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The reason I bought a video camera doorbell was to get through mine Frosted glass front door could never see who was at the door. In addition, it was always a bit strange when the doorbell rings late in the evening and I couldn't see who was standing in front of it.

The video doorbell was originally manufactured by the company “Ring” and later purchased by Amazon.

The doorbell with the video camera, in my case the model "Doorbell 2", promises a high quality video image, as well as the possibility of intercom directly from the Receiver device.

Technical information at a glance

  • Suitable for temperatures from −20 ° C to 48 ° C; water resistant
  • WLAN connection 802.11b / g / n, 2,4 GHz
  • Intercom function with noise cancellation
  • Advanced motion detection with customizable motion zones
  • 1080p HD, live video, night vision
  • The recommended minimum upload speed is 2 Mbit / s per device.

Doorbell with video camera in comparison

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First impression | function

The Doorbell with video camera from Ring / Amazon makes a small but handy first impression. With the dimensions of 12,7 x 6,2 x 2,2 cm and a weight of only a few hundred grams, everything that is needed for commissioning is already included in the scope of delivery.

Basically, the doorbell can be used Battery operated or by house electricity can be operated via existing doorbell wiring.

The According to the manufacturer, assembly should be quick and easy go ahead, but I'll get to that in a moment.

A great advantage of this device is that the video of the doorbell can be transmitted directly to any end device. Accordingly, the house entrance can be accessed at any time via the Smartphone, One Tablet or even about that Echo Show can be viewed by Amazon. All you have to do is install the provided app.

The video quality should turn out to be 1080p act and the image should be transmitted almost in real time. But what do I have to consider before using it for the first time?

Pictures | Doorbell ring

How is the bell connected?

Before the bell can be put into operation, it must first be assembled and installed. Fortunately, almost everything is already included that is necessary for assembly, even a drill bit for assembly! I think that's great.

First of all, it should be noted that the doorbell with video from Ring / Amazon can generally be operated with a battery or rechargeable battery. To do this, the According to the manufacturer, the battery should be charged once a month. The USB cable required for charging is included in the scope of delivery. If this is too cumbersome for you, you can also call the video doorbell directly connect the original doorbellby using the wiring there. This has the advantage that a charging process is done immediately and is no longer necessary.

Connection via battery / accumulator:

If you decide to install it with a battery, the connection is particularly quick and easy. To do this, the basic shell is first attached to the house wall. According to the manufacturer Ring / Amazon, this should be included screws to ensure an absolutely firm hold. Alternatively, however, I can say that a high quality double-sided adhesive tape sufficient if necessary. The bell is only pressed occasionally and only a button is pressed. Nevertheless, the manufacturer recommends mounting with screws at this point.

If this step is done, the bell housing is now hooked into place. Now the doorbell has to go with the in-house bell WLAN network connected and the bell is ready for use.

Ring Video _Doorbell_Video_Doorbell_Klingel_WLAN-e2a91a0f
Test: Ring Video Doorbell | Doorbell with video camera 63 test: Ring Video Doorbell | Doorbell with video camera

Connection via house wiring:

If you want to save yourself having to charge the bell regularly, you have the option of Wiring the previous bell to use. Two corresponding cables for connection are included in the scope of delivery. These can be used to connect the doorbell with video. Because the lines but very briefly Ring / Amazon's doorbell must be set in the immediate vicinity of the original doorbell. Alternatively, a self-procured line a greater distance can be achieved and the bell can be mounted anywhere on the house wall. However, it must be noted that the lines would then have to be "hidden".

Control via app and other devices

With the app, which is free for normal use, the entrance to the house can be viewed in real time at any time and from anywhere.

The prerequisite for the operation of this doorbell with video, in my case the Doorbell 2 model, is that the provided App installed becomes. Everything is controlled via this app. This app can installed on all end devices that can play a video, i.e. on the smartphone, tablet or even on the Echo Show from Amazon.

Is the app completely free?

Standard functions such as instant notifications, live video and intercom are available immediately and free of charge on all Ring devices.

You can also record, review, and share missed moments with a Ring Protect subscription (sold separately) (30-day trial included with purchase).

In plain language this means: As soon as the video bell is pressed, a signal is immediately sent to the receiving device (smartphone, tablet, Echo Show). As soon as you click on this notification, you are immediately switched to the live view and you can see who is at the front door.

The notification and the live view are therefore free of charge!

Ring Battery Video Doorbell Plus (Battery Doorbell Plus) |...
Ring Battery Video Doorbell Plus (Battery Doorbell Plus) |...*
Easy installation; Power supply via quick-change battery pack.
149,99 € Amazon Prime

Good to know…

The video bell has a very good picture and video quality still about one Intercom. You can communicate with the person on the doorstep from the living room.

The bell can be linked to Amazon Alexa. Thus, for example, the Amazon Echo Show will notify you as soon as someone stands in front of the front door and rings the doorbell. I don't think that's a must, but it's still a good idea.

Would you like to use advanced functions such as taking photos and videos from the entrance? This is also possible with the app. However, you can achieve that here Subscription for 3 euros per month. In this subscription is then the video recording contain. This is especially true for the moments when you were not at home and want to watch afterwards.

The bell also has a integrated night vision. Accordingly, the live image also works in the dark. Basically, the viewing angle is possible as follows: 155 ° horizontal, 90 ° vertical.

Advantages and disadvantages doorbell with video camera ring


  • Quick and easy assembly with a battery
  • Great picture quality
  • Transfer to various end devices possible
  • Live view at any time


  • More complex installation using house wiring
  • Live image partially delayed (6 seconds later)

Short Summary

· Installation with battery or house wiring possible

· Connection to the WLAN

Installation of the app on the end device (smartphone, tablet, Echo Show)

· Can be controlled and used free of charge

· Paid subscription only when using video recordings

· Live image can be viewed at any time

· Video recordings are only possible with a subscription for € 3 / month

Ring Video Doorbell 2 - 5 things you can do with the video doorbell.
Ring Battery Video Doorbell Plus (Battery Doorbell Plus) |...
Ring Battery Video Doorbell Plus (Battery Doorbell Plus) |...*
Easy installation; Power supply via quick-change battery pack.
149,99 € Amazon Prime

And finally ... Doorbell with video camera

Overall, I find the video doorbell to be absolutely helpful for every household that does not already have the option of an intercom or direct access to the ringers.

The I rate the image quality as very good, the people can be clearly recognized. The Video quality also cuts very well in my test since it is transmitted in real time and you can watch videos without any delays.

The installation with battery operation is done quickly, if you want to switch to a permanent power supply, this is a little more complex and may require a technician.

I find the price of 99 euros to be absolutely fair in terms of the added value that you get from it.

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