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Thermomate AZ132-DE 5L Tankless gas water heater, instant portable propane gas shower 10kW, 50mbar, pure copper heat exchanger, for camping, boat, mobile home

Continuous gas water heater - simple and convenient supply of hot water. For buildings with a gas connection, the supply of hot water can be very easy with the help of a pass Gas water heater can be achieved. The instantaneous water heater is connected to the natural gas pipeline. This connection must be made by a specialist. Alternatively, it can also be used with propane gas. In this way, the hot water supply can be flexibly secured even without a natural gas connection.

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➤ Water Pressure Start - The Camplux AY132 water heater delivers 5L/MIN of endless hot water as soon as the tap is turned on. With 0,25 bar startup, it is ideal for motorhomes, RVs...Instantly and constantly delivers 6 liters of hot water per minute.Instantly delivers 16 liters of endless hot water per minute for 2 outlets. 32 kW maximum power.🎁 【IMMEDIATELY, ENDLESS AND ENERGY-SAVING】 -The Thermomate gas water heater immediately delivers 5 L / MIN of hot water with a temperature rise of 25 ° C and a starting pressure of 0,25 bar ...❆【SAFETY PROTECTION】-- The 10L Gas Water Heater has multiple protection configurations, e.g. 20 minutes flame failure protection, overheating protection at 75 ℃, safety...Instantly and constantly delivers 6 liters of hot water per minute.
➤ Save Energy and Money - The 5L gas shower uses energy-saving technology. Thanks to the energy-saving technology, higher temperatures are achieved with the same gas costs. In contrast to the...Applicable water pressure: 0,25~8barApplicable water pressure between 0,25 and 7,5 bar. Also works great on modified water systems with a 12 volt water pump.🎁 【SWITCH OFF OXYGEN HEEL MECHANISM】 -The tankless gas water heater is equipped with a double thermocouple that automatically turns itself off when the oxygen content is low ...❆【INSTANT HOT WATER, ENERGY SAVING】-- The propane gas water heater is capable of delivering 10L/min endless hot water anywhere at the touch of a button. After installing the...Applicable water pressure: 0,25~8bar
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Gas water heater - advantages and disadvantages compared to the hot water storage tank

With a Heater the supply of hot water can be established in private and public buildings. The instantaneous water heater is the alternative to the hot water storage tank, which can also be installed in combination with a gas heater. The advantages of the instantaneous water heater are the small footprint. The water is not warmed up and stored in a boiler, but is heated immediately before the water is withdrawn. You do not have to install a hot water tank, but can mount the instantaneous water heater on a wall to save space.

When using the instantaneous water heater, only the amount that you need is heated. If, on the other hand, you opt for a hot water tank, the stored water is kept at a constant temperature, even when it is not needed. This costs energy, which is especially unnecessary if you do not need a lot of water, for example because you are away a lot or on vacation.

Before deciding on a system, however, you should also take into account the disadvantage of the Pass-through gas water heater consider, . There is no limit to the amount of water that you can heat using the flow heater. This can result in using more water than you really want. In the case of hot water storage tanks, however, the amount is limited by the capacity of the storage tank. Decide which system you want to use based on your personal habits.

Gas water heater propane gas

The gas water heater propane gas is suitable for permanent installation. This device can only be used in normally ventilated rooms with a flue gas pipe. The small instantaneous water heaters offer their users and professionals significant advantages during installation. They fit in any room, even in a shoebox. Due to their short height, longer vertical exhaust pipes can be installed than usual, which optimizes the removal of the combustion gases. The Cointra devices are approved throughout the EU. When using in vehicles, the regulations of the respective country must be observed.

Difference between instantaneous water heaters and combination heaters

If you are planning a system for heating and supplying hot water, you can choose between an instantaneous water heater and a combination boiler. If you want to use natural gas for heating and hot water, we recommend installing a combi boiler. These thermal baths are small and space-saving. They are offered by different manufacturers and differ in terms of their structure and performance.

In small houses and apartments, it is sufficient to install a small thermal bath on the wall. If you want to heat a larger living space or need larger amounts of hot water, you can opt for a larger combination boiler as a free-standing device. When buying, make sure that you have sufficient power and, above all, plan space for a possible expansion of your living space. It's annoying when you find that after a renovation Combination heaters is too small and you need to install a new device.

A simple gas water heater is significantly cheaper than a combi boiler. It is only installed for water heating. The devices are smaller and more compact than a combi boiler. You choose this variant if you do not heat with gas. The instantaneous water heater is also a very good choice for garden and leisure houses that have no heating at all if you want to install a shower or bathtub.

Thermona combined heaters

The Thermona Therm 23 combined heaters with hot water water heater and an output of 10 - 23 kW are designed as devices with maximum efficiency and minimum emissions. The operation of the Thermona thermal baths is therefore particularly economical and environmentally friendly. The performance range is continuously adjustable from approx. 45 - 100% and is adapted to the needs of the property depending on heat losses. Built-in top components from world-leading manufacturers ensure a high level of technology. Advantages: hot water preparation by means of continuous heating simple operation possibility of regulation according to room temperature or weather-dependent parameter display using an LCD display reliability and long service life stepless power regulation in the given range very low emissions of NOx and CO, small dimensions - wide possibility of accommodation in the object, favorable purchase price.

