven in the refrigerator, never place the hot bishop on a cold surface by the cook. Always fill the glass with content before heating it. Heat the glassware and the hotplate together.

With Jenaer Glas, make sure that the hotplate is not smaller than the bottom of the vessel. If you have to refill liquids during the cooking process, heat them up beforehand. Jenaer Glas products can be cleaned in the dishwasher using all commercially available detergents.

Please make sure that you never scrape or scrub cleaning agents to remove residues from Jenaer Glas. The use of steel wool or scouring pads is also not advisable. Only touch hot objects made of Jena glass with adequate heat protection, for example oven gloves.

Limestone deposits in pots

Limestone-infested pots can be boiled with vinegar water (1/4 l vinegar to 2 l water) and then rinsed well with water and a detergent additive. If you put a clean pebble in a kettle with a lid and a thin spout, which must be so big that it does not fit through the spout, the lime will not settle on the walls of the kettle, but on the pebble. At intervals, the kettle must be completely taught to boil with water and a detergent additive and rinse clear. Limestone-infested pots are not only unsightly, they also increasingly waste the energy used by deteriorating heat conduction.

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