Instantaneous water heater for operation with propane gas bottles

Gas water heaters with propane are particularly easy to operate. They can be installed on the move. The connection is made with a water connection. The implementation of such a connection is very simple. To operate a propane gas instantaneous water heater, you need propane cylinders, which are available in various sizes. If you want to operate the continuous gas water heater on a mobile basis, opt for small bottles weighing five or eleven kilograms. Larger bottles are also available for permanent installation of the heater.

The propane gas bottles are available in hardware stores, but also in local gas supply points. You can buy or rent the propane cylinders. It is an advantage if you decide to rent. Propane cylinders have a limited useful life. This is several years. After the end of their useful life, the bottles can no longer be used.

If you decide to buy, you will need to have the bottles checked or discarded after the deadline. You can exchange a rented bottle when it is empty. The provider ensures that the shelf life of the bottles is guaranteed over a period of several years. The rented propane gas bottles can be exchanged at petrol stations and hardware stores. A bottle that you own must be refilled. This is only possible in special supply stations that are not as widely accessible as petrol stations and hardware stores.

Installation of a gas water heater

The type of installation of a continuous gas water heater depends on the intended use. If the building is connected to natural gas, the gas water heater is connected directly to the natural gas pipeline. This connection may only be carried out by an experienced specialist. The inspection and acceptance of the gas water heater is carried out as part of the heating inspection by the chimney sweep. If you want to make the connection yourself, you need special expertise. Incorrect installation can lead to gas leaks and be life-threatening.

The commissioning of a gas water heater propane, however, is much easier. You connect the propane bottle to the water heater via a pressure valve. Open the propane bottle to use. You can carry out this installation yourself and apart from a good general technical understanding, you do not need any special knowledge.

Gas water heater for camping and garden houses

Campers who want to set up on a permanent campsite, or owners of garden sheds, can buy a gas instantaneous water heater for camping in order to be able to provide hot water quickly and easily. A gas instantaneous water heater for camping for natural gas can be used if a corresponding connection is available for the rented or leased property.

However, gas water heaters operated with propane are much more common. If you also cook with propane gas or use the handy propane bottles for cooking and heating, you can use a large propane bottle by combining the different uses. The installation of a gas water heater is not only recommended for long-term campers.

Even if you want to travel with your camper, you will get systems that you can install in your caravan or mobile home. These small and compact gas water heaters are already installed in modern camper vans. However, you can also retrofit an older camper van with this system and use a shower during your camping holiday.

Gas instant water heater camping from Eccotemp

Enjoy hot water with the Eccotemp gas instantaneous water heater, no matter where you are! On a camping holiday, at a festival, in your own garden, in the garage or in the horse stable. The portable, liquid propane gas-fired Eccotemp CE-L5 generates between 4 and 5 liters of hot water per minute. The device is equipped with a shower head (incl. On / off switch and adjustable jet), a hose, a gas pressure regulator, standard ½ inch connections for gas and water and an adapter for garden hoses.

A mounting set is included. Customers around the world are using similar devices to heat water safely and reliably. The gas is supplied through standard 5 kg or 10 kg propane cylinders (not included). The ignition is automatic via 2 batteries (included). No pilot light! No power connection required.

Trolley for Easy-Up instantaneous water heater

The Easy-Up trolley is a robust, foldable trolley especially for the Eccotemp CE L5 instantaneous water heater. The water heater fits perfectly on the quick-release fasteners. A gas bottle also fits on the cart. The trolley is equipped with various fastening hooks so that you can easily take accessories such as a bucket and a garden hose with you. This trolley enables the mobile use of the Eccotemp gas instantaneous water heater. If you don't need the trolley for a while, it can be easily folded. This means that little space is required for storage.

Cost of buying and installing the gas water heater

gas water heater

The gas Heater Price differs based on its size and how it is used. A small model for camping or garden houses is already available for a few hundred euros. It is also suitable for small bathrooms in houses or apartments that are not connected to the central hot water supply.

If you opt for a gas water heater for the main supply of hot water, you will have to invest a little more money. Here the gas water heater price depends on the performance of the device. If you need high performance, an investment of EUR 1.000 may be required. Also note the gas water heater costs that are due for the connection to the house connection for natural gas. This can also cost several hundred euros.

The most expensive are combination boilers, which ensure a supply for heating and hot water. Here, too, the performance determines the price very decisively. For smaller houses or apartments, an investment of 1.500 to 3.000 EUR is sufficient.

If you want a high-performance system, it can cost EUR 5.000 and more. The connection costs are also added here. Since modern systems are very economical, the investment is worthwhile, because over the years you will benefit from low gas water heater costs, which have a positive effect on the natural gas bill. On average, a water heater remains in operation for ten to 20 years.

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Camplux BW158C Tankless Gas Water Heater with Rain Cap, 6L...
Camplux BW158C Tankless gas water heater with rain cap, 6L...*
Instantly and consistently delivers 6 liters of hot water per minute.; Applicable water pressure: 0,25 ~ 8 bar
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